Thursday, February 24, 2011

Felt = (Slug + MURS) x ?

Felt is the side-band of Slug (Atmosphere) and MURS (Living Legends). The 2 joined forces in about 2000, seemingly wanting to create more chill "Summer-time, girls and beer"-centric music. Since their inception, Felt has crafted/released 3 album-length "tributes" to B-List actresses: ...Christina Ricci (2002), ...Lisa Bonet (2005), and ...Rosie Perez (2009).
Each album also features a handful of tracks named after/mocking(?) other various celebrities, with each individual set fully helmed by a separate producer (The Grouch, Ant [Atmosphere], and Aesop Rock respectively).
Drifting from the B-List, Felt 4 is currently in-the-works... with a rumored title of "A Tribute to Heidi Fleiss."

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