Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kool A.D. & Big Baby Gandhi Flip Björk for "HYPHY BALLADS"

Once upon a time, Victor "Kool A.D." Vazquez posted this cryptic Twitter message: "IT'S TRUE, BELIEVE THE HYPE: HYPHY BALLADS IS OUT TODAY IN LIKE MAYBE A COUPLE HOURS OR WHATEVER. KOOL A.D. BIG BABY GANDHI BJORK." Victor is in fact 1/3 of Alternative Hip-Hip group, Das Racist. Heems, the primary second 1/3, run his own record label - Greedhead, a label to which the band is coincidentally signed. Big Baby Gandhi (Nafis Allah) is the newest in a string of mysterious producer-MC affiliates. Dapwell, essentially the "Flavor Flav" to Das Racist's "Public Enemy," is the third and final piece of the puzzle.

Pick your own personal mp3 copy of HYPHY BALLADS over @ The Illuminati Zone; While fans of the sample-based Björk beats, can grab the stripped down instrumentals - courtesy of Big Baby Gandhi. "HYPHY BALLADS [TOO] 2," coming soon. Das Racist's proper debut long-player, RELAX, will finally become liberated on Sept. 13th... with solo mixtape projects from Kool A.D. Heems, and Dapwell to follow soon thereafter (Jan. 1, 2012).

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