Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Straight Outta Bridgeton: Trumaine "Sheriff" Sherry - KILL ALL RAPPERS (Self-Released CD-R)

In this day and age of highly over-saturated media full of rappers, musicians, film-makers, bloggers, etc... I'd like to think that RAW talent still exists and I personally try to align myself with Cumberland County [Philly]'s most unique/driven townspeople. My latest musical find: Trumaine "Sheriff" Sherry - cashier by day, rapper by night and sometimes even vice versa! While I'd never actually heard him rap, Trumaine's name always seemed to pop up within conversations about local MC's. That all changed one fateful day last week, when I was given a copy of Trumaine's debut mixtape (which seemingly materialized out of nowhere) in exchange for the fair price of $1. Essentially, KILL ALL RAPPERS is just that: A Deceleration of Independence, presence of deeply tesured skills, a seasoned ear for beats... and a warning for those who might not be able to handle the harsh realities contained within!

"Well, I always just kind of rapped at parties and stuff and joked about coming out with a mixtape. Eventually people started taking me seriously, so I realized I had to actually go through with it, ha."

- Trumaine Sherry

Trumaine Sherry recorded KILL ALL RAPPERS' 10 tracklisted compositions over a period of time, along with help from long-time friends and supporters Dillon "Tater" Horne, Roy "DJ Raw" Williams, and Mr. Gage Webster; The bulk of its crisp, clean sound was mic'ed up directly into Williams' MacBook... and then properly laced over some of 2011's BIGGEST Smash Hits: Adele, Foster The People, Kanye & Jay-Z, Tyler The Creator, Drake, Snoop & Wiz, Childish Gambino, and Mac Miller.

In my opinion, KILL ALL RAPPERS is one Hell of a premier offering, which adequately showcases Trumaine "Sheriff" Sherry's unhinged, yet slightly refined rapping talents! The mixtape is well worth it's [uncanny] $1 cover price and it's reportedly coming to Soundcloud & Datpiff in the matter of a week or 2. But for now hit up either Trumaine, Roy, or Gage for a hard CD-R copy. In the meantime, check out Trumaine Sherry's Rap-tinged appearance with backyard Rock "N" Roll band: All Fun N Games, which simply features him "[messing around] with a couple of friends."

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