Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slacker Rap Rock: Kool A.D. - "La Piñata" (Bay Area Collection, #51-63)

51 is Victor "Kool A.D." Vazquez's second mixtape of this calendar year, 2012 quite obviously ha. It's the unofficial follow-up to The Palm Wine Drinkard, 1 of 3 planned Das Racist solo mixtapes set to be unleashed on New Year's Day. The bulk of 51 was written and recorded across The Bay Area, CA with beat construction coming from it's finest green producers: Amaze 88, Young L, kechPhrase, and Trackademicks.

"La Piñata" is the latest 51 album track selected to receive proper music video treatment. Das Racist live projection set designer, Justin Hantz was chosen to direct Kool A.D... while wearing a fuzzy hoodie @ a righteous, debauchery-filled hotel party. It's your stereotypical Hip-Hop music video, complete with seductive women, booze, rapping friends, Mr. Rogers (sample), birthday fixings, chicken, and money. 51 is now available over @ Mishka/Veehead and it's pretty fucking great! Victor Vazquez recently emailed me about his next project, 63. Essentially a mixtape which Kool A.D. simply describes as, "some leftover tracks from 51 sessions [that] I'ma put out on a tape @ some point, not sure when."

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