Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby, Let's Stay Together: Kool A.D. & Samantha Miller - "Al Green" (Rap Tiny Dancer)

I'd like to propose an idea: The "HOTTEST" [most talented] rappers in the Hip-Hop Game right now, in my eyes @ least - Kool A.D. Action Bronson, Lil B, and Asher Roth should TOTALLY team-up for a collabo track or 2! Would it be wrong of me to then suggest that I think the all-important "missing link" between these guys is either Bieber (Scooter Braun) or Heems? Let's make it happen, Cap'n!.. with that said, I present to you, Kool A.D.'s new music video - "Al Green." The whole damn thing was entirely directed by Joey Marra + Habib Yazdi @ an empty photography/dance studio and features a beautiful ballerina, Samantha Miller.

While showing an admiration for the fine arts has indeed become something of a Hip-Hop right of passage, I think it's pretty safe to say that Kool A.D. "comes correct!" Comfortably nestled alongside about 20 other [Amaze 88] tracks, "Al Green" originally appeared on 51, which was released online back in April. I talk with Victor "Kool A.D." Vazquez fairly often through email and a few months back, he described a new-ish B-sides collection, "[I] have some left-over tracks from 51 sessions [that] I'ma put out on a tape called 63 @ some point, not sure when." Since this brutally un-official announcement back in May, 63 still has yet to see a proper release... But Kool A.D. recently dropped a STELLAR Kanye/Pusha-T freestyle called "EXOTISCHE KUNST" and announced a string of 8 scattered US Tour dates, running through August 23rd.

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