Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roses Really Smell Like Poo-Poo-oo: Amaze 88 - "So Easy" (Kool A.D. USA Tour)

It takes a genuinely positive, modest man to take a bad situation and effortlessly turn it into a good one... Gerald "Amaze 88" Patterson is a multi-talented rapper-producer/artist who's based out of The Bay Area. He's logged studio time with Kool A.D. Das Racist & Talib Kweli, Bill Ding, Shayne Fontaine, Boots Riley, Main Attrakionz, and Frankie Flowers. I'll just let the man himself explain the rest: "[Love Affair] is a 15 track mixtape all done over the past six weeks by me vibing in my room. It stems from having someone back out of their mixtape to go with another producer. So, instead of shelving the beats like I've done so many times before... I stepped up to the plate and had some fun with it." Amaze 88 was supposedly in a Hardcore Punk band with Victor "Kool A.D." Vazquez back in high school, and even took his little sister to prom!

"So Easy" was released a couple days ago and it's actually the fourth music video created to go along with the mixtape. Amaze 88 says he "might do another video for Love Affair before I move onto the 2 mixtapes I'll release in the Fall/Winter of this year." Delicately laced over a chill, laid-back beat, "So Easy"'s companion music video is a pretty grainy, POV affair that simply follows Amaze 88 over the course of his average sun-drenched afternoon. Some additional Amaze 88-produced stand-out tracks just might include his Low End Theory era Tribe tribute, "What Tigga What," MOSHOLU's commissioned "The Actual" mega-mix, Bill Ding's "Beauxjack,"... "DUM DIARY," "La PiƱata," and "Donda" pulled from Kool A.D.'s STELLAR-ly orchestrated mixtape, 51. Stay tuned for an updated Amaze 88 post, complete with mixtape details and an EXCLUSIVE interview, my friends - coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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