Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fight for Your Right to PARTY: 2 Chainz & Kanye - "Birthday Song" (Andreas Nilsson)

2 Chainz' new-found friend & collaborator Kanye somehow managed to link up a music video shoot with Swedish film-maker, Andreas Nilsson... who's actually an affiliate of West's very own "DONDA" collective/design house, set up in memory of his deceased mother, Donda West (2007); Active members of the DONDA team also had a hand in designing the simplistic "2 Chains"-sporting cover art to go along with Based On a T.R.U. Story, the Atlanta rapper's major label debut. Andreas Nilsson is just one of roughly 20-30 multi-talented individuals, who are highly skilled in the areas of architecture, graphic design, music, film, production, A&R, writing/publishing, social media, app design, etc. (Twitter.) Under Kanye's slightly "high brow" wing, 2 Chainz then enlisted Nilsson to direct the music video clip for the pair's single, "Birthday Song." The Swedish director has previously worked with the likes of Miike Snow, Yeasayer, and The Knife.

I'm almost positive that Andreas Nilsson filmed the entirety of "Birthday Song" as one continuous camera shot just a few weeks ago in Yonkers, NY. Basically, that means that 2 Chainz, Kanye, and all of the crazy/wild talent [and scenarios] had to be pre-orchestrated and ready to be filmed "Bing, Bang, BOOM!" - one shot with no pauses or cut-aways. Andreas Nilsson fittingly described his own video production as "Beetlejuice meets Deep Throat" and it kinda has that fucked up Funhouse type of vibe running throughout. "Birthday Song" features a certain level of crazy-ass hi-jinx that's almost too wild to properly describe on paper, but here goes nothin': 1 Chainz, "big booty ho's," sexual birthday cake, quad-lap dances, Kanye's boobie trike, clown jumping, a slip-N-slide, "The Bad Bitch Contest," and plenty of fat/phat asses! It's something you really have to see for yourself to even believe... 2 Chainz [formerly Tity Boi's] major label debut, Based On a T.R.U. Story is now out nation-wide.

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