Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Sandy... Baby!: Hot Sugar - "MiDi Murder EP" (Co-produced S@rah Miche11e Gell@r?)

"Just walked 40 blocks for a punk-ass cup of water. If u have Internet/electricity, enjoy urself with thus * MiDi Murder *," Hot Sugar cryptically Tweeted along with a download link early Tuesday morning, just 12-18 hours after Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. Nick Koenig is a found sound-gathering producer from Manhattan, New York; So far, he's recorded tracks with The Roots, MC Paul Barman, Aaron Livingston, Kitty Pryde ... and was even out recording the sound(s) of the storm for future "Associative Music" warps.

Hot Sugar recently teamed up with Scion A/V and then recruited a bunch of his Indie rapping friends to come lay down verses: Heems, Big Baby Gandhi, Kool A.D. Fat Tony, Nasty Nigel, Haleek Maul, and Lakutis. Track #4, "Rat City" features a beat structured around heartbeat drums and a piano lick played by Koenig's pet [white] rat, S@rah Miche11e Gell@r - ha. We should see a making-of video for "Rat City," executed in the same vein as "Honeycomb Hideout," (above) later on this week and the STEAMCLAM-directed clip for "56k" should be out fairly soon, too. Hot Sugar somehow made sufficient use of traffic cones, bikes, garbage, parked cars, beer cans, and that blasted Dial-up tone on MiDi Murder EP, which is essentially the precursor to a 2013 full-length.

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