Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Black Bart Simpson: Kool A.D. - "Manny Pacquiao" & "BROBAMA" (2012 Re-master)

Shouts out to Barack Obama, congrats on scoring that second term, Cochise! I didn't even vote, but everyone deserves a second chance. Before the whole Presidential arms-race even started [Monday], kechPhrase & Kool A.D. re-mastered and re-released a demo track from last year, "BROBAMA." kechPhrase somehow manages to edit down a found sample of an old Presidential Address so that it incorporates Kool A.D.'s name instead during it's final sign off/intro. While he's already "got 50 tracks @ this point, [his] next "release" is gonna be a triple skreet album: 63 (oceanic), 19 (syncretic) & O (magnanimous)," plus Peaceful Solutions, PARTY ANIMAL, and a Proto-Post-Rap project called Cult Days ... Kool A.D. just unveiled a new music video for "Manny Pacquiao" from April's 51 mixtape late Monday afternoon over @ Pitchfork.TV. It was directed by Piranha Brothers, features friends-musicians Kassa Overall/Lakutis, and a bunch of trendy, Hipster chicks.

Kool A.D. even manages to incorporate a few fragmented 90's punchlines pulled from "Baby Got Back" and "I Wish" inter-woven throughout "Manny Pacquiao," which oddly enough finds Kool A.D. frolicking around a country-bumpkin farm ... He's busy drinking Coke, smoking grass, gnawing on some pizza, Pop-Locking, wailing numerous AK-47 homeruns, spittin' game, wildly dancing in the rain, etc. all over an EDM-inspired Trackademicks beat. Who knows which Kool A.D.-related project will mysteriously appear across the blog-osphere next; Whether it be one of those solo albums, side-projects, Das Racist's sophomore LP, or something entirely different! Himanshu [Heems'] Nehru Jackets follow-up, WILD WATER KINGDOM should be out any day now, since it's currently being re-mastered in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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