Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Jack Swing: Kool A.D. Kinda Apes Lil B, #BASEDGOD's "SWAG" on 19-63 (Bad Review)

I'm just gonna go a head and be brutally honest for a few minutes here: Yeah, I'm a faithful Kool A.D./Das Racist/Heems fan, but Victor Vazquez (Kool A.D.)'s latest output, 19-63 plays out like a disjointed sloppy fucking mess! It's a double mixtape that stretches across nearly 40 tracks, largely culled from material that was previously written, recorded, and left-over from 51 (2012). Honestly, 19-63 sound like a couple haphazardly slapped together rarities comps, which I guess they kinda are to an extent, because there's absolutely NO track-to-track flow. Kool A.D.'s only [partial] Saving Grace are the 2 mixtapes' feature-heavy tracklists; We're talkin' about cats like Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Spank Rock, Cult Days, Ad-Rock, Meyhem Lauren, SKYWLKR, Lakutis, Kassa Overall, Mike Finito, Amaze 88, and quite a few more. Since Das Racist's break-up a few months ago, Kool A.D. moved across the country from New York back to California to focus on his Twitter art and music.

"Eroika," for example [above] and a large chunk of 19-63 sound suspiciously like Lil B's stream-of-conscious rapping style, chock-full of "BIEBER" shouts and random non-sequitors. But I really can't be too mad, cause it's a 38-track FREE double album... some of Kool A.D.'s stand-out tracks include: "Exotishe Kunst" (Kanye), "Red Wine," "Lush," "WOW (Bay Shit)," "Cheeba Cheeba," and the Krispy Kreme/Skinny Boys-sampling 19 intro, "Knowledge Born." Here's the semi-creepy found footage music video for one of my favourite tracks, "Exotishe Kunst," which is essentially a "New God Flow" freestyle that was uploaded back in July 2012. 19-63 tracks "All Skreets" and "Kriss Kross" have similar DIY-style clips, while "Eroika," "WOW (Bay Shit)," and [Cult Days'] "Attitude" have slightly more professional-looking videos. Kool A.D.'s fourth and final Bay Area bus line-referencing mixtape, O should be out pretty soon-ish, along with Vazquez's Hardcore band, PARTY ANIMAL's long-rumored album, too.

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