Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Give Me a Reason to Love You: Kool A.D./Portishead - "Glory Box" (DUMB SHINY)

Fresh on the heels of his premier publication, Joke Book, Kool A.D. has unveiled a surprisingly faithful Sam Han & Charles Beck-produced Portishead cover, "Glory Box" (1995). Hans-Beck really only subbed out a few crunchy guitar licks for Electronic bleeps and blips; It's probably the most coherent, listenable, and musically sound thing Kool A.D. has EVER released! I almost feel a little dumb openly admitting that he had something to do with popping my Portishead cherry, such a pivotal 90's Trip-Hop band and arguably even an EDM predecessor. While Portishead are currently pretty in-active, it's respective members have managed to stay relevant: Geoff Barrow (BEAK>) is one of the founding members of 35-man Hip-Hop collective, Quakers and Beth Gibbons recently recorded vocals for JJ DOOM's hard-hitting debut album, Keys to The Kuffs (2012). "Glory Box" kinda sounds like a 1950-60's Smooth Jazz ditty, which actually samples Isaac Hayes and repeats the refrain(s), "Give me a reason to love you... I just want to be a woman" over and over. Kool A.D. is headed out on a nation-wide tour with his re-formed high school Hardcore band PARTY ANIMAL that "STARTS 3/8 @ BURNT RAMEN IN RICHMOND [VIRGINIA] W/ MALAS PULGAS AND UNDER 15. FULL TOUR DATES TBA IN A COUPLE DAYS."

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