Saturday, December 21, 2013

@veeveeveeveevee Presents: Kool A.D. - Not O.K. B-sides & "Swole" (Nick Knight)

"still no release date from [the] label for my finished album, word o.k. so, here's the tracks that didn't make the album," Tweeted Bay Area rapper-producer Kool A.D. late Friday night. The 15-track Not O.K. collection is now available over at Bandcamp on a name-your-own-price basis. @veeveeveeveevee somehow managed to recruit Oh No, Thelonious Martin, Toro Y Moi, Derek "DJA" Allen, Amaze 88, and the awesomely-named Eyes & Teeth on the production end of things; Hip-Hop legends Del "Sir DZL" That Funkee Homesapien & Ladybug "Santos Vieira" Mecca (Digable Planets) appear together on "CNN," while Amaze 88, Milo, Raheem Recess, Jabee, B.E. Labeau, and Alim spit sharp-tongued bars elsewhere. Since parting ways with his Indie-Rap crew Das Racist around December 2012, Kool A.D. has self-released an astonishing three mixtapes/"street albums:" 51 and double-album 19-63, as well as separate full-lengths with buddies Kassa Overall and PARTY ANIMAL. Recent Kanye collaborator Nick Knight directed a companion music video for non-album track, "Swole" with what appears to be a heat-seeking camera. While they seemingly released a separate video for quasi-lead single "Naughty By Nature," Kool A.D.'s label (his own Veehead?) has yet to issue proper release details for Word O.K., which should still be expected fairly soon. It's unclear as to whether or not Word O.K. is[n't] a slightly re-tweaked version of the same studio album Kool A.D. previously discussed in our September 2011 Witzard interview, which then seemed to be loosely titled "Moneyball."

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