Friday, May 19, 2017

Michael J. Collins Surprise Releases Expanded One Man Love Triangle "Bully Boi" EP, Emergency Contact As 10 Limited Edition Hand-made CD-R's (FilthyBroke Recordings, FBD012)

"'Bully Boi" ended up being a single that I put out a coupla of weeks ago; sorta a prelude to this album, on which it is also included. It was going to be a 2-track release, but BALAM ACAB decided he wanted that other song for our upcoming split on a label outta EU. So, that is the next One Man Love Triangle stuff, the split with [ON GOD.] 3 songs each," FiltyBroke Recordings founder Michael J. Collins (MJC) wrote within a recent email. Not only does Collins single-handedly run FiltyBroke, he's an acclaimed mixing and mastering engineer who's done post-production work with "Fake Four Inc. sole's Black Box Tapes & Walter Gross, Megakut Records, and many New England artists both established and up-and-coming." Michael J. Collins' recent mixing and mastering work includes Walter Gross' phenomenal Ambient-Noise beat album VESTIGE, Dean Cavanagh's Rock und Roll (released as YAH!), FilthyBroke's own Library Lunch: A Benefit Compilation for Anti-Bullying, and "about 15 LP's coming out of the Bay Area in 2017 alone already." MJC has previously released a number of his own recordings on FilthyBroke since its 2014 formation including: FBR001 Earwax Vol. One with Odd Nosdam, Ceschi [Ramos,] Zackey Force Funk, Morbidly-O-Beats & Benito, FBD003 Zha's Collected Works 2014, FBD004 One Man Love Triangle, FBD006 MJC ?, FBD007 One Man Love Triangle's Crushed EP, and FBD009 The Floor (Bonus Version) released simply as Michael J Collins. MJC told me he frequently draws inspiration from Stephen Mallinder from Cabaret Voltaire, SARN from Deathbomb Arc, Ween, Elliot Smith, Pavement, and "lotsa Dub and lotsa 90's Alt. Rock."

Emergency Contact EP is Collins' latest release as One Man Love Triangle. It's both a precursor to his upcoming 6-track split EP with BALAM ACAB's Alec Koone (going by ON GOD) and an expanded version, of sorts, of his recent 2-track "Bully Boi" EP AKA FBD012(A). Emergency Contact EP was was surprise released this past Thursday afternoon, May 18th by Michael J. Collins and is limited to 10 CD'R's; "each contains a CD-R-only song and ships with a sticker... each sleeve has hand-written tracklisting and is numbered, as are the CD-R's themselves." It's being heralded as One Man Love Triangle's first physical release and at the time of this article's publication Friday afternoon, only 3 of the 10 limited edition Emergency Contact CD-R's are currently still available. Emergency Contact features six tracks with one CD-only bonus track and "Bully Boi," as well as both new and re-mastered old material in various stages of completion. One of my personal favorite tracks, "Glue Girl" (2014 Demo) originally appeared on One Man Love Triangle's self-titled 2014 release in Rough Demo Idea format; while both "Mandy" and "Homegirl" originally appeared within his 2016 Crushed EP.

"So, I sorta just released this CD on a whim and made it really limited on purpose. I mean, there's digital too, but people seem to gravitate towards our physicals these days. I have so little time to write that when I do, it's sorta painful, total cliche, but the f**king truth. I let a lot out. All of these songs are based on true stories, sadly. The therapist that ended up being homeless on drugs with me after she "treated" me at 21, being bullied horribly, wanting to f**k someone up over stealing/lying (I won't.) One Man Love Triangle sorta morphed outta the MJC stuff coming out on other labels that I was feeling stale about," Michael J. Collins recounted about his Emergency Contact EP, in closing. There are currently 2 hand-made CD-R's left available on FiltyBroke's Bandcamp page, so get one while you still can! EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Saturday morning, May 20th, all 10 Emergency Contact CD-R's have completely SOLD OUT! However, a 6-track digital version is still available at FilthyBroke's label Bandcamp page.

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