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Ladies & Gentlemen, Introducing... WISE BLOOD!

That up there [^], is not Wise Blood. "Wise Blood" is Chris Laufman of Pittsburg. Not much is known about him, and there are no actual pictures out there.. No Press Kit. I do know that he makes really chill, sampled, "R&B"-esque music. Like this: "B.I.G. E.G.O.," from the `​+​` EP. Get it from the Wise Blood Bandcamp page: Keep an eye on this dude.. BIG THINGS! BONUS: I read a Pitchfork Profile/Interview that compared Wise Blood's sampling style to that of Girl Talk's... So, here's a "new" Girl Talk "video." Cache Rules Everything Around Me from Evan Roth on Vimeo . Compare & Contrast.. GO!

Pepper & Chips

Alright.. I've been waiting for this for a long time! NEW MUSIC FROM PEPPER!!!! So stoked!.. I heard it was gonna be a full LP, but this will do! The Stitches EP.. It's somewhat of a promo for a fall our "Like a Surgeon" ha) with Shwayze & Brother Ali. They'll be in Philly (TLA) on Oct. 12th! Check it out! Here's some new tune-age from Chip tha Ripper & Chuck Inglish (Chip & Chuck). "Fat Raps (Remix)" / -feat various rappers From the forthcoming collabo album, "Gift Raps!" [Also on Chip's From Me, To You" (Preview) FreEP and Big Sean's "Finally Famous, Vol. 3: BIG (Mixtape)"]. And this is cool, as well: [Copy & Paste link.. Sorry.] Oscar McClure's "Leaves" It's from his new-ish album, "Compost." Straight from the record label: "Oscar McClure’s ‘Compost’ is organic experimental hip hop grown with bodily

The Dirty Projectors Post

Alright, well, for starters, Dirty Projectors ROCK! Their music is very experimental (not that kind of annoying "Experimental").. But it has all of these great Pop sensibilities tediously scattered throughout. It seems like the line-up of the band changes somewhat frequently. The mastermind/leader of the Projectors is Dave Longstreth (he can be likened to indie rock's "Trent Reznor"). The other current band members are Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Haley Dekle (<3), Brian Mcomber, and Nat Baldwin. Enough talk.. Here's some cool music!: The mind-blowingly melodic Björk collabo. "Bitte Orca"'s equally awesome lead single. A Black Flag cover. (Check out the "Rise Above" LP) "Bitte Orca" Track #1.