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SAMIAM Share First Single In 10 Years "Lights Out Little Hustler" with Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music, Ship Thieves) & Announce Signing to Pure Noise Records

SAMIAM art week portraits (ART CREDIT: Masato / @imani_shit) Beloved Punk/Emo/Post-hardcore O.G.'s SAMIAM have now signed to Pure Noise Records and are actively working on what will be their first new album since 2011's Trips released on Hopeless Records. Along with the announcement of their signing, SAMIAM have just released their first new single in over a decade, "Lights Out Little Hustler." It features Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music, Ship Thieves, Rumbleseat) and it sounds like a classic revved-up rockin' SAMIAM jam. Vocalist Jason Beebout says, "'Lights Out Little Hustler" is about becoming emotionally detached and creating obstacles to keep people from being close to you. Wanting to be loved, but forgetting how to show it. Knowing that what you have is important, but too afraid to let it be." Check it out an accompanying motion video below. SAMIAM is, also, playing Atlantic City's inaugural Frantic City Festival this upcoming

All-around Breakdown: Crescent Ridge's Derek Schepici, Kevin Merriam & Mike Assatly Dissect Their Debut Full-length Garden of Fools (Forever Never Ends Records)

Cresent Ridge with Mike Assatly (SOURCE: Mike Assatly) Crescent Ridge is a Stoughton, Massachusetts-based band whose music has been described as Alternative, Rock, Pop Rock, Slacker Rock, Soft Grunge, and Bubblegrunge. However, despite goofy genre labels and fabricated names, Crescent Ridge's musical output has drawn real-life comparisons to the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Foo Fighters, The Lemonheads, Pixies, Quicksand, and The Smashing Pumpkins; so, I guess we can kinda see how someone came up with the sub-genre label of "Bubblegrunge." Crescent Ridge's current line-up consists of guitarist and vocalist Derek Schepici, guitarist Aaron "Ron" Devoe, bassist and vocalist Chris Gill, drummer Kevin Merriam, and part-time guitarist Mike Assatly. Collectively, Crescent Ridge's members have spent time playing with slightly more Punk/Hardcore bands, such as BearTrap, Spirits, Clueless, Energy, and Terminal Crisis, and even our Emo/Indie-leaning favorites Little L

Art Inhuman: Dan Schenker Creates A.I.-generated Artwork Inspired By Midtown & Cobra Starship Song Titles & Lyrics Coinciding with Resurrection Tour 2022 (Plus, New Spotify Playlist)

"Become What You Hate" (ART CREDIT: Dan Schenker) Art Inhuman is a collaborative effort between Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) artist Dan Schenker and writer Matt Horowitz. Dan takes band names, lyrics, and song names and with the help of A.I., manipulates them into what he feels best represents them visually. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming addition to this series, Tweet Matt at @SharpChedder856 and/or Dan at @heydanschenker and Tag the band or artist you'd like us to feature next. This project spawned from Dan's decades-long love of music. Dan had been a fan of the band FOLLY since early high school—for the blend of Punk, Ska, and Hardcore they seamlessly wove, for the energy their music made him feel, and for the almost disproportionately poetic lyrics and topics they covered. So, when Dan thought to input some of his favorite FOLLY lyrics, song titles, and album titles into Midjourney, the results were staggering. He posted them to Facebook, which ca

Mega Ran Explains How His Song "Tractor Beam" Got Included On The Soundtrack for Kevin Smith's Clerks III (The Witzard Interview)

Mega Ran with Kevin Snith at the Clerks III premiere (SOURCE: Raheem Jarbo) We've been steadily covering, listening to, and enjoying Mega Ran's music since first hearing Forever Famicom with K-Murdock back in 2010. As his overall sound, style, and delivery has gradually evolved over the course of the past 12 years, Mega Ran (also known as Random & RandomBeats) has always remained unabashedly nerdy fully embracing the Nerdcore/Chiptune Rap genre tag(s). Mega Ran has recorded and released centered or loosely themed around his love and admiration for Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, professional wrestling, Dragon Ball Z, Stranger Things, BTS, The Mandalorian, The Dewey Decibel System, Macross/Robotech, Metal Gear Solid, Encanto, and much, much more. Ran's latest effort and 11th solo full-length, Live '95 , has been described as an intersection between "Hip-Hop, basketball, and the inner-city cultures that have allowed each to thrive."

Philly Hardcore Punk Legends R.A.M.B.O. Return with "Defy Extinction" from First Records Since 2006, Sign with Relapse Records

Philly-based Hardcore Punk legends R.A.M.B.O. (@r.a.m.b.o._official) have triumphantly returned and signed to Relapse Records for the November release of Defy Extinction, the band's first full-length album since 2006! The cover art, tracklisting, pre-orders, and more have been shared , along with a video for the album's lead single and title track. R.A.M.B.O. was a Straight Edge Vegan Hardcore Punk band initially active from 1999-2007. They were well-known throughout the local scene for their political lyrics and wild live shows where the crowd was often encouraged to dress in costumes to match a specific theme, such as Cops vs. Robots. "R.A.M.B.O." supposedly stands for Revolution Anarchy Mosh Bike Overthrow. To say that R.A.M.B.O. occupies a singular space in Punk history is an understatement. During their initial run from 1999 to 2007, the band took influences from Thrash, Anarcho-punk, D-beat, Crust, and Hardcore and combined that with intelligent but very fun—

3 Feet High & Rising: Members of Chotto Ghetto, Shinobu, The Lawrence Arms & Joyce Manor Form Bull Shannon & Release Chill Power!!!!! (Phat 'n' Phunky Phonics)

Chris Candy performing with Chotto Ghetto (CREDIT: Tomas Caledron) Late last night, we got a Bandcamp notification email from Phat 'n' Phunky Phonics about Chill Power!!!!! from a mysterious new band/artists called Bull Shannon. Chill Power!!!!!'s attached Bandcamp description explained, "Here's the 4-track debut for the Los Angeles trio, BULL SHANNON. Featuring Chris Candy (Chotto Ghetto) on vocals and bass, Bob Vielma (Shinobu, Fuss) also, on bass, and Neil Hennessy (The Lawrence Arms, Joyce Manor) on drums, their dual-bass style is surprisingly melodic and nimble. Recorded by [Neil] Hennessy at Asher's House in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Mastered by Hans DeKline." Bull Shannon is, of course, a reference to iconic Night Court character Aristotle Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon played by actor and voice actor Charles Richard Moll. Chill Power!!!!! by Bull Shannon We reached out to Bob AKA BOBOSO, Neil & Chris directly even later l

The Witzard Interview: Rosie Gonce (My Last Line, toyGuitar) Talks Guilty Party's Imposter Syndrome EP Now Available On Paper Street Cuts

Guilty Party, L-R: Angelo Celli, Rob Herrera & Rosie Gonce (SOURCE: Angelo Celli) Guilty Party is a new Oakland, California-based Pop-punk band consisting of members of Bracket, The Good Life Crisis, toyGuitar, Long Knives, Middle College, and My Last Line. Earlier this summer, Guilty Party rolled out a couple pre-album singles , as well as an adorable animated music video for "Baby Bird." Guilty Party formed in mid-2021, soon signed to Paper Street Cuts, and played their first proper show together in November of 2021. We've known vocalist and guitarist Angelo Celli for a few years now and interviwed him for features here a number of times for Bracket's recent releases. He got us in touch with drummer and vocalist Rosie Gonce, who was kind enough to answer a handful of questions about Guilty Party and their debut four-track EP, Imposter Syndrome. Check out our interview below, whish has been lightly edited for general clarity. Guilty Party have at least five

Cody Votolato's J.R. SLAYER Share Second Single "The Fade Out" from Upcoming EP Not Rotten Ahead of Release (Memory Music)

J.R. SLAYER (CREDIT: Robin Laananen) Just a few days before the release of their eagerly-awaited Will Yip-produced debut EP, Not Rotten, comes one of J.R. SLAYER's stand-out tracks, "The Fade Out." Keeping with the feeling of falling into Earth-shattering love that washes over the entire EP, "The Fade Out" feels nostalgic and hopeful while rocking amidst soaring guitar riffs and melodic Indie Punk sing-alongs. Out on Yip's label, Memory Music, this Friday, Not Rotten sounds as opposite as it can from Cody Votolato's past work; it's clear that the Seattle-born, LA-residing artist is at a new place in his life. "There's so much bad shit in the world, there's a lot of bad things happening. But when you fall in love with someone, you have this feeling that all that stuff can disappear momentarily," Votolato explains. "Everything goes away but you and this person and your feelings about them and yourself." J.R. SLAYER comes

The HIRS Collective Off-shoot Band Jenna & The Pups Share Bandcamp-only HAPPY BIRTHDAY EP for Jenna Pup's Birthday (self-released)

Jenna Pup is the frontperson and found of The HIRS Collective (somtimes, known simply as HIRS or +HIRS+) who describe themselves on Facebook as "a collective of freaks, faggots, friends, lovers, and favorites that will never stop existing. [infinite]." HIRS' Discogs page further ellaborates, "The HIRS Collective exist to fight for, defend, and celebrate the survival of trans, queer, P.O.C., black, women, and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression. We are a collective of freaks, faggots, friends, lovers, and favorites that will never stop existing. infinite and never ending. No one is going to kill us; we are going to live forever." HIRS' last proper album, Friends. Lovers. Favorites, was released on Get Better Records in 2018 and featured guest appearances from the likes of Shirley Manson (Garbage,) Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers,) Martin Crudo (Limp Wrist,

3 Feet High & Rising: Detroit Punks Middle-Out Share "Out of Breath" & "Escape My Past" from Forthcoming Bender EP (self-released)

Middle-Out is a three-piece Pop-punk/Rock band based out of Detroit, Michigan. Formed in mid-2021 and consisting of members of popular Detroit bands Break Anchor, Extra Arms , Small Stresses, and Suburban Medicine, Middle-Out wanted to take a harder edge to their compositions than their previous outings. Their sound has been compared to The Lawrence Arms, The Copyrights, and The One Thought Moment. Having shared vocal duties, endlessly catchy chorus hooks, and blistering guitar riffs, the band tops everything off with lyrical content ranging from the melancholy of work life to the bodily ravages of getting older. Contemporaries can no doubt find relatability in these words and songs. Their six-song debut EP, Bender, is being released in full on September 2, 2022; recorded in Ferndale, Michigan by Chuck Huber at Drifting Sun Sound and mixed and mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, California. "We are stoked to finally be able to share this record in its entirety

L.S. Dunes Showcasing Members of My Chemical Romance, Coheed & Cambria, Circa Survive & Thursday Share "Permanent Rebellion" from Upcoming Debut Past Lives (Fantasy Records)

L.S. Dunes (CREDIT: Luke Dickey) Post-punk & Hardcore stalwarts, guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance, Ex-Reggie & The Full Effect,) guitarist Travis Stever (Coheed & Cambria, Weerd Science) vocalist Anthony Green (Circa Survive, The Sound of Animals Fighting,) bassist Tim Payne (Thursday,) and drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday, Ex-Murphy's Law) have joined forces to create L.S. Dunes . Unshackled from the expectations and aesthetics of their already successful careers, L.S. Dunes super-charge their heavy anthems with Punk energy into a sound unlike anything that has come before it. Their debut full-length, Past Lives, was produced by Will Yip (The Bouncing Souls, Quicksand, Turnstile) and recorded at his Studio 4 Recording in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Going deep on issues of fearlessness, dependency, nonconformity, and impermanence, writing for the album was a collaborative effort. After the shock of The Pandemic Shutdown, the close friends and mutual admirers urg

FRND CRCL Return with Nostalgic "47" Music Video In Homage to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater & Call of Duty Video Games (self-released)

FRND CRCL recently leveled up from a four-piece to a two-piece consisting of vocalist/guitarist Zac Johnson and drummer/back-up vocalist Aaron Smith. Johnson & Smith hail from Hopewell & Millville, New Jersey and are part of a Punk band that bears resemblance and influence to the explosive Pop-punk bands of the early 2000's, as well as modern Punk Rock & Indie Rock. Founded in 2016, FRND CRCL has released two full-length albums, an EP, and multiple well-recieved singles to date. One of FRND CRCL's latets singles, "Complications," landed on multiple editorial playlists, including Spotify's New Punk Tracks and Apple Music's Rise & Grind. FRND CRCL have toured in direct support of Goalkeeper and have hosted their own headlining mini-weekender tours in both October 2021 and February 2022. FRND CRCL have now returned with their latest single and first as a two-piece, "47." FRND CRCL's "47" is an upbeat, high-energy Pop-pu

Philly Punks Battalion Zośka Share Sophomore Album New Blood & "Everyday's The Same" Video Ahead of Fall Vinyl Release (Violated Records)

Battalion Zośka's new Blood line-up, L-R: Steve Vaiani, Arik Victor, Jonas Image, Jim Roadie & Pat Society (CREDIT: Erin Rudy) Hailing from nearby Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Battalion Zośka was initially formed in 2018 by vocalist Pat Society of Violent Society & Cranked Up!, along with former members of another Philadelphia-based band, Combat Crisis. After Battalion Zośka's self-titled release in 2019, the band had a line-up change that brought long-time producer and engineer Arik Victor on guitar, as well as Steve Vaiani on drums. The new line-up wasted no time in writing and recording new songs for their sophomore effort, New Blood. Battalion Zośka's newest album, New Blood, features 16 blistering soon-to-be Punk classics. New Blood features guest appearances by many Punk super-stars. Dez Cadena (Black Flag, The Misfits) added guitar on the tracks "Everyday's The Same," "Kids," "Thick In The Head," and "Tried & Faile

Michael Thorn of Stockholm Syndrome Talks About New Death Watch Complete Discography Vinyl Re-issue (The Witzard Interview)

Michael D. Thorn live with Stockholm Syndrome (CREDIT: Dan Africa?) Stockholm Syndrome was a short-lived Bay Area Thrash and Punk/Hardcore unit only active from about 2001-02 'til 2004. Now, nearly 20 years since their dissolution, Stockholm Syndrome has partnered with YOFC & 625 Thrashcore to jointly re-release their complete discography packacged as Death Watch. Side A features an unreleased studio session from 2004 and Side B contains the full recording from their debut 2004 EP, One Way Out . Featured across both sides are members that also played in BAADER BRAINS, xINEPTx, YOUNG OFFENDERS, CHARM, VULGAR PIGEONS, SPAZZ, and many other notorious Bay Area bands. Death Watch is strongly recommended for fans of fast, straight-forward Hardcore Thrash, like RIPCORD, DEAD NATION, and DS-13. This special vinyl re-issue package includes a gatefold poster insert and artwork by the indomitable Tommy Wilson. It's limited to 540 copies with 215 on red vinyl and the remaining 325