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Dan Schenker's A.I.-generated Collection of Artwork Inspired By Elements from The Interrupters' New Album In The Wild (Hellcat Records)

BONUS A.I. Original: "Punk Rock Princess" (ART CREDIT: Dan Schenker) It all started back in April when renown New Jersey-bred Ska-core/Punk pioneers FOLLY (@follynj) randomly a series of eerie, yet completely striking and utterly compelling imagery to their somewhat newly-active Instagram page. FOLLY wrote, "Our talented photographer @heydanschenker entered FOLLY lyrics for A.I. to conjure generative art. We're absolutely fascinated with this artistic movement (despite its controversial nature.) What incredible visual witchcraft and digital sorcery this is!" It was accompanied by eight odd, creepy, and compelling images conjured up by fellow New Jerseyan Dan Schenker with assistance from Artificial Intelligence or A.I.—alright, all I can think of whenever I hear "A.I." is that awful Microsoft A.I. commercial featuring Common waving his ahnds around! So, to make a long story short, I reached out to Dan via email, told him how much I dug his FOLLY A.I.

3 Feet High & Rising: Bay Area Emos Little Low Preview Debut EP Reasons to Grow with Single "I Am Not" (Wiretap Records)

Little Low, L-R: Mike Assatly, Christine Atturio, Kris Moya & Eric Pocock (CREDIT: Kelly Sullivan) Little Low hails from The Bay Area, formed by guitarist and vocalist Christine Atturio (Save Ends,) drummer Mike Assatly (Spirits, Beartrap,) guitarist Eric Pocock ( Discourage ,) and bass player and vocalist Kris Moya (Jabber, Long Knives.) Originally started as a solo project in Boston by Atturio, Little Low released a self-titled EP of acoustic songs in 2020. After a move across the country in 2021 and missing the comradery of a full band, Atturio & Assatly asked Pocock & Moya to join the band and Little Low was born anew. After recording at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio with Jack Shirley in early 2022, the band is set to release their Reasons to Grow EP of five new instant classics this fall; with each member bringing their unique background to the table—Little Low melds driving Hardcore drums, sparkly Emo guitars, melodic bass lines, and infectious hooks and harm

Ant Jones Discusses THE RUSTY NUTZ's Debut Full-length We tried to make it big but something somewhere went wrong and we can't work out what that something is (Lavender Sweep Records)

THE RUSTY NUTZ are a feedback driven noisey five (or six?)-piece from Swansea, Wales, UK. Heavily influenced by the weird, the wonderful, and downright odd! A band not afraid to speak out about what they believe in: shut down pubs, microwaves, marbles, and pre-historic monsters in man-made lakes. The band's debut album, We tried to make it big but something somewhere went wrong & we can't work out what that something is, sees a world-wide release today, August 1, 2022, on over 20 different musical formats, via the Lavender Sweep Records label. This album has been many, many years in-the-making. To celebrate the occasion, THE RUSTY NUTZ & Lavender Sweep will be releasing the album on a different format every Friday for the foreseeable future. THE RUSTY NUTZ formed as an Experimental Punk four-piece in 1998. The band recorded and released several hundred songs on cassette between 1998-2002 before splitting up. Although, several rumors have stated that the band never b