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Lil B's More Than Happy (Gay) to Leak Album

In an earnest effort to shake the improper/negative connotation too often associated with the term, "gay," Lil B (Brandon McCartney) has titled his most recent effort I'm Gay (I'm Happy) . The controversial album title has already garnered McCartney much praise and disdain, from both ends of the spectrum. Early Thurs. morning, without prior announcement... The stream-of-consciousness Bay Area rapper [often lovingly referred to by fans as "#BASEDGOD" ] uploaded the 12-track collection to iTunes . Later that same night, @LILBTHEBASEDGOD liberated I'm Gay to the masses, via a Mediafire link . Attached was a Twitter message [Tweet]: "CUZ I LOVE YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE 10 DOLLERS TO BUY MY NEW PROJECT HERE IT GOES FOR FREE." Featuring a sound simply described by @LupeFiasco * as "MF DOOM x Ghostface x Kanye," I'm Gay showcases a cover designed by artist, Uncle Grumpy ; Essentially, a 2011 creative flip of Ernie Barnes' famo

[Unknown B-boy] - "God Is Doing a New Thang"

How to Make It In America, Season 2 (Trailer)

Featured Soundtrack: Theophilus London - "I Stand Alone" " How to Make It in America follows two enterprising Brooklyn twenty-somethings as they hustle their way through New York City, determined to achieve the "American Dream." Trying to make a name for themselves in New York's competitive fashion scene, Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg) and his friend and business partner Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk) use their street knowledge and connections to bring their ambitions to fruition. With the help of Cam's cousin Rene (Luis Guzman) , who is trying to market his own high-energy drink, and their well-connected friend Domingo ("KiD CuDi") , the burgeoning entrepreneurs set out to make it big, encountering obstacles along the way that will require all their ingenuity to overcome." - Plot Outline @ Facebook Season 1 aired [way] back in Feb. 2010... and Season 2 is rumored to premiere Sept. 18, 2011; It will seemingly run about 8 episodes, much l

Drake Gets Drunk & Slowed In "Marvin's Room" Clip.

"Marvin's Room" is 1 of 2-3 recently-liberated promotional/teaser singles for Take Care (Oct. 24). A slow build up to the Fall 2011 release date, an "official single(s)" will soon be released in July. Album #2 is rumored to feature appearances from The Weeknd, Florence [+ The Machine], Lil' Wayne, 8Ball & MJG, T-Pain... as well as production from the likes of Jamie xx, Q-Tip , 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, and Noah "40" Shebib . While Popular artists like JoJo, Chris Brown , and Teyana Taylo r have remixed [covered] "Marvin's Room," Drake let loose the official music video/ Screwed Remix earlier this morning. Debuted by Oliver over @ October's Very Own , the video is essentially a literal, word-for-word assembly of "Marvin's Room." Activities include: drinking, PARTYING, speaking of/interacting with "bitches," and drunk dialing... The track is edited [short] and wobbles out, along with Drake 's cons

Eminem & Sasha Grey Star In: "Space Bound"

Filmed several months ago ( February ), on location in Los Angeles , with frequent Eminem collaborator, Joseph Kahn ... After numerous photo/video leaks, here's the final edit of "Space Bound." The track was written by singer-songwriter Steve McEwan (hook) and the accompanying music video co-stars former-Pornstar, Sasha Grey . Kahn and Eminem had previously teamed-up to create "Without Me," "We Made You," and "Love the Way You Lie." The latter seems to have a similar overall premise (domestic violence), when compared against that of "Space Bound." " Em[inem] simply becomes company for her, and she mistakenly takes advantage of that... I don't know if it necessarily has a thorough message, but I think it shows that even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point. Whether or not you come out of it together and whole is an entirely different question." - @SashaGrey for MTVNews

Duck Sauce - "Big Bad Wolf" @ Annie Mac

Alison Carney - "Dilla Donut" [Live Cover]

In essence, Alison Carney 's 2008 rendition of "You're Gonna Want Me Back" is a loose cover of not one, but 2 tracks: J Dilla - "Stop!" and Dionne Warwick - "You're Gonna Need Me Back." Seemingly performed @ the DC Dilla Tribute , Carney submits her take on Donut #6 , "Stop!" ...which in turn, is a cover of Warwick's Just Being Myself -era composition. "You're Gonna Need Me (Dionne Warwick) and "Why?" (Jadakiss/Anthony Hamilton) are the 2 sampled elements that make up "Stop!" Head on over to Who Sampled , to hear a side-by-side comparison of Dilla vs. Warwick . A small amount of additional Alison Carney info is view-able over @ aLIsoN WoNDeRLaND .

STS - "Black Keys" (Freestyle)

The Weeknd Flips Drake (DJ Khaled) Track

"I'm On One"/"Trust Issues" Timeline * May 13-20: DJ Khaled releases "I'm On One" [-feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil' Wayne] - Music video soon to come. June 14: OG Ron C - "I'm On One..." (Chopped Not Slopped Mix) June 21: Drake lets loose "Trust Issues" via October's Very Own; Essentially, a flip of his own "I'm On One" hook. ["Did my own little thing using some other thing I did. You know."] June 24: Yet another OG Ron C/Chop Stars Mix - "Trust Issues." June 25: @theweekndxo unleashes his own "Trust Issues" flip... A remix/cover through late-night Tweet, "I got'chu, my nigga." * DJ Khaled - We the Best Forever (July 19), The Weeknd - "Thursdays" (Summer), Drake - Take Care (Oct. 24), The Weeknd - "Echoes of Silence..." (Fall).

Heems & Mike Finito - "WOMYN aka: HITCH (DEMO?)"

CLICK THIS PHOTO OF MY FACE TO DOWNLOAD MY NEW SONG, "WOMYN aka: HITCH (DEMO?)" PRODUCED BY MIKE FINITO. RECORDED JUNE 22, 2010 BY DANIEL LYNAS AT WONDERFUL STUDIOS in DUMBO [ BROOKLYN , NY]. FROM MY UPCOMING PROJECT w/ MIKE FINITO , tentatively referred to as "TEENS FOUND SLAIN." PHOTO BY BOB MARTUS. - Himanshu K. Suri (Das Racist) @ Nehru Jackets tumblr @HEEMS Tweet (3am June 23-24): "WOMYN" and "SWATE" will both be on my tape... To give you an idea of the production aesthetique @mikefinito n me cookin up. #brown #queens

Limp Bizkit - "Gold Cobra" (HD Video)

It's really no surprise that Limp Bizkit's [Official] "Gold Cobra" clip is chock-full of dancing "Fred Durst Girls," Wes Borland in crazy/creepy make-up, fast cars ( Gold Lambo ), 1 kick-boxing bikini model... in slo-mo , bad acting courtesy of Mike Vallely , skateboarding, and performance shots @ LA River Basin (Grease) . So, after a few viewings, I wasn't completely shocked to learn that "Gold Cobra" was directed by Fred Durst Prod. & The FX Zoo ha. But needless to say, I'm mildly excited for Limp Bizkit 's upcoming "comeback album!" - The full band's first recorded collaboration since 2000. That album, Gold Cobra, will become available in stores and online this coming Tues. June 28th... in a number of various formats and configurations.

KREAYSHAWN ("Gucci Gucci") to Direct Chili Peppers' Music Video

"Young KREAYSHAWN came up in the Bay [ Oakland, CA ]. Inspired by art and snatching bitches. You can't fathom what I'm doing. I'm out in L.A now. Gettin' a tan and putting my Trap hand down for once." @ Facebook Bio Natassia Zolot , AKA: KREAYSHAWN ("creation?") is a 21-year-old UC Berkley film-student turned music video director/rapper. "#BASED GODDESS" has directed past videos for the likes of Lil B #BASEDGOD , Soulja Boy , and Stalker . Zolot is also a member of White Girl Mob - Along with V-Nasty and [twin sister?] DJ Lil Debbie . Note-worthy past releases include "Bumpin' Bumpin'" and 2010-11 mixtapes, Kittys x Choppas/Kreayshawn X The Mob . MTVNews reports that KREAYSHAWN is in fact preparing to venture away from her comfort zone (Bay Area rappers). As she's gearing up to direct the upcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers video single - "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" from their new record, I

No I.D. Presents... Cocaine 80s - "The Pursuit EP"

Tuesday-Wednesday afternoon(s), a mysterious new R&B/Hip-Hop collective made their debut online. Veiled in partial secrecy, Cocaine 80s unleashed a 7-track EP - The Pursuit to the unsuspecting masses. It's currently available for purchase @ the cost of $1 Tweet [ "Lift off. I just got REAL high off this #cocaine80s . Try some, everybody\'s doin it." ] In addition to 7 mp3's, the zip file package also included "Coked Out Alice" cover art and a Credits.pdf (Adobe). Bloggers and fans alike remain somewhat puzzled when it comes to Cocaine 80s , as the information essentially stops where the above-listed contents end. - Alt. Artwork By: Cliché Guevara @ Kanyetothe No I.D. - Chemist Steve Wyreman - Axe, Free Bass, Keys of Coke Rob "The Mixer" Kinelski - Engineer & Sonic Manipulator Kevin Randolph - Kilos [Keys] James Fauntleroy sings the Blues. Common - Dope Raps Makeba [Riddick] - The Godmother The Lookouts: Sam Lewis Anna Ugart

TiRon & Ayomari, with Jonesin' for Sum Comfort Food (Sweden)

"While out in Stockholm a few weeks ago, TiRon & Ayomari linked up with Swedish producers Jonesin' for Sum Comfort Food (Hney Mstrd) * for En kärlekshistoria EP ( "A Swedish Love Story EP" [in English). "Du Gör Mig Bra (You Complete Me)" is the first sampling from said collection.] Look for the full project to drop soon enough ." - Shake @ 2dopeboyz * TiRon - Hney Mstrd (80's Edition) @ Jonesin' for Sum Comfort Food Bandcamp .

Entourage #8 - "Image Trailer"

Weird Al & The Roots - "Accordion" (MADVILLAIN)

MADVILLAIN - "Accordion" (D minor) In celebration of his [own personal] landmark 1.6 million-th Twitter Follower, @questlove (Questo of The Roots) , liberated a brand new audio track. Recorded in collaboration with Weird Al, The Roots laid down a collective cover of MADVILLAIN 's "Accordion." Shared world-wide through Twitter and then posted to his page. Coincidentally, Al was the "sit-in musical guest" on the 6/20-21 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon . Essentially, he was part of The Roots for the night - Banter, running jokes, walk-on music, commercial break throws... Weird Al 's latest parody album: Alpocalypse is out today, June 21st. While ?uestlove & The Roots are currently in the studio, hard @ work on Album #14; Billboard reports that it's an "orchestral concept album," of sorts. For zealous fans interested in a "Hip-Hop Lesson" housed within a slightly awkward interview scenari

Rob Zombie for Woolite? ("Torture")

Check out musician/film director/screenwriter Rob Zombie 's first-ever TV commercial... Zombie directed the 30-second ad for the laundry detergent, Woolite in Vancouver, Canada this past April. "It's a very bizarre TV commercial for a product like this," said Zombie . "Honestly, I was shocked when they called me to do it." - shakefire @ YouTube

Vex Ruffin & The Lo-Fi Jerkheads - "Losing Control"

" 10 5 Random Random Facts About Vex Ruffin " 1.) I love basketball. When I was a kid, my dream was to play in the NBA like Hakeem Olajuwon . 2.) I'm an "early bird." I wake up @ 7am everyday. 3.) When I first started making music, I wanted to be like Madlib . Instead, I turned out yo be something else ? #BEASTMASTER! 4.) I get really grumpy when I'm hungry and tired. #BEASTMASTER! 5.) I don't know ow to play the guitar. I just do the one string thing. 6.) In high school, my favorites were The Cure and DMX . 7.) None of my friends listen to Rock 'N' Roll. 8.) My dream is to tour the world with my band. 9.) A lot of people don't get me. Maybe because I'm a #BEASTMASTER! 10.) I was never a handyman but I was good @ breaking things. #ALPHA MALE! @ Stones Throw

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn (Jackass) 1977-2011

Dunn was a funny, crazy (AWESOME) man. Quite possibly the most "real" of the Jackass bunch - A series which our generation grew up on. Ryan seemed like such a happy-go-lucky, likeable person; Always down to make an utter fool of himself (so long it was on film). But you could usually tell he was scared and didn't want to complete the stunt(s). Ryan Dunn will surely be missed... My heart goes out to Bam, Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine , family/friends & the rest of the Jackass gang... Earlier this morning, MTVNews posted a nice little obituary/article, penned by Jocelyn Vena .

Roger Lima - "Bike Donut" (Specialized Beats)

Over the course of roughly 2 minutes, Roger Lima skillfully manages to craft a beat... using ONLY bike parts/sounds. In collaboration with Specialized Bicycles and WhiteNoise Lab , Lima set up shop in his [wife's] living room - Making the best "instrumental" use of 2 choice Specialized models: Stumpjumper Pro FSR and Stumpjumper Comp FSR . Additional utilized components include: cardboard box, Topeak track pump, stair-steps, kitchen utensils, and drumming implements. Minimal processing after-effects (compressor, distortion, EQ, delay, and Final Cut Pro ) were then used in the editing stage. Grab an mp3 of the "Specialized Beats" audio track over @ WhiteNoise Lab . Another 3 pages-worth of assorted Roger Lima compositions are available for stream/downloading over @ WhiteNoise Lab, Planet Earth, USA Soundcloud .

Bad Meets Evil - "Fast Lane" [-feat. Sly (Pyper) Jordan]

"You wanna know about the Nicki Minaj line?* I wasn't saying anything that everyone wasn't already thinking. I mean, obviously I've worked with Nicki. I did a song with her. She's a phenomenal rapper, and phenomenal looking. [Laughs.] I mean look, it was right there. I thought it was funny. I think she sees the fun in it, too... But no, I haven't spoken to her about it. It's just Hip-Hop ." - Eminem @ Complex * "Let me tell you what this pretty little dame's name is, 'cause she's kinda famous... and I hope that I don't sound too heinous when I say this, Nicki Minaj . But I wanna stick my penis in your anus!" _ #verse2eminem

Weekend Jam-age: Flobots - "Handlebars"

"I can tie a knot in a cherry stem... I can tell you about Leif Ericson . I know all the words to "De Colores" & " I'm Proud to Be an American. " - Johnny 5/Brer Rabbit (circa 2008)

Breakbot - "Fantasy" (music video)

Breakbot's "Fantasy" video essentially makes use of the "Reverse Weird Science" plot device; Instead of boy(s) create dream girl... Proceed to PARTY, fall in love, get in trouble, etc. etc. - "Fantasy" goes a little something like this: Boy meets/draws girl, proceeds to dream about getting with her and in turn, falls asleep in class. Gary and Wyatt from Weird Science (1985) make out with "Lisa" [fake girl], in real life, while the protagonist in "Fantasy" has a make out sesh with a real girl... in his dream sequence, that is. For the most part, the similarities end there. "Breakbot" is actually the alias of French DJ/producer, Thibaut Berland , who was about 4 @ the time of John Hughes' above-stated release. Berland [additionally, a film maker/video director] even makes a cameo appearance in "Fantasy" - short shorts, Hanes T-shirt , tube socks and all!.. His brief discography was kick-started with

Twin Shadow - "Clean Cuts [2011] Tour"

Ticket pre-order running from June 16-21... Participating fans will receive a T-shirt/Button [Combo] Pack corresponding to their city (while supplies last). General on-sale date for a good chunk of the Twin Shadow shows is June 23. The full list of dates and an example of the "Philly Cut" (shirt) are now view-able over @ Beggars Group USA .

Lil B - I'm Gay (artwork)

"I'm very gay, but I love women. I'm not attracted to men in any way. I've never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes I am gay, I'm so happy. I'm a gay, heterosexual male... I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I'm doing it." - Lil B to MTVNews' Rob Markman (April)

The Mystery of "Calgary" (Bon Iver, Bon Iver)

Cal·ga·ry [ kal - guh -ree] – noun "A city in Canada , in S Alberta: Centre of a large agricultural region; oilfields. Pop: 879, 277 (2001)." Dictionary Rough Witzard Video "Analysis: " Bon Iver - "Calgary" Bed duals as projection screen, Raina Hein , dream/nightmare? Raining petals, bed (collapse)-swamp, "book trees," sewer boy[friend]. Romeo & Juliette , black-and-white transition, bon fire with friends?.. Upside down party, floating frozen black bear; Very interesting indeed. Treatment Written By: Justin Vernon ("Bon Iver") Directed By: Andre Durand & Dan Huiting Starring: Raina Hein (America's Next Top Model #14) Produced By: Daniel Cummings @ Picture Machine Prod. Director of Photography: Andre Durand Filmed @ April Base Studios, Fall Creek, WI (April 2011). - Bon Iver, Bon Iver is out this upcoming June 21st, via JAGJAGUWAR . Peruse Raina Hein 's playful re-telling of her experience on the "Calgary"

R&B Stylings of The Weeknd & Frank Ocean - "The Birds (Part 1)" vs. "Novacane"

The Witzard Presents... "The Birds (Part 1)" - YouTube [still] video AND download link, compliments of The Weeknd @ XO til we overdose . Much like the previously-leaked Rock-tinged single ( "Rolling Stone" ), "The Birds" (Part 1)" has an overall mild, Rock-feel to it. Both tracks are seemingly set to be included on The Weeknd 's next mixtape, Thursdays ... The second installment of "Balloon Trilogy." Expect to see a Summer-time release, with Part 3, Echoes of Silence... to follow in Fall 2011. Dear Lonny Breaux (2006), your name is "frank" now... it's a long story. your girlfriend is about to break up with you because of the long distance. it's ok. & that job you're working... well, you're gonna have to work there for another year and some months... & then you're gonna get fired. you're gonna work a couple more jobs after that too. nothing glamorous. kinkos/at&t , if you really want t

How to Dress Well - Just Once EP

"The Just Once EP is comprised of 4 "orchestral versions" of How to Dress Well tracks... A one-time-only approach to HTDW's sound. It is dedicated to Ryan Douglas Hutchon , the best friend of Tom Krell that passed away in Sept. 2010. - All songs written By: Tom Krell (How to Dress Well) - Arrangements By: Minna Choi Limited to 1000 copies, this 10" vinyl is a one-time-only orchestral release. Each physical copy comes with a hand-written letter from Krell and a password to view behind-the-scenes footage of the "Suicide Dream 2" recording. $1 of every 10" sold will be donated to Mind Freedom to benefit those with Mental Health Issues ." Pre-order both the digi-album and 10" vinyl releases @ Bandcamp , available July 12/21, respectively. The limited edition 10"s will be pressed by Love Letters Ink (Yours Truly) . Below is the orchestral version of [BRAND NEW cut] "Suicide Dream 3," paired up with an impromptu "int

Major Lazer Remixes Beastie Boys & Santigold

"Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" (Major Lazer Remix Edition)

Panda Bear - "Surfer's Hymn" (Unofficial Video)

* The Artwork of Scott Mou (Jane) " A tribute to surfers... Taken by the sea. " Directed By: m[i]ss[i]ng p[i]eces 68 Greenpoint Ave, 4th Floor Brooklyn , NY 11222 phone @ (646)-290-7931 Liberated By: SONIC BOOM @ Collected Animals .

Tinariwen - "Tenere Taqhim Tossam" [-feat. Tunde & Kyp of TV on the Radio]

Founded by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib in about 1979, Tinariwen hail from the Sarahan Desert , Mali (West Africa). Tinariwen loosely translates to "Boys from the bush" or "The people of the deserts," while Tinariwen is in fact the plural of Ténéré - "Desert, country[side]." Over the course of the past 30+ years, there have been various permutations of the band's line-up... Though it currently includes: Ibrahim ( "Abaraybone" ), Hassan Ag Touhami ( "Aharr" AKA "Abin Abin" ), Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni ( "Catastrophe" ), Eyadou Ag Leche, Said Ag Ayad, Abdallah Ag Lamida ( "Intidao" ), Elaga Ag Hamid, Wonou Walet Sidati, and Mohammed Ag Tahada. The majority of the members handle either guitar or [backing] vocal duties... But there are percussion, bass, and other miscellaneous players in the fold. ANTI- will unleash Tassili this coming August 30th. Said album will mark Tinariwen 's 5th state-side full-len

Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz - "On to the Next One" (An Audio/Visual Presentation)

Self Edge - Haught Damascus Trapper Pocket Knife

- Shrade Knife Base (Made In USA) - High Carbon 440 "Pattern Welded Steel" Damascus Blades - Nickel Silver Bolsters - Hand-Made Ken Haught Handles - Brass Inner Liners - Turquoise, Malachite, Pipestone, Elk Antlers... Fossilized Ivory, Jet, and Obsidian. - SE Exclusive - Length: Open = 7.5" Closed = 4.25" (Blade = 3.25") - Cherry Wood, Olive Wood, Teak, and Bloodwood. - $178.00, with 8 left in stock. * * Additional specs/"Cowboy Ken" background available over @ Self Edge .

Jonti (Danimals)- "Firework Spraying Moon"

"Multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and vocalist - Jonti , began assembling music after his departure from South Africa to Australia . Spending countless hours studying records like they were books, processing each song, this became Jonti 's music school, testing his theories on a 4-track recorder. Jonti has now recorded with Mark Ronson, Santigold, Sean Lennon and Dap-Kings ... As well as producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. Kurt Vile). For Jonti 's debut album, coming this fall on Stones Throw , he went the opposite route, doing everything himself, start to finish. The album is Twiligig , is slated for [an] October release. Twirligig draws inspiration from many of Jonti 's favorite artists: Madlib, Stereolab, Free Design, and Beach Boys . But Twirligig 's main inspiration came from cartoonist/filmmaker Norman McLaren . Jonti explains, "His films are complex, but they're still fun. You can feel his enthusiasm for techniques and ex

Nas Escobar - "NASTY" (Life Is Good)

Nasir Jones - "NASTY" [prod. Salaam Remi]

Mike G. Screws & Chops Up Rihanna

Widely credited as the "Frankenstein Monster" of one DJ Screw ... Screwed & Chopped Remix technique essentially makes the listener feel as through they're fucked up on a hefty dose-age of "Purple Drank" (Codeine) . Based out of Houston, TX then and now, the genre is alternately referred to as "Slowed & Throwed" or "Chopped & Screwed." DJ Screw developed the style sometime between 1984-91, with mild personal success(es) coming prior to his tragic 2000 death. Tempo's usually dropped down to about 60-70 BPM with added bells & whistles mixed in @ a later stage to create the desired "chopped" effect. A handful of other leading contributors includes: DJ Michael "5,000" Watts, DJ OG Ron C, Paul Wall, and Three 6 Mafia. "Man Down" seems to be a track from one of Mike G 's upcoming color-based mixtape offerings - GOLD, Royal Blue, Fire Red , and Ice Water . In this particular instance, the y

James Blake/Litherland - "Like Father Like Son." (Sample Source #5)

James Litherland (Father) - "Where to Turn"

Weezer Cover The Cars for "Cars 2."

Weezer - "You Might Think" (1984)

TV on the Radio - "You" (Director's Cut @ Pitchfork)

For the latest installment of Pitfork 's [semi-frequent] Director's Cut series, staff writer Ryan Dombal got a chance to sit down/chat with Barney Clay (Gnarls Barkley, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) . For all intensive purposes, Clay's most recent effort is the case in point here: TV on the Radio - "You." Essentially Track #3, in a track-by-track visual re-creation of Nine Types of Light (album). Each portion then strung together into one cohesive 60-minute "story" with candid interview segments. In my personal opinion, "You" is damn-near one of the strongest tracks on the album, both audio/visually. The crux of the Barney Clay -helmed video features Tunde as a washed up [Artist Formerly Known as] Prince -like character. Dombal/Clay 's recent convo touches on nearly all of the most interesting aspects of said music video... Here's a short excerpt to whet your appetite(s): "[There's] one scene where this girl comes in, spots the band,

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks with Beck - "Senator"

"On August 23, 2011, Matador [USA] * will be releasing Mirror Traffic , the 5th post- Pavement album from S tephen Malkmus and the 3rd or 4th to bear "The Jicks" name (depending on whether you're looking at spines, sleeves or labels). Produced by Beck, Mirror Traffic makes a compelling case that after some 22 years in the public eye, Stephen Malkmus' full range of musical and lyrical capabilities had yet to be previously explored. The casual virtuosity (and staggering guitar invention) won't necessarily come as a shock, nor will the rapier wit of one of Contemporary Rock 's brightest minds. But without dissing prior works that we deeply love, we can promise that Mirror Traffic is the album that ties together Stephen's skill-set like none of its predecessors. The recording is nothing short of gorgeous, the songs crackling with confidence." - The Good People @ Matador /Domino Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - "Senator" Steph

Chuuwee - "May 22nd" (iLL Trade) Promo

Here, we have a Promo Snippet of Chuuwee 's latest... Directed by Ashley Watkins & 1986 of Dynasty Images/eighteenfifties , respectively. The full-length "May 22nd" track is slated to appear on producer iLL Trade 's upcoming Summer release, With Love EP . Chuuwee hails from Sacramento, CA by way of San Antonio, TX and is commonly referred to as Chez Rivierra and @ChuuweeTUS , amongst other miscellaneous aliases. With many various albums/singles available on Bandcamp , some dating as far back as Jan. 2010... Chez Rivierra 's most note-worthy piece of work may very well be The Date Tape . Crafted in collaboration with THE WORLD FAMOUS COOKIN' SOUL DJ's, the mixtape plays out as an 8-track "concept album" - Taking the listener step-by-step through the course of a [fruitful] relationship gone bad.

Limp Bizkit - "Gold Cobra" (Lyric Trooper)

# Wes Borland Artwork After many great success/failure, hiatuses, line-up changes, break ups, and reconciliations... Limp Bizkit are back! The original line-up of Fred Durst, Wes Borland, John Otto, Sam Rivers , and DJ Lethal has fully re-formed for the first time in roughly 10 years. During their initial run (1995-2000), Limp Bizkit released 3 successful albums - Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, Significant Other, and Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Flavored Water .* They were equally loved/hated by many... Often credited with creating the Nu-Metal/Rapcore genre. The 2 releases which followed Chocolate Starfish..., Results May Vary and The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) , were missing the signature sounds of Borland and Otto, respectively. In-the-works since 2009, Gold Cobra has reported been fully recorded 3 separate times, with this most recent version alone mixed and mastered by a number of various studio techs. Following a series of repeated delays, Interscope/Polydor will final


"OVERSIZED 35 x 60" TERRY VELOUR TOWEL DONNED WITH THE CLASSIC KRUGER FONT. BE THE DOPEST BITCH ON THE BEACH! " Now available for $60.00 @ Married To The MOB ... Just in the nick of time for your Summer-Tide Excursions" - Phew! - Compliments of Highsnobette [" Highsnobiety for Girls"].