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Big K.R.I.T. "Returnof4eva" Single #1

"This is the 1st leak of my new album Returnof4eva (artwork by Eric Bailey ) The song is called "Dreamin'" I produced the beat as well. I feel this is a perfect representation of my music at this exact moment in time bc it could have gone either way for me. This was all a dream a year ago. Now I am living out my dreams everyday. This is a personal & special record to me & I hope it inspires you to follow your dreams like I did. Motion Family shot the video for this yesterday, That's coming soon. In the meantime, u can get the song & all updates from me at " - Big K.R.I.T.

Monday's FRESH Visuals!!!

Kanye & Mos Def @ Blue Note (Lupe x RGX)

"Kanye/Mos Def Blue Note (RGX) Freestyle" Kanye and Mos Def were "surprise guests" @ the second of 2 consecutive Lupe Fiasco and Robert Glasper Experiment/Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC gigs. Towards the end of show #2 (Sat.), the G.O.O.D. Music founder/new signee pairing burst out onto the stage, starting to freestyle. Part of a larger "cypher," Kanye and Mos spit rhymes over an assortment of J Dilla "donuts" (beats). Mos had previously worked with Dilla on a variety of projects as part of The Soulquarians [Collective] , and Kanye produced a beat on the [now-shelved] "Dilla/MCA album." Lupe's Lasers is out March 4, 7, 8 and 23 in Australia, UK/France, US, and Japan respectively.

Trent Reznor - Oscar Speech #2

Jam Boys x Highsnobiety TV (Episode #3)

"Street Style" Vans Old Skools

A truly "classic" on its own, the Vans Old Skool model has just become even more supreme. Formerly known as "Van Doren Rubber Co.," Vans has just unleashed a hybrid of old/new styles - the Old Skool (Street Style version). One of the brand's most recognizable shoes, Old Skool (Style #36) dates back to around 1977, features varied 2-tone leather color combos, a black/white rubber sole, and the now infamous "jazz [side]stripe." Plastered across the red back tag, it's unclear as to whether or not the "Street Style" logo actually pre-dated/followed the popular "Off the Wall turtle" design. Moreover, this new model mashes-up the 2 throwback styles. Highlighted here in a green/black/white colorway , the BRAND NEW Vans Old Skool Street Style 'd model is available now @ select retailers. One of these including Encino, CA's Primitive Shoes .

Mayer Hawthorne as Tony Bennett.

TV on the Radio Album #5 (Info)

"Will Do" (Interscope) Here, we have the cover and first track sampling from TV on the Radio 's new album, Nine Types of Light . The cover image was photographed by guitarist-producer/[new] Jane's Addiction "member," David Andrew Sitek. "Will Do" is the title of Track #1 off the April 12th release. One can assume that further details regarding the album's tracklist and accompanying tour will soon be forthcoming. I really haven't been too into any TV on the Radio /side-band material since their 2004 release, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes . A great collection of songs [by nearly all accounts, their "commercial break-through"], it was one of the first Indie albums that I really got into at a young age. Below, are a couple of my favourite tracks from that album - Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes ...

Tony Yayo & Lil B - "Based"

Earlier today, This Is 50 let loose this clever [yet brief] collaborative video-single. It marks the first Tony Yayo/Lil B joint track, following 6+ months-worth of rumblings concerning a Based God/G-Unit (50 Cent) team-up. The track presented here was produced by Frank Dukes (Ghostface/Red Bull Big Tune '09 winner). "Based" is scheduled to appear on an upcoming Yayo mixtape - GPG3 .

Saigon/FYE Exclusive Bonus CD

Hangover 2 "Teaser Trailer"

Hangover 2 is scheduled to be released Memorial Day Weekend [May 26,] 2011. The "teaser trailer" above is supposedly going to start being looped along with new release, Hall Pass this coming Fri. Available, yet slight, info on the film is available here and here .

"The Wonderful Adventures of Odd Future" (MTV RapFix)

Rising: The Stepkids

"Shadows On Behalf" The latest addition to Stones Throw 's ever-growing, Hip-Hop genre-straying roster are The Stepkids . Tim Walsh (drums), Jeff Gitelman (guitar), and Dan Edinberg (bass/keys) - 3 singer/songwriters - [along with live additions, Fred Dileone and Jesse Mann] make up the group. Together crafting a brand of Psychedelic [ Zappa-esque ] Jazz/Folk Rock, the 3 core members have previously spent time touring with Alicia Keys , 50 Cent , Lauryn Hill , and Indie Punk band Zox , as well as recording commissioned music for movies/TV commercials. The Stepkids join the likes of Stones Throw 's varied genre signees (Tony Cook, James Pants, Mayer Hawthorne, Dâm-Funk, and Gary Wilson). Rumored 2011-12 additions also include Vex Ruffian, Bryant K., and the artist formerly known as "Danimals" - DJanimals. The Stepkids ' [limited edition] "Shadows On Behalf" / "La La" 12" will be released in April, with their self-titled Stone

P.A.M. x Stüssy Lookbook '11

Here, is a sampling of P.A.M. (Australia) and Stüssy 's Spring/Summer 2011 collaboration, in the form of a lookbook. The inexpensive, DIY-looking photo set was shot by NYC- based photographer, Peter Sutherland . Artists/filmmakers Keegan Mchargue , Ari Marcopolous , Julia Chiang , and Clara Cullen served as "models." The companies description of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection: "For the Stüssy capsule collection, P.A.M. graced a range of artfully modified separates with its signature captivating graphic touch in the form of bold polka dots and Roman iconography." Pieces will be available in April, @ select P.A.M. ( Someday )/ Stüssy [chapter] stores.

Summer Camp - "I Want You"

This is the latest offering from Summer Camp ; A nice little Pop gem, which can be obtained after joining the band's Mailing List. Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey plan to include the track on their [untitled, Summer 2011] full-length debut album. The [still] unsigned band worked with producer Steve Mackey (Pulp) - who has previously prod. for the likes of M.I.A., Florence + The Machine , Kelis, and DFA 1979 - on the collection.

OF x Flying Lotus - "Live"

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats and Mike G over Flying Lotus' "Camera Day." The same beat was also [previously] rapped over by Killer Mike (AKA: "Mike Bigga") and titled "Swimming." In it's previous incarnation, the track was featured as part of Adult Swim's "8 Singles, 8 Weeks" campaign (Week #3).

Chip & Chuck's "Gift Raps" Single

Chicago's Chip tha Ripper (CuDi's homebro) and Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids) link up for the long-rumored Gift Raps . The project is the follow-up to their previous collaborations, "Fat Raps" and From Me, to You (EP #1) /a precursor to the "Pulled Over By the Cops" posse cut. Gift Raps has a release date of March 1st and is said to feature Sir Michael of The Rocks ( Mikey Rocks ), Tennille, and Boldy James. Chip/CuDi's collabo album, "The Almighty GloryUS" and The Cool Kids' When Fish Ride Bicycles will both [supposedly] be unleashed soon after.

Throwback Rihanna - "Disturbia" (2008)

Alt. Rainbow Arabia

- Rainbow Arabia ("Danny" and "Tiffany")'s Boys and Diamonds is out Feb. 28 (UK) and March 1 (US) on Kompakt. This is the alternate/extended cut of lead [promotional] single, "Without You." "Without You" (Alternate Version)

The Cool Kids x Green Label Sound (#3)

Confirming what Billboard had previously reported last Fri. [Feb. 18], The Cool Kids will release their major label debut album on a TBD Spring date. Teaming up with Green Label Sound /Mountain Dew, When Fish Ride Bicycles will drop on iTunes in the coming months... with a physical release soon thereafter. "Bundle Up" is the first [promotional] single to be pulled from the long-awaited Chuck Inglish -prod. collection. Album #1 will follow it up as the first release issued under "The Green Label Sound/iTunes Experiment" umbrella.

Turtleback's [iPhone 4] "Turtle Jacket"

"Named Turtle Jacket , the aluminium ' iPhone [4] camera case' contains UV filter, and is compatible with any 37mm lenses. The company also offers 60mm (for close up), 21mm (for long shot) and 8mm (for fish-eye-view). The two holes in the bottom are for tripod. The case is also compatible with other brands such as Manfrotto Modo. Paired with a camera strap, it looks almost like a digital camera." Get some tricked-out, "old school"-style accessories to compliment the ACE-quality camera of the new iPhone 4 ; The Turtle Jacket , as well as a variety of lenses ( Wide , Tele , and Fish Eye ) are available over @ Turtleback .

Money Making Jam Boys x Highsnobiety TV (Episode #2)

Presenting... Episode #2 in the Highsnobiety TV/ Money Making Jam Boys /10 Deep [web-]"series." In the piece, Dice Raw quickly details the group's inception and outlines each members' "role" in the overall group entity. The Jam Boys ' debut [album-length] mixtape, The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic is available now .

Battle of The Backwards Videos (Sweden vs. USA)

Maureen Interviews J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.)

This may just the be weirdest, most nonsensical "interview" EVER! Maureen (an "average Jane") talks to J Mascis about the color purple, guests on the new album, hats, guitars, his [dis]like of fingerless gloves, and gets a tour of his home studio. J's new [acoustic] solo album, Several Shades of Why , is out March 15th in the US (Sub Pop).

Atmosphere '11 Single #1

"Just for Show" (Track 4) On April 12th, Atmosphere and [label] Rhymesayers will release the long-awaited The Family Sign . The Minnesota MC/beatsmith duo's Album #7 will also feature keyboard/guitar work from Erick Anderson and Nate Collis respectively. "Just for Show" is the first taste of Slug and Ant 's new project - Their first full-length since 2008's When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh!t Gold (excluding a 2010 tour-exclusive "double EP"). Slug recently gave Pitchfork a unique look into the album's creation/backstory, via a Feb. 7th "featured interview." Atmosphere are currently on a US trek dubbed "The Family Tour," which will run through June .

J*DaVeY's "The Great Mistapes #2"

Earlier today, Jack Davey♀ and Brook D'Leau♂ unleashed their latest effort - Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes (Part 2) . The boy/girl duo previously released a collection of 2 EP's, The Beauty In Distortion/The Land of The Lost (2008), along with Dec. 2009's Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes (Part 1) . While it's still yet to be determined if the 2 mixtapes/EP's together create one concurrent story, Part 2 indeed features a Nevermind-era Nirvana cover and 4 additional tracks. J*DaVeY are currently on tour with Blu ; The NeWest [US] Tour runs through early April. Along with producers Greg Wells, ?ustlove , and Khari Farrai, the band is prepping their Warner Bros. debut [ "New Designer Drug" ] for a TBD Summer 2011 release.

Alexander McQueen x Puma "Twisted Leather Hi-Tops"

Puma has created a new pair of sneakers in collaboration with the deceased designer's brand, billed as "Alexander McQueen for Puma." fairly self-explanatory, the grey leather sneakers feature 2 "twisted" yellow/brown/grey curved segments, in-layed with lemon yellow stitching. Now available @ Browns (Note: Italian sizes).

Lady GaGa/Supreme, Post #2

...And with sound, via Supreme (Random). " A-Morir x Supreme Hoody" featured in the Terry Richardson /GaGa BTS video. Both said video and companion hoody were designed by Kerin Rose .

Rising: Elite Gymnastics

Together, James Brooks and Josh Clancy make up Elite Gymnastics . The Minneapolis duo's Facebook page list their brand of Club-inspired Chill-Wave as "SLIME." The [companion] Elite Gymnastics MySpace page describes the band's sound as: "ROBERT DE NIRO IN "HEAT."" and "If Albert Einstein(INTP) and Michael Jordan(ENFJ) started a band." "WΛKΛ" is included on their most recent release GIZZARD GREENS V.2 . It also features a track titled "GΛGΛ" - A "Paparazzi" cover. James and Josh have released 3 additional 2-4 tracks Digital-EP's ( NEU! '92 , GIZZARD GREENS V.1 , and REAL FRIENDS ) since their Summer 2009 inception; FreEP's including Cheryl Crow/Rusko x Caribou/Jim Jones(?) covers, album/track artwork, original tracks, and download-able PDF booklets. Grab the gaggle of tracks [as well as album art, videos, Pop Culture nuances, etc.] over @ the band-run "Psychadelic sUrf clUb" tumblr p

"Lotus Flower" Thom Yorke, The Meme

Johnny Cupcakes, London (March 2011)

"Johnny Cupcakes, London" - Grand Opening on Sat., March 12 (1:00pm) @ 10 Fouberts Place Carnaby, London W1F 7PF UK

[The] Game & Snoop Dogg - "Purp & Yellow" (Visual)

Bradley Cooper's "Limitless" (Trailer)

March 18th in the US and Canada.

"Sample Source" #2 - Cypress Hill/CSN

"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" 's notorious Spanish-sung section, "¡Que linda! Me la traigo a Cuba La reina de la Mar Caribe Quiero sólo visitarla allí Y que triste que no puedo. ¡Vaya! O va, o va!" roughly translates to: "How pretty! I'll bring her to Cuba The queen of the Caribbean Sea I only want to visit her there And how sad that I can't. Oh! Oh go, oh go!" The sample used in "Armada Latina" is culled from the fourth and final section (coda) of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes." In this classic CSN/Woodstock '69 performance, the sample source can be heard @ about the 7-minute mark. Stephen Stills , who penned the original song, appears @ about the 2:50-mark of the 2010 music video. He can been seen sporting a blue Hawaiian shirt, re-playing guitar break-down (penned between 1968-69).