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Future Pop Sounds: Purity Ring - "Belispeak" (BREWER-Directed, No. 1)

Purity Ring are a band that have easily been on my "radar" for a good for a good 6 or 8 months-1 year. I've simply been captivated ever since Chris @ Gorilla vs. Bear posted "Lofticries" up on his music news website. But with little band info, sheer musical content, or visual accompaniment, I had a hard time trying to figure out an angle for a [possible] Purity Ring -themed blog post... especially since Hulkshare banned me from uploading mp3's. Earlier this afternoon, Megan James & Cornin Roddick finally decided to drop a band-sanctioned music video for their genre-blending track, "Belispeak." Along with "Ungirthed" and new track "Obedear," it will appear within Purity Ring 's long-awaited debut record on Last Gang/4AD , Shrines (July 24th). While it's very difficult to describe the band's unique brand of music, here goes a shot @ some [descriptive] adjectives: Future Pop , glitched out, man-made, Hip-

2 Turntables & a Microphone: Childish Gambino & Beck - "Silk Pillow" (Glover-Hansen)

After 2 cancelled re-schedulings, I finally managed to see Childish Gambino live up in Sayreville, NJ with my buddy Ryan just about a month ago. Complete with lots of lights, "pyro," guitars, and violins, it seemed more like a KISS concert than a Hip-Hop show... definitely much more showmanship than I could have ever imagined! Donald Glover acts weekly on Community (NBC) and in his downtime, has begun to flesh out a pretty solid career moonlighting as an Indie rapper. Childish Gambino 's recent wide-spread release, Camp really helped solidify his unique brand of raps about [college] girls strewn across Dance -laden beats. Gambino previously self-released a slew of mixtapes and online albums between 2008-10, but Camp was still semi-misleadingly totted as his "debut album." Generally not one to enlist fellow emcees, Donald Glover seems to be changing his ways, as he's secretly complied a forthcoming feature-driven mixtape. 3 of 6 recently "lea

"Hardcore Cracka Punks:" Trash Talk Sign to Odd Future Records (Lionel's Press Release)

So, them muthafu***** ova at Odd Future Records done signed a fu***** group of crackas and ni**** in a Hardcore Punk band called Trash Talk . I mean, it makes sense since Odd Future fans is them white ni**** anyway. Trash Talk is supposed to be releasing they album called "119" or some sh** thru they Trash Talk Collective label in the fall... Don't ask me what the f*** that means, cuz I don't fu***** kno. I asked Tyler 's trick-ass what he thought about that sh** and I really didn't give a f*** so, I'm not gone put that sh** on here. Them Trash Talk ni**** is currently over in Europe with them "musty muthaf******." If you give a f*** about they sh**t, then listen to them ni**** EP on iTunes called Awake or watch the fuckin' [music] video, ni***. - Lionel "L-Boy" Boyce

Liberty Bell Cracked In 1/2: Ween - "Freedom of '76" (Gene Ween's Final Send-Off)

Chocolate & Cheese (1994) was one of the first albums I bought with my own money. I was in some sort of BMG Music Club , where you'd buy 5 CD's and then get 10 for "FREE." It was all sent through mail order and you picked the titles from some special booklet. I'm almost positive that Chocolate & Cheese's side boob-baring album cover was what initially drew me in... mind you, I was 12-15 and the zany Ween logo/middle finger CD graphic really didn't hurt either. Honestly, I forget how I really felt about it @ the time, but a few years later, my older cousin Josh told me that Ween were this BIG college "jam band." CKY did some sort pf 93.3 radio takeover to promote their new album and played "Freedom of '76" late that night on air. Needless to say, I re-visited Chocolate & Cheese @ about 20-something this go 'round and I fucking loved it! Ween were really weird, yet talented... almost too talented. I can vaguel

Do You Want More?!!!??!: The Roots Picnic #5 - 20mixtape12 (DJ Low Budget)

The Roots became Jimmy Fallon 's in-house band [comedic relief] when Late Night originally kicked off back in 2009. All the while, they've still somehow managed to produce 2 studio albums (How I Got Over & undun) , as well as supply session work for John Legend , Duffy, Booker T. D'Angelo , and the late Amy Winehouse . ?uestlove recently became little Blue Ivy 's godfather and started a road-side food service truck, "Quest Loves Food." Since re-discovering this new-found sense of fame that came along with their 13th full-length album, The Roots have been asked to curate 2 separate yearly festivals: The Roots Picnic and July 4th Jam (Philly). One of the first BIG festivals of Summer [concert] season, The 5th Annual Roots Picnic is actually taking place this upcoming weekend - June 2 & 3rd. The Legendary Roots Crew will be playing a full "solo" set, backing De La Soul , and re-creating Paid In Full with Eric B. & Rakim ; They al

The Boys Are Back In Town: JEFF The Brotherhood - "Sixpack" (Dan Auerbach Edit)

Nashville Rock "N" Roll revivalists JEFF The Brotherhood recently inked a record deal with Warner Bros. Hypnotic Nights (July) was co-produced along with Dan Auerbach , who's band The Black Keys also "sold out" semi-recently and have remained quite successful ever since. Jake & Jamin Orrall 's very own family-owned/operated record label, Infinity Cat will co-release the new album and it's companion [digital] EP, Hypnotic Knights . I downloaded a copy of JEFF The Brotherhood 's lead single, "Sixpack" before I skipped town for Maryland on Friday... No, "Sixpack" isn't a Black Flag (Rollins) cover; But honestly, it's damn near just as ferocious! After a quick first listen, I was instantly reminded of Weezer 's guitar-driven Pop melodies backed by CKY 's West Chester -bred Experimental "Skater Rock." JEFF The Brotherhood are currently touring across The USA along with Best Coast up until Ju

King of Limbs: Guilty Simpson & M.E.D. - "Fitta Happier" (The Quakers All-Star Brass Band)

Numbers-wise, Stones Throw 's Quakers [collective] is just about as MASSIVE as it's earth-shattering name-sake: 41-track album, 35 members, 3 producers. Because of Quakers' sheer size, it's almost ludicrous to try and summarize the wide scope of their self-titled debut... I have a copy, but have yet to listen straight through in one sitting. Guilty Simpson & M.E.D. are 2 of the countless featured rappers that Geoff Barrow (Portishead), Katalyst , and 7-Stu-7 recruited to come in and lay down verses. Quakers and Quakers (Instrumentals) are both now available for purchase over @ Stones Throw on vinyl, 2-CD, or mp3. Temporarily backed by The Quakers All-Star Brass Band , Guilty & M.E.D. abrasively lace up "Fitta Happier." Barrow pulled samples from 2 separate 1997-2000 era Radiohead tracks, "Fitter Happier" and "The National Anthem," now re-interpolated and complete with a horn section. It's companion Eric Coleman -di

Life Is Mos Def AMAZING: Yasiin Bey - "Bey" (Lil' Wayne & Biggie Smalls)

Mos Def is not merely a rapper, he's a fucking lyrical assassin! Born Dante Smith (1973) and formerly known as "Pretty Flaco," the man now replies to Yasiin Bey . Take it as a mid-career re-invention, of sorts for the seasoned rapper who's worked with everyone from The Black Keys - Gorillaz . In late 2010, Mos Def signed a record deal with Kanye West 's very own G.O.O.D. Music , but an album for his new label has yet to fully materialize. Yasiin Bey is currently working on a number of assorted projects: 5th solo album ( G.O.O.D. debut), Black Star Aretha with Talib Kweli , and Kanye 's label comp. - "Cruel Summer." My personal favourite Mos Def album is The New Danger , which was released in 2004... right around the time that I was first getting into Hip-Hop and forming my own unique "musical ear." It's essentially a Blues -inspired Hip-Hop album that was recorded with African American Punk musicians, Black Jack Johnson . In

Somethin' Bout Kreay: KREAYSHAWN & 2 Chainz - "Breakfast" (Bay Area PJ Party)

KREAYSHAWN is definitely hot in that "Ghetto Fabulous" sort of way. She's the type of girl that if I saw her on the street, I'd still attempt to spit game @, even though I'm sure we'd have absolutely nothing in common ha. Anyways, Columbia reportedly signed a $1 million record deal with KREAYSHAWN on the sheer strength of her premier single, "Gucci Gucci." Since dropping out of Berkeley film school in 2009-10, Natassia "KREAYSHAWN" Zolot has self-released 2 mixtapes: Kittys X Choppas and Kreayshawn X The Bay , in addition to shooting music videos for a number of [famous] friends. During this formative period, KREAYSHAWN also submitted guest verses to a wide variety of Hip-Hop artists: The Madden Brothers , Juicy J, Theophilus London , Millionaires, and Insane Clown Posse . "Breakfast" (Syrup) fully employs KREAYSHAWN 's witty, inventive sense of building rhyme patterns... Ex(s)ample: "I'm hungry. Hungry fo

Erxpress_og: Cocaine 80s - "This Can't Be a Crime," "Queen to Be" & "Take My Keys" (Tweet$)

And I'm back from a nice, relaxing weekend getaway to Ocean City, MD : friends, cars, chicken, girls, beer, scooters, sun rays, etc. But it's great to finally be back home in good ol' Jersey ! Upon my re-entry to The Inter-web earlier this evening, I was pleasantly surprised with 3 FRESH Cocaine 80s tracks, which were slowly unveiled over the past 3 days. "This Can't Be a Crime," "Queen to Be," and "Take My Keys" were recently recorded by Chicago mega-producer, No I.D. While Cocaine 80s' choice nom de plume might implies a certain level of excess and debauchery, their collective musical output is far from it... Cocaine 80s is a Chicago -based group of talented behind-the-scenes players, which includes the likes of James Fauntleroy , Kevin Randolph, Rob Kinelski, Steve Wyreman , and Makeba . Since quietly forming roughly 1 year ago, the loose collective has released 2 digital projects, The Pursuit EP and Ghost Lady EP . The att

Unleash The Double Dragon: Fat Tony & Tom Cruz - "Bad Habits" (Nick Diamonds @ Letterman)

It's no secret that I stay in quite close contact with Das Racist 's inner [rapper-producer] circle: Victor Vazquez , kechPhrase, Kassa Overall , and Daplib (Pedro) @ Illuminati Zone . Talking with these Brooklyn -based artists as of late, "Fat Tony" is a name that comes up in conversation pretty damn often! Originally based out of Houston , Fat Tony is currently prepping the follow-up to his last effort, RABDARGAB (2010); Double Dragon , which was produced along with Tom Cruz , will be released by newly-formed Indie Hip-Hop imprint, Young One this upcoming June 1st. It's set to feature contributions from 10ille , MURS, TECLA , Main Attrakionz, and Ninjasonik . Fat Tony 's record label roster also includes the likes of Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire , Cities Aviv, Main Attrakionz , and Children of The Night . Along with Young One 's formative announcement and mixtape sampler release, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz debuted Double Dragon 's premier single:

Slightly Demented R&B: Yeasayer - "Henrietta" (Fan Club CD-R & June Tour)

If you ask me, Yeasayer really "hit it outta the park" with their last release, Odd Blood (2010)! The Brooklyn Psych-Rockers have been earnestly chipping away @ their follow-up third album, which singer-keyboardist Chris Keating describes as a mix between "an Aaliyah album if you played it backwards and slowed it down" and David Bowie 's [1979] Art Rock album, Lodger . Yeasayer 's new album is expected to materialize and be released by late spring or early summer of 2012; Back in October 2011 , the band had already compiled 22+ songs and were thinking about recording to separate LP's: a real album of 3-4 minute Pop songs and an [Internet] soundtrack . Fast-forward to May 2012... Yeasayer released the first taste of their untitled album just yesterday, "Henrietta." We All Want Someone to Shout For notes that the band recently shipped out CD singles of the track to members of their fan club and now, it has appeared online. "Henri

Jay-Z Plans to Invite President Obama to Perform @ "Made In America" Festival (Philly, September)

You said you're looking for artists that embody the American spirit. I've got a guy: He's got a beautiful voice and he sings Al Green songs well. The only problem is that he's super-busy and Donald Trump thinks he was born overseas. [Laughs] "Ah, yeah, THAT guy. I'm gonna try. I'm gonna tell you guys right now: I'm gonna give him a call and I'm gonna try to get him to perform - Do a little rendition of Al Green - but I doubt it. I think that opens up the political season. He'll be so far into helping the world that he probably won't have time, but I'm absolutely going to ask him." - Jay-Z (Rolling Stone)

Any Given Thursday Evening: John Mayer - "Video Games" (Lana del Rey, Guitar)

In my eyes, John Mayer is pretty much a d*ck, who's last memorable body of work was Try! (2005). Man, I lost a lot of respect for him after that slur-laden Playboy interview detailing his supposed "escapades" with Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston , black women, etc. Plus everything post- John Mayer Trio has been under-whelmingly lackluster and honestly, that's pretty damn sad for such a talented guitar player. But I digress... John Mayer has partially redeemed himself with this recently unveiled cover of "Video Games." Here, Mayer can be heard re-constructing a riff-heavy interpretation of Lana del Rey 's break-out hit. I guess John Mayer lost his voice [twice] and had to cancel some tour dates - Instant Karma! I, personally WILL NOT be picking up a copy of his new album, Born & Raised when it's released this upcoming May 22nd . "Video Games" however, appears on Lana del Rey 's major label debut, Born 2 Die , which is now YouTube Presents: Danny Brown "Detroit State of Mind" (Rock-umentary)

Danny Brown is most likely far from your average rapper; Granted he regularly brags about "drinking & smoking," but he's been somewhat weirdly well-received by Indie Rock blogs and endearing fans alike. Maybe it's Brown's affinity for non- Hip-Hop beats, stark realism, cutting-edge threads, outsider appearance... or that Trent Reznor -reminiscent side-swoop haircut. Whatever the reasoning behind it, ex- Pitchfork contributor Eavvon O'Neal felt compelled to shadow and film Danny Brown for a few days back in February. The final edit has been dubbed Detroit State of Mind , a mini-documentary which Brown himself simply describes as, "really like a movie/reality show pilot or some shit ... you laugh, u cry and someone dies at the end lol." Overall, Eavvon O'Neal 's filmed account is a candid 20-minute look into Danny Brown's everyday life. Un-charistically "normal" happenings include: hanging out with family, getting a

I Am Not a Human Being: Mr. Moot & Lil B - "Macaulay Cokin'" (3 Stacks) #VERYRARE

Prince supposedly has 500+ written, recorded, fully completed albums and films just sitting locked up inside a giant dusty vault somewhere. Only a certain breed of artist can be that prolific/guarded, while remaining successful all @ once; Lil' Wayne and Bob Dylan also come to mind when taking about insanely fruitful singer-songwriters. But this here post is actually about none of the above... they may be discussed @ a later date. It's simply meant to set up the groundwork for tonight's "Main Attraction(s):" Lil B and local legend, Mr. Moot ! A former member of The Pack , Lil B is still rockin' those same scruffy-looking brown [white?] "Vans" until he banks $1 million. BASEDGOD is essentially so prolific that he releases a new stream-of-conciousness mixtape nearly every week. It's increasingly hard to keep track of his rapidly unveiled output, but Lil B 's full-length album, I'm Gay (2011) was truly LEGENDARY! The track presented

Two Sides of George: Iron & Wine - "One More Try" (Suicide Squeeze 45, Limited)

Limited to 750 copies! Iron & Wine covers George Michael and Lowell George 's [band] Little Feat on the limited edition Two Sides of George 7". The single will be available as part of Suicide Squeeze 's single series and will be limited to 750 copies worldwide (250 opaque yellow, 250 opaque red, 250 black vinyl). The 2012 series boasts an impressive array of talent that also includes the likes of King Tuff , White Woods, Nobunny , Wax Idols, Cloud Nothings , and Julianna Barwick . * Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in mp3 format. Pre-order will ship on or around June 18, 2012. - Suicide Squeeze

TURN IT UP, A [little] LOUDER: J Dilla - "Jay-Dee's Revenge" (Danny Brown Donut)

Ma Dukes is prepping to release her son J Dilla 's long-awaited third posthumous album, Rebirth of Detroit this coming June 12th. Following Dilla 's sudden 2006 passing, 2 other incomplete records were eventually finished and released: The Shining (2006) and Jay Stay Paid (2009) at the hands of producers, Karriem Riggins/Pete Rock . Throughout his short career, J Dilla supposedly recorded troves of music that only his inner circle had ever heard; But now that his estate has gained back the rights to most of these "lost recordings," I'm hoping to see a few more proper releases like this fairly soon! Danny Brown , Guilty Simpson, Amp Fiddler , Illa J, Frank Nitt , Chuck Inglish, and Phat Kat are set to appear over 25 unreleased J Dilla donuts on Rebirth of Detroit . In preparation for the album, "Jay-Dee's Revenge" & "Birthright" will be issued as a limited edition 10-12" single on May 25th. So, don't forget: Rebirth of

The Honorary Roots Member: Aaron Livingston - "I Admit" (Bandcamp Loosie)

I Admit by Aaron Livingston Philly Reggae-Soul singer Aaron Livingston has laid down some vocal tracks for 2 separate Roots albums, The Tipping Point (2004) and their latest effort, undun . Therefore making Livingston an "Honorary Roots Member" and putting him amongst the [fine] company of John Legend , Mos Def, Blu , Dice Raw, Sugar Tongue Slim , and Peedi Crakk. Aaron Livingston 's most recent full-length project, an RJD2 -produced album titled The Abandoned Lullaby was released back in Fall 2011. While Livingston's solo discography may appear to be pretty "scattered," he's also recorded tracks with Hot Sugar , The Mean, Young Vipers , and Hezekiah... as well as Greatest Hits, Vol. -1 . That aforementioned "Odds & Sods" compilation album is available for $5.00 (FREE) download over at Bandcamp , along with a slew of slightly-dated, yet fleshed out loosies. "I Admit" was unveiled on Thurs. May 3rd , but kind of cast a

Gonna Break My Rusty Cage & Run: Soundgarden - "Live to Rise" (The Avengers, Soundtrack)

That horrible Timbaland -produced " Dance album" aside, Chris Cornell has really worked with a wide array of talented friends-musicians over the years; Whether it be Audioslave (Rage), Maynard James Keenan , Eddie Vedder Temple of The Dog , "Alice Mudgarden," Rick Rubin , or his Seattle -based Grunge band... Soundgarden . While they originally formed back in 1984-1997, Soundgarden re-formed in 2010 along with the simultaneous rise/demise of both Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave . Back in the day, Soundgarden released a string of successful Alternative Rock hits, Superunknown will soon celebrate it's 20th anniversary [2014], and they definitely managed to forever change the face of Modern Rock music. But frankly, having an original song attached to a $200 million opening weekend film, The Avengers , is an entirely different animal! "Live to Rise" is Soundgarden 's first new track in roughly 15 years, since Down on The Upside ; Graft

Three MC's & One "MCA:" The Life & Times of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch with Words from The Roots Drummer ?uestlove, Radiohead Frontman Thom Yorke & Stereogum Senior Editor Tom Breihan (8/5/1964-5/4/2012)

I was pretty bummed out yesterday afternoon when I first heard about the sudden passing of Adam "MCA" Yauch , after three years of fighting cancer. Growing up with four older cousins (I was born in 1987), I've been a huge Beastie Boys fan since I was 10-12... enjoying their music for as long as I can remember! They were the first to do a lot of things: NYC Punk , massive sampling on Paul's Boutique , being the first white Jewish rappers, intricate Pop Culture -referencing rhyme schemes, making music for both frat dudes and Punks , etc. Those of you who just know "Brass Monkey" and "Fight for Your Right" —now, come on, let's get real; The Beastie Boys were so much more than that and those radio hits are merely just the tip of the iceberg! All the teenage debauchery aside, gruff-voiced MCA really seemed to grow into a fine young man, post- License to Ill . Earnestly standing up for what his heart believed in: women's rights, Tibetan

Freedom, That's What I Need Now: Cut Chemist & Blackbird - "Outro (Revisited)"

Cut Chemist has remained fairly quiet since parting ways with long-time Hip-Hop crew, Jurassic 5 (2006). Currently readying his first solo album in roughly 6 years - Die Cut , Cut Chemist apparently spent some time holed up in a jail cell semi-recently. Somewhat fittingly then, Lucas MacFadden 's premier track back is a frantic-paced, Punk -inspired Hip-Hop DJ jam; For "Outro (Revisited)," Cut Chemist assembled a pretty solid pick-up band featuring members of The Mars Volta and Weapon of Choice , Deantoni Parks and Lonnie Marshall . Veteran underground MC, Blackbird steps in to handle vocal duties... Cut Chemist may still be best known for his legendary 7" record-scratching magnum opus with DJ Shadow : Brainfreeze , which has been heavily bootlegged since it's 1999 limited release. While Die Cut is currently without a concrete release date, "Outro (Revisited)" was issued as a 12" single back on April 10th. The best interpretation

Ikechi Nnamani - Kechstrumentals: Live from Nigeria, Tape 1 (Veehead Re-release)

Ikechi Nnamani decided to head to Nigeria for "Winter Break" [2011-12] in a combined effort to take a much needed break from UPenn , visit with family & friends, and simply de-stress a bit. It's 16 rudimentary Boom-Bap beats were largely recorded on laptop programs in a grass hut... likely adding to the album's overall "Old School" aesthetic. While they were originally released back in April , kechPhrase & Veehead issued a slightly re-packaged re-relased version of Kechstrumentals: Live from Nigeria, Tape 1 earlier today. Mishka is currently hosting a stream-able player containing the complete mixtape; So far, kechPhrase 's beats have been [or will be] rapped over and further embellished by Kool A.D. Fat Tony, Epic, Bill Ding, Chakuza (Germany) , and a few other talented wordsmiths. Pretty sample-heavy and chock-full of strings, synth flourishes, 808 drum patterns, and vocal excerpts... Kechstrumentals is definitely worth checking out! S

Hard Bop, Booze & 26 Hookers: Charles Mingus - "Take The 'A" Train" (BBNG Excerpt)

Who would you rather challenge to a drinking competition: Tom Waits or Charles Mingus ? "From what I know about Charles Mingus , he was one of the most fucking badass Jazz musicians of all time. I think I read in his book that he slept with nine hookers in one night or some shit, pretty crazy. Have you seen the video of him with a shotgun where the cops are trying to evict him from his house? [...] I also heard this story about how he drank a ton of wine once before a show. One of his horn players screwed up and he literally picked up his upright bass and hit him with it." - BADBADNOTGOOD

Spray Paint & Ink Pens: Aesop Rock - "Zero Dark Thirty" (Block Block Chop)

Honestly, the only primary element missing from "Zero Dark Thirty" is pre-choreographed breaking [breakdancing]. But collaborators Aesop Rock , Coro , and Isaac Ravishankara really managed to do a pretty good job incorporating a few other Golden Age Hip-Hop elements: between that hard-hitting Boom-Bap rhythm, intricate lyrical pattern, and stop motion graffiti art backdrop. Comfortably seated on the ground, Aesop Rock laments about "brown grass both sides" and "sugar skulls in the rain," amongst other quote-ables. Coro simultaneously proceeds to paint and un-paint a series of beautiful/sinister graffiti pieces on the blank wall directly behind him. While Skelethon (July 10th) is Aesop Rock 's first solo release in nearly 5 years, he's remained far from silent during this "Lost Weekend" period... contributing to a wide array of side projects: Felt , The Uncluded , Hail Mary Mallon , Nike+iPod, 900 Bats , Jeremy Fish, etc. Skeleth