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SUNSTROKE's Brandon Wallace & Christian Debuque Discuss New Single "Frank," Covering The Cranberries, DRAMARAMA & Memorial Day, Recording with Don Zientara, and Bent Blue Split (The Witzard Interview)

SUNSTROKE's Brandon Wallace and Christian Debuque after band practice (photographer unknown) SUNSTROKE appear to have this uncanny ability to be able to pull parts and pieces from their (and, in turn, your) favorite bands/artists, sub-genres, eras, labels, etc., throw them all into a sonic slicing and dicing belender and to paraphrase Madonna, "make them feel shiny and new..." SUNSTROKE readily draw influence from Dag Nasty, Embrace, Fugazi, Hüsker Dü, Rain, The Replacements, Rites of Spring, and Revolution Summer-era Dischord Records. They've been through, like most Punk/Hardcore bands, their fair share of members, but have seemed to have landed on a semi-permanent line-up, and have released a gaggle of albums, EP's, splits, and one-off singles on a variety of labels, such as Axe to Grind, Coin Toss Records, New Morality Zine, and WAR Records, since initially forming around 2017. Oddly enough, SUNSTROKE recorded two of their latest songs, "Frank"

Magnolia Park Share "Breathing" Featuring nothing,nowhere. & Announce New MoonEater & SoulEater EP's Dropping In August (Epitaph Records)

Magnolia Park (CREDIT: Jonathan Weiner) Deeply rooted in Pop-punk sensibilities while staying true to their unique style, Orlando, Florida band Magnolia Park draw from an eclectic mix of influences to experiment with elements of Hip-Hop, Emo, and Alternative Rock. Just yesterday, they announced plans for two new companion EP's dropping next month— SoulEater & MoonEater —which, respectively, represent the lighter and darker sides of their multifaceted sound. Ahead of the releases, the band shares the MoonEater lead single and accompanying music video titled "Breathing" featuring Alt. rapper nothing,nowhere. (Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail.) In an impassioned performance video depicting Magnolia Park singer, Joshua Roberts, free-falling from the heavens, as he pushes his soaring vocals to the edge for a cathartic release of emotions. "Our music is always about creating empowerment out of negative feelings," the band comments. "In

[Almost] All-around Breakdown: 14 Bands/Artists Discuss Their Submissions for New Balladeers, Redefined Screamo Comp. (Secret Voice/deathwish, Inc.)

Jeremy Bolm's headshot and Balladeers, Redefined mustard with red splatter vinyl (CREDIT: Casey Lee / SOURCE: deathwish, Inc.) Painstakingly orchestrated over a two-and-a-half-year period by Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré, Hesitation Wounds, The First Ever Podcast,) Balladeers, Redefined showcases 31 Screamo/Screamo-adjacent bands both new and old hailing from all across the world. It saw a wide release just this past Friday on Bolm's own deathwish, Inc. imprint, Secret Voice Records now available on bone with splatter, mustard with red splatter, and Coke bottle green-colored vinyl, digital, T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and zip-up hoodie formats. We recently sent out a five-question fact-finding questionnaire. 14 of these bands/artists graciously got back to us for a partial Balladeers, Redefined track-by-(almost every)-track breakdown. Check it out below and go pick up a copy of Balladeers, Redefined on your preferred format of choice and with that said, "LET'S F***ING

FRND CRCL's Zac Johnson, Aaron Smith & Nick Johnson Drop Some Knowledge About Their Latest Album Suburban Dictionary (The Witzard Interview)

FRND CRCL, L-R: Zac Johnson, Nick Johnson, and Aaron Smith (CREDIT: Jesse Joseph) Hailing from Vineland/Cedarville, New Jersey, FRND CRCL's members are, as frontman/guitarist Zac Johnson's Twitter handle proclaims, tried and true @SuburbanKing(s)_. I've known and have quite unique relationships with each of FRND CRCL's three current members: drummer Aaron Smith and I worked together at our local Shop Rite grocery store for at least 5-6 years and, then, for a couple more at the County Administration building until a couple months ago when my department moved out and into a different location. I went all through high school with newest member, bassist, and Zac's older brother, Nick, and we shared a mutual FR(IE)ND C(I)RCL(E). Now, I only recently met Zac at a FRND CRCL gig a couple months ago, but we've been messaging back-and-forth on social media for a year or so now. Also, I've driven by Zac & Nick's dad's Christmas tree farm in Hopewell/Uppe

3 Feet High & Rising: Members of ASPIGA, Graduation Speech, Public Serpents, Reunions & Seeing Snakes Form ERRTH & Share Control / Sleep All Day EP (self-released)

Kevin "Part Time Kevin" Day from Part Time PR often sends me press releases, which I've used for tons of coverage, as well as interviews, here on The Witzard and for an array of sites for which I contribute; some of those acts including Crossed Keys , Dirty Shrines , DIVIDED HEAVEN , Elway , and more. So, now, it's been a pretty cool, full-circle momemnt to be recieve press from/for and be able to cover one of Day's own bands. It's my pleasure to introduce Philadelphia's newest Punk band, ERRTH. Showcasing both current and former members of ASPIGA, Public Serpents, Reunions, and Seeing Snakes, ERRTH takes their love of bands from The East Bay & Chicago and adds their own Northeast attitude into the mix. ERRTH, actually, just played their first show as part of Crossed Keys' Believes In You record release show back in May. Their debut EP is made up of two blistering tracks that showcase two of the band's three song-writers. "Control,"