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"S.E.A.N." Price Channels Stevie Wonder on Upcoming Pre-NIGGLETIUS Mixtape, Songs In The Key of Price (Duck Down Records)

"I did not rhyme off the beanie sigel truth beat PF [Cuttin] looped the original Chicago that is all..." @SeanPrice furiously Tweeted \from his Brownsville, Brooklyn home late Tuesday afternoon; seemingly alluding to instantly recognizable similarities between his latest Soundcloud -aided leak, "S.E.A.N." and Sigel's 2000 Kanye -produced title track, "The Truth," wherein he famously sampled Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young founding member Graham Nash 's 1971 Folk-Rock protest piece, "Chicago." Following a flurry of sporadic Soundcloud -released loosies about every 2 weeks-month, Sean Price has finally announced his long-awaited Stevie Wonder -referencing Songs In The Key of Price mixtape, which is "coming soon" at a currently unspecified date; "Oh yeah that trash-ass artwork was done by a child the real mixtape cover coming soon lol!!!" Just a matter of mere seconds into "S.E.A.N.," the sha

"Refused Are F**king Alive:" Swedish Hardcore Legends Refused Return with First Album Single in 17 Years, "Elektra" (Epitaph/Burning Heart)

"It's not a reunion anymore. This is one of the most radical things we've ever done, both musically and lyrically," Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzén quipped upon the sporadic release of the Swedish Hardcore Punk band's first single in some 17 years, "Elektra." "Nobody wanted us to f*ck with the image of the band who makes a great album and splits up," drummer David Sandström added. "Nobody wanted us to dilute it. That actually provoked us." While it should have arguably been one of the formative Punk Rock records I 'cut my teeth' on as an angsty teenager along with Black Flag , The Misfits, and Minor Threat/Fugazi , for whatever reasons, I hate to admit, I only first heard Refused's genre-shaping magnum opus, The Shape of Punk to Come just a few years ago; upon a first listen, "Elektra" follows in line with what Rolling Stone sums up as a seamless "fusion of Hardcore, Techno, Jazz , and Hip-Hop ,&quo

Dad Vibe Productions Presents: Haley Joel Osment Ruthlessly Portrays Jonwayne In "Minerals & Gems" Video (Jonwayne Is Retired EP)

"It's been four months since Jonwayne graced our pages with "Good Samaritans." And if you ask me, it's been four months too long. Seemingly disappearing off the face of the Earth (see: he deleted his Twitter posts), fans were left in the dark when it came to the talented emcee's next move – if there was one to begin with," 2dopeboyz post-master Shake lamented in a recent piece published early Wednesday morning. Jonwayne has essentially emitted nothing but radio silence from his assorted social media feeds since around January 2014, following the abrupt end of his 8-part Wayniac Mondays freestyle series and his apparent separation from estranged long-time label, Stones Throw Records . However, @jonwayne abruptly re-surfaced from his self-imposed exile late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning to compose and share the following, rather cryptic, ALL CAPS Tweet: " YOUTUBE : SOUNDCLOUD :

Long-time Friends Iron & Wine & Ben Bridwell Premier "No Way Out of Here" on Letterman (Black Cricket/Brown Records)

While I've never really been a humongous (read: "huge") Band of Horses fan, I can still however, respect their niche singer-songwriter aesthetic, and I can still remember the first time I heard their flawless modern day Folk-Indie Rock "power-ballad," "The Funeral:" on an episode of MTV 's ill-fated pseudo-reality series, My Life As Liz , which Kid Cudi would later go on to expertly sample and rhyme atop on his A Kid Named Cudi mixtape. Around the same time, I can also recall first hearing soft-spoken bearded singer-songwriter, Iron & Wine aka Sam Beam 's critically-acclaimed mariachi-tinged In The Reins EP (2005) recoded with Tex-Mex Indie Folk band, Calexico ; Iron & Wine would gain wide-spread notoriety with his stripped down cover of The Postal Service 's "Such Great Heights" that would go on to appear on both the Garden State soundtrack and within a kaleidoscopic M&M's commercial . "I did a r

Stereogum & INGRID, Volym 2 Present: Peter Bjorn & John - "High Up (Take Me to The Top)"

"We are over the moon to announce the first new original Peter Bjorn and John track to be released since 2011 is premiering TODAY on [Stereogum] - It's EXCLUSIVELY [featured] on INGRID Vol. 2 compilation, taken from our forthcoming album sessions written with Patrick Berger . Take a listen now!!!" Peter Bjorn & John ecstatically wrote in a quick personalized Soundcloud note included along with their comeback single, "High Up (Take Me to The Top)." It's the dreamy Swedish Indie Pop trio's first taste of proper new material released since their last critically-acclaimed four-year-old, and one of my personal favorite albums, Gimme Some ; while seemingly remaining absent from the spotlight all together, Peter Bjorn & John actually spent the better part of 2012 diligently upstarting their own home-grown label collective, INGRID along with fellow Swedish hit-makers Lykke Li , members of Miike Snow, Teddybears founder Joakim Åhlund , Coco

Hudson Mohawke Skillfully Inter-weaves D.J. Rogers' "Watch Out for The Riders" Sample Into J Dilla-esque "Ryderz" (Warp Records)

"When myself and Lunice did the TNGHT project, it was not even intended for release. That's basically why we decided to put it on hiatus for a while, because we felt like — without wanting to sound too arrogant — what that record spawned became kind of a parody genre," Scottish Electronic producer and Kanye affiliate Hudson Mohawke recently lamented to Pitchfork 's Jeremy Gordon in their newly-published This (and This... and That Too) Is a Hudson Mohawke Production spotlight featurette. "That's why we wanted to refocus on our own projects. So we haven't quit the project, but there won't be anymore TNGHT music until both of our solo records are released," he continued, seemingly alluding to his soon-to-be-released "solo" album, Lantern . Unlike his typically borderline clustered Hip-Hop -tinged productions, on HudMo 's latest "leaked" Lantern single, "Ryderz" he's managed to dial it back a few not

Ratatat Unexpectedly Return from Five-year Hiatus with Pre-Coachella Single, "Cream On Chrome" (XL Recordings)

"We've been up in a beach house in Long Island recording for the past month... We have four or five songs in-the-works," Ratatat guitarist Mike Stroud revealed to Rolling Stone just about four years ago at Coachella 2011 . "It's sounding new — much more aggressive than the last album. Lots of guitar that sounds like guitar, not keyboard," Stroud continued concerning the recording process behind their long-rumored tentatively titled "LP5." "About to play this set at Coachella . Check out our new single "CREAM ON CHROME" [fourth] song of the set," @ratatatmusic nonchalantly, and somewhat cryptically, Tweeted over the weekend preceding their late night Coachella 2015 set . It's Mike Stroud and bassist-percussionist E*vax (Evan Mast) 's first proper single in roughly five years; although an official release date has yet to be announced, Consequence of Sound additionally notes that Ratatat 's new album "wi

Tyler, The Creator Recruits Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick & Cole Alexander (The Black Lips) for Cherry Bomb Single, "F***king Young/Deathcamp"

Tyler, The Creator has taken a page from his Odd Future cohort and one-time "little brother" Earl Sweatshirt 's playbook by announcing that he'll surprise release a new album, Cherry Bomb just a mere three days ahead of it's planned Monday April 13th digital release; within a matter of hours, he managed to strategically unleash two previously unreleased album tracks lifted from Cherry Bomb , "F***king Young/Perfect" and "Deathcamp." "THANK YOU CHARLIE WILSON, CHAZ BUNDICK [Toro Y Moi] , AND COLE [ALEXANDER] FROM THE BLACK LIPS FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO ["F***KING YOUNG/DEATHCAMP"] " @fucktyler frantically Tweeted soon after the pair of tracks were initially uploaded to his newly-launched app. GOLFMEDIA . Although, according to a trail of information accidentally "leaked" along with the album's iTunes pre-order, it appears as though Wilson's G.O.O.D. Music label boss, Mr. Kanye West will supposed

True Panther Sounds Presents: Tanlines' Thinly-veiled Netflix Homage, tanlinesinternet or "TANFLIX" (Interactive Band Website)

"Having a band website in 2015 is kind of pointless. If someone wants to know when we’re playing or what we're doing, they can get that information from social media or sites like Songkick , but you still have to have [an official website]," Tanlines percussionist Jesse Cohen recently told Billboard . "I was thinking about how we could make something relevant to how we actually use The Internet , and I was thinking about how much time we spend on the menu page for Netflix trying to figure out what movie to watch," he continued; Cohen is of course, referring to Tanlines' newly-revamped band website, which appears to be a thinly-veiled homage to Netflix 's almost instantly recognizable layout. Jesse Cohen and fellow bandmate Eric Emm seemed to be pretty nonchalant as to how Netflix might have reacted once their site went live, even considering the fact that "half the links point you to sign up for Netflix ;" although "finding out tha

Culturebox Presents: Sharp-tongued, Masked Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def Expertly Re-raps MADVILLAINY Era DOOM, Oh No & J Dilla Beats & Rhymes (BEYONDOOM "EP" Playlist)

"A great US Hip-Hop singer pays tribute to Daniel Dumile , better known as MF DOOM , an other[worldly] Hip-Hop artist, from the New York City underground scene. But who's behind the mask?" French Télévision network Culturebox wrote along with a series of seven cryptic YouTube videos quietly uploaded between December-February of last year. The mysterious masked wordsmith is eventually revealed to be Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def , who's likely the only person on planet Earth who can honestly say he's worked alongside Mark Wahlberg , Donald Sutherland, Jack Black , and MF DOOM. Culturebox 's BEYONDOOM EP-length playlist isn't exactly the first time Mos Def has expressed his fanboy-like admiration for DOOM ; a few years ago, he went as far as to "bet a million dollars on DOOM against Lil' Wayne " in a battle rap scenario, supposedly masqueraded as the Metal-Faced Villain after he cancelled a series of appearances initially billed as joint

Franz Ferdinand Team Up with 1970's Glam Rockers Sparks to Form "Pissed Off" FFS Supergroup (Domino Records)

"We thought "Take Me Out" [2004] was very cool, and wouldn't it be nice to say hello when they came to Los Angeles ," Sparks frontman Russell Mael recently lamented to Domino Records concerning his newly-minted band with younger brother Ron and the entirety of Scottish Dance-Punk band Franz Ferdinand . "We met and decided then it would be great to do something together. We put forward a couple demos, one was "Piss Off." But they got swept up by everything, and it didn't happen at the time," Mael continued. Legend has it that FFS didn't fully reconvene until Coachella 2013 when Ron & Russell Mael ended up bumping into a tooth-aching Alex Kapranos frantically in search of a local dentist that they unanimously decided a "10-year gestation period for this idea was long enough." FFS' self-titled Domino Records debut was recorded late last year during a marathon 15-day recording stint, wherein the 6-man band