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Mr. Fonzworth Bentley Presents... "C.O.L.O.U.R.S."

Dapper dresser Fonzworth Bentley 's [seemingly] little-known "Rapping abilities" were revealed to the masses with the release of Single #1, "Everybody." The André 3000/Kanye/Sa-Ra [Creative Partners] -assisted track was soon followed up by news that the From G's to Gents host/ Diddy 's former personal assistant would be releasing an album entitled C.O.L.O.U.R.S. ("Cool Outrageous Lovers of a Uniquely Raw Style") . That all went down around 2007-08... Now fast-forward to April 29, 2011: Koch Records liberated the music video for "Venice Beaches," Mr. Bentley's latest single. Its release was set up as to coincide with that of 2 C.O.L.O.U.R.S. -related projects - An 8-track, 30-minute iTunes EP and a mixtape collection of old[er] tracks/left-overs. Featured artists include: Lil' Wayne/UGK , Anthony Hamilton, Dungeon Family , Kanye/André 3000, and Faith Evans . Said "C.O.L.O.U.R.S" Versions are now available for p

Jay Electronica & Jason Goldwatch - "Dimethyltryptamine" (2)

Nardwuar [The Human Serviette] vs. "Little Wayne"

"If you know what's good for yourself," WATCH the above-featured Nardwuar/Wayne interview! When paired together, these 2 cooky personalities make for a very unique, educational, and captivating question-and-answer set.

"The Odd Trio" (Takes #1-3)

On April 27th, a video dubbed "The Odd Future Sessions (Part 1)" was uploaded to YouTube by a user called "BADBAD,NOTGOOD." Using a little bit of fine "detective work"/digging, I discovered that the track is actually called "The Medley: (Bastard, Orange Juice [Lemonade] & AssMilk)." It consists of 3 Jazzed-out Odd Future cover renditions - Tyler, The Creator and 2 EarlWolf tracks, respectively. Concrete details on the trio - consisting of Matt Tavares (piano), Alex Sowinski (drums), and Chester Hansen (bass) - are scarce... Collectively either known as "The Odd Trio" and/or "BADBAD,NOTGOOD." A download link - by way of the BADBAD,NOTGOOD tumblr page - is also available in the video's Info section. Expect more "Odd Trio" details to emerge shortly... The first "commercial" Odd Future [Camp] release - Tyler, The Creator/XL 's GOBLIN - is slated for a May 7th release. And props to &q

Holy Ghost! Dads - "Wait & See"

"For a long time, Nick [Milhiser] and I joked that our dads should take our Press Photos. At some point, our go-to director - Ben Fries * - came up with the idea of actually making a video with them playing us... and "Wait & See" seemed like the perfect song to do it for. At first both Dads were a little apprehensive - and rightfully so: My dad was appalled at the "sizing options" at American Apparel . But when we explained that the joke wasn't on them - That it was actually kind of making fun of us getting older and still living like teenagers, they were game. For the record, they agree: We need to grow up." - Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!) Holy Ghost! 's proper [self-tilted] debut album is now available ( DFA Records ). Head on to iTunes to grab it for the "SPECIAL Discounted Price" of $7.99 . The "Holy Ghost! (iTunes Edition)" includes the album's 10 original tracks [complete with Michael McDonald on Track #10, &qu

"Buddy Holly All-Stars"

Buddy Holly tragically died in a 1959 plane crash at the young age of 22... Yet he managed to unleash 3 albums during his lifetime, as well as collecting roughly 10 years-worth of "new material" (released posthumously). Even though his "career" only lasted about 1 year, Holly is often credited as one of the pillars of [early] Rock 'N' Roll and electric guitar work. The good people over at Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group culled through Holly & The Crickets' plethora of Decca (Brunswick/Coral) output, assembling a tribute album of covers. The contributors housed within Rave On 's 19 tracks are varied and many. Peruse through the tracklist - conveniently featured below - and pick up the collection on June 28th. Rave On, Buddy Holly 01. The Black Keys - "Dearest" 02. Fiona Apple & Jon Brion - "Every Day" 03. Paul McCartney - "It's So Easy" 04. Florence + The Machine - "Not Fade Away" 05. Cee-L

Surf's Up with GOON$ OF DOOM!

"We were making a surf movie about us being a band - [ "Doped Youth" ]. So, we bought all the instruments and stuff. We'd been playing our instruments for 5 days and we had a gig at a party. We were ridiculously bad... We were really nervous and we sucked. And then we had another one the next week and just kept going. One tour, we did about 30 gigs in six weeks and after that we were like, "I guess we're getting pretty good." We've since played Tokyo, Hollywood, and were hoping to go to New York this year [2005]. We take it seriously but in a fun way." - Ozzie Wright on Goons of Doom 's origins. The Volcom Surf Team rider banded 3 with childhood friends and "1 sexy Czech blonde girl" - Cut-Throat Cowboy, Vaughan Dead, Killa Whale , and Bang Bang Bunny Fang ... to form "Goons of Doom." Wright's own AKAs include: [Fang Fight Right] The Wizard of Death, Oscar Billy Pippen Wright , and Ozzie Wrong . The Australian -b

MANE MANE - "Get Over In 3-D"

"ALL TRACKS BY: heRobust & C POWERS ." "Get Over In 3-D," Video/Synths By: Twins (Matt Weiner) . From MANE2MANE - UUU Tapes = Triple You Tapes & PEACE AGE (UUU#009). [Cover] Art By: Justin Swinburne Mastered By: matthewdavid Layout By: C POWERS

MED & J. Rocc - "Superman"

Rising: Clams Casino (Mike Volpe)

"Clams Casino" is the musical guise of Nutley, New Jersey 's very own Mike Volpe . The up-and-coming 23-year old beatsmith has already laced Lil B#BASEDGOD , Deezy D, Soulja Boy , The Jealous Guys, G-side , Squadda B (Green Ova), and Havoc/Mobb Deep with proper backing tracks... In addition to giving XV and Big Pun the remix treatment. Having recently re-released a mixtape of "diluted rhythms" (instrumentals), Volpe is prepping his [major] label debut - The Rainforest 12" EP on Tri Angle , June 27th. Directed by Jamie Harley , a recycled David Copperfield magic/stunt performance clip serves as the music video for EP single, "Gorilla." Clams Casino (Mike Volpe) recently did 2 LEGIT interviews with Pitchfork and Village Voice - Check those out here and here , respectively... And while you're at it, Follow @clammyclams on Twitter . Interesting sample sources: Janelle Monáe ("Cold War"), Imogen Heap ("I'm God&quo

Vampire Weekend - "Film Trailer"/Blue CD-R (2005-07?)

While seemingly officially formed and signed to XL in 2006, the New York City -based band's roots slightly pre-date said hallmark... Article #1: A group of friends first, the guys filmed a lo-fi trailer for a 2005* film - "Vampire Weekend." The full-length film's existence is unsure... But it features campy [backyard] scenes, coupled with future track references ( "Walcott" character), team-up appearing friends ( Wes Miles , Ra Ra Riot/ Discovery ), and a "Universal Monsters" resurgence prediction. The amateur film trailer was uploaded to adrien3131 's YouTube channel in Nov. of 2007*. Definitely something cool for diehard fans to look back on and enjoy! Article #2: For all intensive purposes, the leaked "Blue CD-R" (2007* demo) was indeed a slyly used promotional tool. Without a doubt, using the "leak" in their utmost favor, the burned and then quickly P2P uploaded 10-track set gained Vampire Weekend the all import

"HAPPY EASTER!" - from Egg Hunt.

"In the spring of 1986, Dischord founders Ian MacKaye [Minor Threat/Fugazi ] and Jeff Nelson (Minor Threat) went to England to visit, and were invited by Southern Records founder John Loader to do some recording while they were there. Southern was operated out of a row house in a neighborhood called Wood Green , and John had a 24-track studio set up in the garage. They recorded four songs, including "Me and You," something that the two had been playing together in the basement for many years, and "We All Fall Down," which was written by Ian for Embrace , but had been passed on by the band. Having had such a good time recording and hanging out in London , Ian and Jeff decided to release a single to mark the occasion. The name was chosen since it was recorded over Easter Weekend . That summer they tried forming a new band called "Egg Hunt [2]" with ex-members of Gray Matter ... But it wasn't meant to be. The Southern Session would turn out t

"Little Thor" (Marvel: viral)

In celebration of the upcoming Thor film release (May 6th, USA) and the 2 Marvel/Stüssy collabos ( April 27th /May 6th), the comic book titan released a playful, new promotional clip. "Little Thor" showcases a homage Volkswagen's "The Force" Superbowl XLV commercial. Subtle nods to Thor 's mighty hammer [dubbed Mjöllnir ] and home planet of Asgard [ "A5G 4RD" ] are also featured throughout. Re-view the notorious 2012 Passat commercial - "Little Vader," via Volkswagen 's Youtube channel .

Zappa - "Dirty Love" (Prog Jazz-Rock, circa 1973.)

Phil Ade - Peter Bjorn & John (Freestyle)

For this week's edition of Phil Ade 's [festive, Kanye/ "G.O.O.D. Friday" -esque] #PhilAdeFridays series, the Maryland MC flips a recent Indie Rock Hit. Interestingly enough, "2nd Chance" is actually a freestyle over a Mark Henry -produced Peter Bjorn & John sample; A track which some of you may [unknowingly] recognize from a recent ABC commercial, advertising Dana Delaney's Body of Proof . The Swedish trio's sixth and most recent album -- Gimme Some -- is now available @ your local "record store," while Ade's "A Different World" (mixtape?) is slated to drop later this Summer.

Black Kids - "Wizard of Ahhhs" [Demo] EP

Beastie Boys & Friends - "Fight for Your Right (Revisited)"

"After the Boys Leave the Party." Written & Directed By Adam Yauch... Starring: Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, and Seth Rogen - ("Beastie Boys #1") , Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Rashida Jones, Will Arnett, Adam Scott, Mike Mills, Rainn Wilson, Arabella Field, Ted Danson , Roman Coppola, Shannyn Sossamon, Steve Buscemi , Amy Poehler, Mary Steenburgen, Alicia Silverstone , Laura Dern, Arthur Scipio Africano, Alfredo Ortiz, Milo Ventimiglia, Jody Hill, Silvia Suvadova, Jason "Vincent van Gogh" Schwartzman, Losel Yauch, Chloë Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst , Maya Rudolph, Clint Caluory as "Zach Galifianakis" as George Drakoulias, David "Nathanial Hörnblowér" Cross, Orlando "Johnny Ryall" Bloom, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Jack Black - ("Beastie Boys #2") , Adam Horovitz, Mike Diamond, Adam Yauch, Martin Starr, and Nicole Randall. @ IMDB MTV News' "Fight For Your Right (Revisited): Five Things You Might Ha

Evian - "Baby Inside" (France)

* Get your own personal "Dancing Baby" T-shirt right over here ... 3 various styles now available for purchase.

Fan-Made (J Dilla) Video - "Geek Down"

Presenting... Steve Smith 's recently e-mailed submission to the "Stones Throw 15th Ann. Video Contest," which has a July 1st expiration date . The Detroit, MI director threw together a short animated sequence to accompany J Dilla 's "Geek Down." The track appeared in various configurations on his 2 posthumous 2006 albums - within "Magnum Opus," Donuts (instrumental beats) and in extended form on The Shining [-feat. Busta Rhymes ].

"Bon Iver, Bon Iver."

As of late, Bon Iver head honcho Justin Vernon 's recreational activities include breakfast(s) and basketball alongside Kanye , "rolling a spliff with Rick Ross ," studio sing-a-longs with John Legend , laying down a record as part of Ryan Olson 's 25-deep "Soft [Indie] Rock" collective - GAYNGS ,and hanging out in Hawaii (808) with the likes of Nicki Minaj , A-Trak, and Jeff Bhasker. The most physical result of these escapades includes noticeable vocal work on "Lost In the World" and "MONSTER," amongst several others ( My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ). Between projects/funtimes, Vernon has slowly chipped away at new Bon Iver material, recording at a converted Wisconsin vet clinic (indoor pool) over the course of the past 3 odd years. The self-titled 10-track set is slated TBR June 21st on Jagjaguwar and is the group's first release since 2009's Blood Bank EP . Surf on over to the label's site for a few additional

Vonnegutt & Will Pugh (Cartel) - "Find Your Love"

This Drake cover/remix is leak #1 from the $Free.99 (mixtape) ... Available May 23rd @ . Vonnegutt previously appeared on Big Boi (OutKast) 's "Follow Us" - Track # 4 from his 2010 solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

The Best of "Van Hagar" (1985-96)

MellowHype & Bass Drum of Death - "64" [FuelTV]

Similar to their [larger] crew's nationally-aired debut TV appearance (T he Roots/Fallon ) a couple months back, MellowHype was once again backed by a band. For this go-round, the 2/12 Odd Future recruited Garage Pop duo Bass Drum of Death for this recent FuelTV performance. - I look forward to seeing if the OF members progress with this "Rock-inspired" sound on their future releases, as really seems to be a solid fit. Bass Drum of Death writes songs about... "drugs, trying to make it with religious girls , panic attacks, stealing stuff, mild to severe depression, Elvis appearing in your dreams and giving you advice, gravity bongs, and the devil living inside your brain." - Fat Possum on GB City (LP). MellowHype contains Hodgy Beats and Left Brain , while Bass Drum of Death is made up of Mississippi natives, "John + Colin." Both pairs are currently signed with Fat Possum Records feed public relations through Heathcliff Berru (Life or Death

Spoek Mathambo - "Control" (Joy Division)

"Control," fifth video from Spoek Mathambo 's debut album Mshini Wam , is a Dark-Wave/[Township] House cover of the [1979] Joy Division classic, "She's Lost Control." For the music video, Spoek has collaborated with one of South Africa's most celebrated photographers, Pieter Hugo & cinematographer Michael Cleary . It explores the world of township cults, street preaches and teen gangs and was shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town . The cast is mainly made up of the neighborhood kids who run their own dance troop - "Happy Feet." - DJ HIVIP (Spoek)

Coca-Cola 125 x James Jarvis (6)

125th Anniversary celebratory Coke cans, designed by British illustrator James Jarvis ... Seemingly limited quantities now available in Hong Kong (CLOT/Communion W) . Head on over to Highsnobiety for additional info and detailed images. - "125 Years of... Sharing Happiness, Summer Enjoyment, Uplifting, Refreshment, Making New Friends, [and] Celebration!"

Pavement - "Rattled By La Rush" (compliments of 1995).

* Custom CD-R artwork courteousy of Jason Morroni . At some [now unknown] point in my high school career ( Class of 2006 ), My Indie Rock-loving friend and frequent Gym substitute Jay passed me off an interesting CD-R - Pavement 's Wowee Zowee . The 18-track collection's title is reportedly a homage to The Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa) 's 1966 debut, Freak Out! My one-of-a-kind copy was also paired with the Watery, Domestic EP , as well as select tracks from the Westing (by musket & sextant) EP comp. Pavement was within the pack of the first wave of Indie/"Alternative" bands co-existing during the mid-'90's. Pavement , along with Weezer, TV on the Radio, Pixies, Secret Machines, Radiohead, and a few others, were the bands that really introduced me to the Indie [Rock] genre... which anymore, is really all I listen to. Pre-Indie exploration, I was heavy into Old School Punk bands and before that, it was Wu-Tang, Alanis Morissette, and Sublime (

#Danny DeVito @ Coachella 2011?

"The Trash-Talking Begins" (New Era Celebrities)

Give Don't Panic a Hand!..

Don't Panic is a Stroudsburg, PA-based Rock band formed on the pillars of brothers Ted & Rob Felicetti , along with Keith Slader and Zhach Kelsch . Since their 2009 inception, the guys have produced 2 Masquerade Recordings releases ( My Fair Weather Friend EP and Why the Fifties Were Better... ), toured across the USA alongside The Ataris, TRUSTcompany and Gasoline Heart , released a handful of singles, and have appeared on the Vans Warped Tour , as well as CBS's "The Daily Buzz" morning show. Don't Panic is current holed up in the studio, laying down their third [as yet untitled] release. Due to the current state of the nation [and the music industry], they could use some financial assistance from their loving fans - From what I hear, studio time isn't cheap. So, whatever amount you're willing to donate, would be greatly appreciated! As an incentive/thanks, the band has set up a number of various gift packs. With contents ranging from a free

Asher Roth Podcast (Dilla Donut)

" Radical Magical is a series of podcasts done by DJ Wreckineyez and myself. It gives us the opportunity to showcase music and continue to provide a sense a community within a world we're constantly pitted against each other. Relax, enjoy and have fun listening to the music that will one day save the world. RADICAL MAGICAL DUUUUUUDE!" - Asher #RADICAL MAGICAL, Podcast No.1 01. _ (Talk Break #1) 02. Curren$y - A"udio Dope II" 03. Sir Michael Rocks - "Livin' It Up" [-feat. Trademark da Skydiver] 04. Big K.R.I.T. - "Dreamin'" 05. CyHi da Prynce - "Livin' Wonderful" 06. Dom Kennedy - "Goodbye" 07. Rockie Fresh - "Duckin' N Dodgin'" [-feat. Casey Veggies] 08. Pac Div - "Show You" 09. _ (Talk Break #2) 10. Theophilus London - "Flying Overseas" [-feat. Devante Hynes & Solange] 11. Jesse Boykins - "Before the Night Is Through" 12. LCD Soundsystem - "Dance

Jay-Z Interviews "Hip-Hop Enthusiast" ...Gwyneth Paltrow.

Straight Outta Compton? " Shawn Carter: The public at large is discovering your ability to sing. When did you first discover you had that talent? Gwyneth Paltrow: I kind of always sang. My mother has a great voice and was always singing Jazz around the house and I think she passed on her musicality to my brother and myself. I sang in an a capella singing group and I always thought that somewhere down the line I would dust off my pipes and use them but I didn't know I would be so old when it happened. When I sang with you one night at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago, it was so terrifying. I thought that would be the end of it. This has been a surprise to me as much as anybody else. But I love it. SC: Personally I was very surprised at your extensive knowledge of Hip-Hop songs. Particularly how you can sing '90's Hip-Hip songs word for word. I can't even do that! How does a girl from Spence discover hip-hop? GP: I first was exposed to hip-hop when I was abo

Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole - "HiiiPower" (#Section80)

Man Man & Mike Mogis - "Life Fantastic"

For their forth-coming LP#4, Philadelphia [Experimental] Rockers Man Man teamed up with producer/engineer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk, Saddle Creek Records ). The first taste of the set comes by way of title track, "Life Fantastic." Set to be released by ANTI- on May 10th, Life Fantastic reportedly features a slightly more refined, calmer version of Man Man . While the new tracks may spotlight a bit less weirdness - pots and pans, toy noise makers, Chinese funeral horns, kitchen utensils, smashed plates, fireworks... - Man Man 's uniqueness will still be fully intact; This go-round, they'll just be a little more refined and "commercially acceptable." With that said, I'm happy to announce that what I've always loosely described as the group's "swaggering sailor sing-along" -type sound is most definitely still present! Check out Stereogum's "Progress Report" (dated March 21, 2011) over here . An imprompt

J. Rocc - "Stay Fresh" (Mayer Hawthorne Video)

"Shot by Mayer Hawthorne with an iPhone while they were on tour in Japan . Edited [on his laptop] on the flight back to L.A." "Stay Fresh" is Track #3 from J. Rocc 's recent Stones Throw "debut" - Some Cold Rock Stuf . Now available for purchase from Stones Throw , in the form of 2-CD and 3-LP sets. If you just might be interested in some funny stories, LP digging tales, and downright SHENANIGANS, Follow @ jrocc and @ mayerhawthorne on Twitter .

Odd Future - 2011 East Coast [HAVOC] Tour #2

Tyler, The Creator "Seven" (James Pants Remix)

TV on the Radio - "Nine Types of Light" (Companion Film)

" Nine Types of Light is as much an album as it is a movie by TV on the Radio . The movie is meant to be a visual re-imagining of the record, and includes a music video for every song on the album. The band personally asked their friends and the filmmakers they admired to help direct the music videos. Tunde Adebimpe , the director for the full Nine Types of Light movie, storybooked the music videos together with interviews from local New Yorkers on various topics - including dreams, love, fame and the future. Tunde also directed the music video for "Forgotten." Nine Types of Light , both the album and the movie are [out today,] April 12, 2011." - Description via TVOnTheRadioVEVO 's YouTube Channel

Supra x FACTORY 413 - "Beer Pack"

Collectively dubbed "Supra 413 Edition," Supra and FACTORY 413 have teamed up to bring sneaker/[fine] alcohol fans the "Beer Pack." The navy blue/red "Thunder" is a homage to classic American brews, while light beer is equally represented by the white/navy blue "Cuttler." Both pairs are limited to editions of 413 and are numbered on the underside of the "beer caps" featured on the tongues. Eager fans can attempt to get pairs of the custom-built box-housed "Thunders" and "Cuttlers" @ select US, UK, Swedish, German, and French FACTORY 413 stores - Wed. April 13th @ 12 noon sharp. Online sales will then follow, beginning @ 3pm PST. USA - FACTORY 413 , Hollywood UK - Foot Patrol, London UK - ONE at Slam City Skates, London Sweden - Sneakersnstuff, Stockholm Germany - Solebox, Berlin France - Colette, Paris

The Knux ("Lenny Kravitz Bros.") - Audio/Visual

"Ty-Rex" (Record Store Day 12")

"San Francisco's Ty Segall is set to drop one of Record Store Day 's most essential releases on Saturday, April 16, as he rips through 6 Marc Bolan classics on his new T. Rex covers EP, "Ty-Rex." One of the highlights on the limited 12" is Segall's soulful, fuzzed-out take on "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart," the 1970 psych-folk jammer from a not-yet-quite-fully-glammed-out Bolan. Listen below, and pick up the Ty-Rex 12" at your local record store this Saturday. You can also snag the limited clear vinyl version at one of Ty's upcoming live shows, or from Goner." - Chris Cantalini of Gorilla vs. Bear/Altered Zones