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VICE MUNCHIES Special: Action Bronson - "F*©k, That's Delicious" (web-series trailer)

Action Bronson is currently hard at work recording his long-awaited major label debut for VICE Records , which is only a fragmented section of a huge multi-media company that's presently involved in world news, music, fashion, network TV, and now foodie culture. The offspring of an Albanian immigrant and Jewish New Yorker , Bronson was a former New York -area gourmet chef before he started rapping just about six years ago. Now, Action Bronson has teamed back up with newly-formed VICE MUNCHIES for what's poised to be a quasi-follow-up to their ill-fated series, VICE Eats ; F*ck, That's Delicious will debut online this May and intends to "capture Action's culinary adventures on his on-going world tour." MUNCHIES uploaded an all-too-brief trailer early Monday morning and judging by said trailer, episode 1 will likely highlight dining spots he discovered while on Eminem 's recent Rapture Tour through New Zealand , Australia, and South Africa . While it

Daytrotter Presents: Asher Roth & The Love Planet - "Tangerine Girl" (RetroHash Live)

Let's just say, for argument's sake, that Kanye 's recent Aggro-Hip-Hop meltdown of an album Yeezus is a 10 on a scale of mid-career re-defining albums, which would then put Asher Roth 's long-delayed and well-matured second album, RetroHash at a solid five. It's technically a "Hip-Hop" album at it's beat-centric core, but Blended Babies' genre-blending production work ultimately helps Roth effortlessly bob and weave throughout a gaggle of assorted musical styles; "It's a classy little nugget — very unique — a little Prince , little Jazz , all Asher. You should be proud regardless of what happens commercially. You've created something distinctly you. Almost a concept album. Really good," as Asher Roth 's father David wrote in a praise-filled April 22nd text message. It's been a fairly long tumultuous road for RetroHash , which has been about 3-5 years in-the-making and was tentatively titled both The Spaghetti Tree

A-Trak & Armand Van Helden Present: Duck Sauce - "NRG" (co-starring Jon Daly)

A-Trak & Armand Van Helden , better known as super-DJ duo Duck Sauce , finally released their long-awaited full-length album, QUACK earlier this month; included within are previously released neck-snapping singles "aNYway," "It's You," and "Barbara Streisand" amongst a gaggle of newly-crafted Disco-Funk revival jams. Duck Sauce 's wonderfully ridiculous new video for "NRG," which was previously remixed by Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis as well as Hudson Mohawke , premiered on the front page of Buzzfeed Wednesday afternoon. Director Dugan O'Neal ingeniously cast Kroll Show funnyman and RHCP2014 mastermind Jon Daly as a cheesy late night info-mercial pitchman, who's seemingly mesmerized A-Trak & Armand Van Helden (who oddly enough appear as his back-up pitchmen, too). The NRG product being sold in the clip is a magical "everything gel" that can supposedly fix over cooked left-overs, help yo

Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles... Asher Roth - "Last of The Flohicans" (Federal Prism)

"'Last of The Flohicans" in many ways embodies RetroHash as a whole. Loss. Transformation. Rediscovery. "Flohicans" is basically a reminder to myself. To remember what it's like to lose faith. To rediscover yourself and ultimately become better. Growing up," Asher Roth wrote in a highly inspirational do-not-reply fan club email just the other day. Just about a week ahead of the release of his nearly five years in-the-making second album, RetroHash , Roth unleashed a fourth and final pre-release track; "Last of The Flohicans" was produced by genre-blending production team Blended Babies , like the rest of the album, which will finally see a wide-release this upcoming Tuesday, April 22nd. Asher Roth has lyrically progressed leaps and bounds since the "I Love College" days and for those who might be unfamiliar, his stellar mixtapes Seared Foie Gras , Pabst & Jazz, and The GreenHouse Effect (Vol. 2) are quite an appropriat

Noisey Presents: Open Mike Eagle - "Dark Comedy Morning Show" (Mello Music Group)

Sharp-tongued Los Angeles by-way-of Chicago emcee Open Mike Eagle has been self-described as an underground "Art-Rap" hero; recently having signed a purported three-album deal with Indie Hip-Hop imprint Mello Music Group . Noisey premiered the second single from Eagle's upcoming fourth album, Dark Comedy , which is currently set for a June 10th release, Tuesday afternoon. "Dark Comedy Morning Show" was supposedly the second to last song recorded for the new album... "It took me a long time to write because I kept wanting to sing this Stereolab song on it that was way out of my range," Open Mike Eagle revealed on Twitter. "Dark Comedy Morning Show" was seemingly influenced by Open Mike Eagle 's recent stint with traveling comedian Paul F. Tompkins and additionally features production work/vocal accompaniment from rising multi-instrumentalist Toy Light . Sonically, it's very emotive of 90's Indie Pop , something not t

Sacred Bones & Consequence of Sound Present: The Men - "Different Days" (Helge Mundt)

While I wasn't exactly a fan of The Men until about two months ago, I had heard that they generally put out records at a Beatles -like pace, every year to two years tops; their most recent album, Tomorrow's Hits , the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2012 collection New Moon , is my first experience with The Men . It's an album I bought on the sheer strength of three of eight pre-release tracks, a vinyl package which came complete with a black-and-white numbered faux-review splattered cover, limited edition crimson red vinyl, giant fold-out poster, Tomorrow's Hits iron-on shirt decal, and more included goodies. Sound-wise, it's an interesting track-by-track trip through a wide variety of styles ranging from Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band -like Blues-Rock boogie, feedback-drenched Electro-Punk , Bob Dylan reminiscent Country-Rock jams, a sparse piano & harmonica ballad, twangy hyper-speed Rock "N" Roll , righteous Post-Punk , etc

Maker Music & DatPiff Present: Girl Talk & Freeway - Broken Ankles EP (Illadelph Halflife)

Not entirely unlike it's highly-revered Classic/Indie Rock predecessors Sgt. Pepper's and The Blue Album , sample grand-wizard Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk ultimately intended for his latest body of work, Broken Ankles EP to function as "a continuous mix and it intended to be listened to as a while with gap-less playback." The Pittsburgh native then recruited veteran emcee Freeway from the neighboring suburb of Philadelphia to overlay gritty complex rhyme schemes atop his multi-layered 6-track mini-album, which somehow still manages to sample everyone from Aretha Franklin to Nine Inch Nails . For the purposes of this very EP, Girl Talk & Freeway have both slightly modified their respective styles, but not to the point that it's beyond recognizable or would endanger alienating long-time fans. I'm actually a little surprised at how good most of Girl Talk 's beats sound; they're 100% full-fledged Hip-Hop beats with sufficient room for additi

MTV true life, jersey shore: Party Supplies - "4 More Months 2 Go" (non-album track)

Since unleashing their Fool's Gold debut upon the terribly unsuspecting world-wide web this past August, Party Supplies have released four non-album tracks to Soundcloud , which are now available for FREE download. It's unclear as to where they'll appear; quite possibly Fool's Gold 's rumored CD/LP re-issue of Party Supplies' self-described "greatest album in rock n roll history," Tough Love . Blue Chips #1-2 beat-maker Justin Nealis , along with newly-recruited second member Sean Mahon , uploaded a new track titled "4 More Months 2 Go" to Soundcloud about five days ago. Not unlike their other recent records, "4 More Months 2 Go" could be best described as vaguely Adult Contemporary -leaning Neo-Classic Rock mixed with mild Disco undertones or as @xpartysuppliesx recently described in 140 characters or less, "our sound is something like a cross [between] tommy bahama and mtv true life: jersey shore ." I'

Downtown Records Presents: White Denim - "At Night In Dreams" (Brian K. Jones gifs)

It's probably just some sort of weird subconscious coincidence, but the track I'm about to review is titled "At Night In Dreams" and man, did I have a colorful dream last night: I was attending some sort of St. Patty's -themed little people marathon race in my hometown, where all the runners were either dressed like leprechauns, nuns, or priests... But they could party harder than any binge-drinking testosterone-filled frat dudes! Anyways, White Denim is currently one of my favorite bands, but my first exposure to their music wasn't even a proper White Denim album; frontman James Petralli released an unofficial "solo album" a few years ago, which featured Portastudio -recorded covers of Elvis Costello , Ween, Neil Young , Stevie Wonder, King Crimson , and White Stripes album deep cuts. Needless to say, White Denim 's most recent record, Corsicana Lemonade quickly became one of my favorite Rock "N" Roll albums of 2013-14! It's

Tiger Beat Revisited: Cloud Nothings - "I'm Not Part of Me" (Carpark Records)

It almost pains me to admit it at this point because I thoroughly enjoy their respective newer output(s) so much, but WAVVES and Cloud Nothings are two bands that I just didn't get upon their initial Indie blog break-out nor did I enjoy their purposely lo-fi brand of bedroom-recorded Scuzz-Rock . While veteran rapper-producer El-P is without a doubt a Cloud Nothings super-fan, WAVVES frontman Nathan Williams seems to be a little more vocal admirer; Dylan Baldi recently woke up hungover in Paris to a random text from Williams to the effect of "Yo, wanna make a record together?" He further described their nearly completed Dylan & The Dead -esque album to Exclaim! as something in-between Cloud Nothings & WAVVES with "another [sonic] element that wasn't present in either of our music before." Cloud Nothings finally unveiled the companion music video for their January-released lead single, "I'm Not Part of Me" yesterday, coinci

Allen Cordell Presents: Girl Talk, Freeway & Waka Flocka - "Tolerated" (Broken Ankles EP)

While I've been an avid supporter of Girl Talk aka civilian engineer Gregg Gillis' hyper-disoriented (s)mash-up style since the initial media on-slaught of Night Ripper (2006), I never thought I'd see the day when he'd commit a full-fledged collaboration with a real-life rapper to wax, let alone former Roc-A-Fella affiliate and Philly native, Freeway ; to the best of my knowledge, Gillis hasn't worked alongside an emcee since his 2011 Pitchfork Selector -initiated Jim Jones track, "Believe In Magic." It seems as though Broken Ankles is just a small chunk of a recorded, albeit unreleased, body of work, the first of which will become available for FREE download this upcoming April 8th. "Tolerated"' s Allen Cordell -directed video treatment is loosely inspired by late 90's Brit -hit "Bittersweet Symphony." "I just thought it'd be cool to do a video where the premise is me and Freeway walking down the street and