Sunday, May 11, 2014

GODMODE Presents: Shamir - "I Know It's a Good Thing" (Nick Sylvester)

Shamir Bailey is a self-described 19-year-old "musician, comedian, singer, rapper, twerker, chef, writer, film-maker, tumblr, [and] skinny fat ass" hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. GODMODE founder and Mr. Dream drummer Nick Sylvester discovered and ultimately signed Shamir after hearing his DFA-style modern Disco-House music demo tape; even though Sylvester had previously sworn to never sign artists based outside of New York City. Slightly ahead of his forthcoming Northtown EP, Shamir and acting producer Nick Sylvester have strategically leaked two glitched out R&B/Dance tracks thus far, "If It Wasn't True" and newbie "I Know It's a Good Thing." From what I can tell, Shamir's first label-backed track, "If It Wasn't True" was released earlier this year on GODMODE's cassette compilation Common Interests Were Not Enough to Keep Us Together; it's a bona fide "Disco-House anthem with rare levels of badass self-assurance" as Stereogum head-writer (and Sylvester's close friend) Tom Breihan perfectly described it a few months back. Shamir & Nick Sylvester's latest creation, "I Know It's a Good Thing" was quietly uploaded to GODMODEINTERNET's label Soundcloud page about a month ago, but just started making the blog rounds this past week for whatever reasons. It's a simplistic Electro beat-driven and piano-accompanied little ditty that quite honestly, could have easily functioned as a self-loathing 1980's Smiths post-punk anthem. While GODMODE plans to re-release "I Know It's a Good Thing" as a multi-formatted single on June 11th, Shamir's proper debut, Northtown EP is supposedly scheduled for a June 14th release, which may both in fact be one in the same project. Now, this has absolutely little to nothing to do with his actual musical output... But does anyone else think that Shamir kinda looks like Jaden Smith with a septum piercing!? And when Shamir breaks into the mainstream, remember that you heard about him here at The Witzard first!

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