Sunday, May 25, 2014

Keeping Up with The Kardashians: Kanye - "God Level" (Adidas World Cup)

Kanye West, a man who very recently rapped something along the lines of "black Timbs all on your couch again / black d*ck all in your spouse again..." married his long-time girlfriend Kim Kardashian this past weekend. The Florence wedding ceremony held at the 16th century Fort di Belvedere was preceded by an extravagant pre-party held in Paris Friday night, which was seemingly attended by everyone from Rick Rubin to Jaden "White Batman" Smith; in lieu of James Fanco & Seth Rogen's tastefully declined "Bound 3" performance invitation, early reports suggest that Lana del Rey, Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend, and illusionist David Blaine performed at various point throughout the wedding reception and ceremony. It just seems to be a sheer coincidence that Kayne's new "YEEZi" sneaker partner, Adidas released a World Cup web-commercial complete with previously unreleased music on the same weekend as Kim & Kanye's star-studded wedding. "God Level" could very well be a Yeezus-era left-over, seeing the track was supposedly produced by recent collaborators Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean, and Noah Goldstein. Adidas seems to have really embraced Kanye for his aggressive post-wedding bliss self, already showcasing his music in a big-budget World Cup advertisement, more so than Nike ever publicly embraced him.

okayplayer further reports that the full-length "God Level" track, which has since been mysteriously taken down, "hammers all the way through. [Hudson] Mohawke's brand of weird mixes perfectly with the current Kanye brand of jagged acid-rap." Even during the brief 50-second Adidas snippet, Kanye manages to boast "You see sharks in the water / You don't see murder like this often / Provide a new coffin / You don't see murder like this often..." "The tense backing track grounding every second of "God Level" is all you hear for most of its 3ish minutes. Ye lays out for at least half its running time, but we promise you: the lines you don't hear in the Adidas spot are raw. Real raw," okayplayer continues. Kanye has been actively working on his long-rumored 2014 album, which he's boldly self-described as his own Born In The U.S.A, that Billboard reports will consist of "12 songs," six of which an unknown source has heard are "mostly a mixture of Soul samples and tamed Yeezus-esque darkness... nothing abrasive." While it's largely unclear as to whether or not this is even the same album that was previously reported to be a 3-hour long spoken-word rant (which okayplayer now reports was in fact an elaborate hoax), at this point, I really wouldn't put it past Kanye to release a brooding opinion-littered half music/half spoken-word double album.

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