Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"The Magical Covers Circle Club"

Welcome, happenin' chicks & dudes!..
Come join the nifty , nostalgic "time machine" adventure that is "The Magical Covers Circle Club!"
Without further ado, here are some cool 80's/90's covers action.

Passion Pit/Cranberries from the Deluxe Edition "Manners" CD.

FRESH out the box! -
Passion Pit covering Smashing Pumpkins, via Levi's Pioneer Sessions project.

The Pumpkins doing their best "Cars" impression.

(+44)'s Smashing Pumpkins (SPIN/MySpace Tribute) cover.


Quite possibly my favourite cover of all time...
Dinosaur Jr. re-tooling The Cure's notorious 80's smash hit!

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