Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Korallreven - "A Dream Within a Dream" (Swedish Mixtape #3)

"Acéphale is proud to announce the debut album by Korallreven, An Album By Korallreven. * To celebrate, we asked Marcus and Daniel to complete their "Dream Trilogy" of mixtapes and what they delivered is a perfect joy. More ambitious than their previous mixes, ** the pair revisit and remix some of their favourite songs from the past year. The result is not [so much] a farewell to summer, more of a wistful glance over the shoulder. However, we're never quite satisfied... So, we asked [Korallreven] to present the tracks in their individual forms as well. Look forward to the first single from the album ("As Young As Yesterday") coming soon. Enjoy the long weekend!"

- Acéphale Records

* If you've enjoyed this mix[tape], "The Truest Faith," and/or "Honey Mine" - Head on over to Acéphale to pre-order either a CD or vinyl LP copy of Korallreven's upcoming debut full-length; An Album By Korallreven (#ACE019) is currently slated for a Nov. 15th release.

** The previous 2 appended parts of "The Dream Trilogy" mixtape series (2010), A Dream By Korallreven and Another Dream By Korallreven are still currently available for download, courtesy of Gorilla vs. Bear.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Idle Warship & D.A. - "Fall Back" (Decision 2008)

In this current day and age, the once urgent message strewn across "Fall Back" holds absolutely no social relevancy. But let us re-tread a tad bit here... in order to give the track a fair dosage rhyme and reason: 2008 was an ever so crucial time-span for politics in the USA. The catchy, chorus-like refrain at the track's heart, ["We all know you ain't gonna win. Time to throw the towel in. Get your head out your ass and fall back."] was in fact directed at one Secretary Hillary Clinton... during the height of her 2008 Presidential campaign.
The [guilty] parties involved with the creation of "Fall Back" include: Talib Kweli, Res, Graph Nobel, and D.A. Wallach Together, the first 3 musicians are "Idle Warship" - a Brooklyn-based Alternative Hip-Hop/Soul group. Coincidentally formed in 2008, the members had previously worked together in various facets on their solo ventures. After unleashing a string of tracks and remixes to the Internet, Idle Warship released their first full-length mixtape (Party Robot) in Oct. 2009. Having recently released a few new tracks, they seem to be shooting a new music video with R.A. The Rugged Man.

Along with multi-instrumentalist Max Drummey, D.A. Wallach is "Chester French." The two 20-somethings met while attending Harvard, named their group after the famous sculptor, imminently dropped out, and are now perusing their musical dreams. Since their 2003 formation, Chester French have managed to release a successful album (Love the Future) and follow-up fitness-themed mixtape (Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance). Between albums, D.A. has lent his vocals flourishes to recordings for everyone from Asher Roth to Rick Ross. In a recent e-mail exchange with Mr. Wallach himself, I was pleased to learn that Chester French Album #2 is nearing completion... and that both D.A. and Max "have been working on some really cool musical projects." D.A. is reportedly working on a mixed genre "solo album" with Jamaica's own Supa Dups.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyoncé - "Love On Top" (Bun In the Oven)

Bearing the numerical title "4," Beyoncé's Knowles most recent album-length collection is truly an eclectic, varied affair. Attached track genre styles range from Hip-Hop/Dancehall to Pop-tinged R&B crooners. What can be assumed to be the album's next featured single ("Love On Top") is a specific piece of note; Instantaneously reminiscent of classic R&B artists like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, "Love On Top" is a simple, up-tempo ditty... accented by [Retro-Soul] finger snaps, horns, and backing harmonies. Credit for the song's early success is due in part to Terius "The-Dream" Nash (songwriter), Shea Taylor (producer-songwriter, alto sax), and Etta James - without a doubt, a pivotal source of initial inspiration for Mrs. Carter.

Friday, August 26, 2011

GZA & Wavves Re-mix "Liquid Swords" (National TV)

I have to admit, when Wavves first broke onto "the scene" in 2008-09, I really wasn't digging his output [Wavves & Wavvves] and didn't see the reason for all the attached media "hoopla." But with the addition of Zach Hill (Hella) Bill Hayes and Stephen Pope of Jay Reatard's "The Reatards," my view of the band slowly but surely changed. During this transition phase, frontman Nathan Williams seems to have gradually grown out of his initial messy, Noise Rock sound... and thank [Indie] God(s), quickly ditched that "I'm cool/arrogant" shtick.

This incarnation of Wavves subsequently laid down the tracks compiled on King of The Beach (2010); Included within are note-worthy Pop-based Surf Rock hits like: "Post Acid," "King of The Beach," and "Mickey Mouse." Bill Hayes has since been replaced by Jacob Cooper - former drummer of California's own The Mae Shi. Feel free to mosey on over to Pitchfork for the most up-to-date Wavves [music] news articles, compliments of Larry Fitzmaurice and Tom Breihan (Stereogum). recent updates include: Fucked Up tour dates, soundtrack composition work, Life Sux EP release dates, TV appearances, and album tracklists.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Mirror Traffic (Beck CD)

* Steve Keene - "Remixed" Cover Art

When it comes down to true feelings about music, strippers, and/or pizza... I feel like I'm a pretty "honest, fair" kind of guy. With that said, I have a soft spot for exotic dancers and SM's last 2 records: Face the Truth (2005) and Real Emotional Trash (2008) were solid collections! So, if my personal opinion holds any sort of credence ["cred"], then SM & The Jicks' new album will indeed be a true "winner" of a record selection.
Although I've only actually heard 2 tracks from Mirror Traffic thusfar -- "Senator" and "No One Is (As Are I Be)" -- I'm positive that the Beck-produced album will most definitely warrant repeat listens. The pair of 90's Alternative/Indie Rock heroes reportedly laid down the majority of the 15-track collection in 2010. Then temporarily shelved due to Pavement's "Reunion Tour" and Beck's covers initiative [Record Club]. But worry no more; Matador released Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Mirror Traffic on Tues. (August 23rd). Oh yeah... Wayne in Buellton, CA managed to discover the substitute lyric for "blowjob:" corndog.

Skyzoo Presents: The Penny Freestyle Series

"In the spirit of lyrical exercise, I figured I'd start a chain of freestyle releases entitled "The Penny Freestyle Series." As a kid, Penny Hardaway was my favorite basketball player, hands down. Labeled the "Second Coming," he took the mid-90's by storm! We all know [that] if his knees didn't give out, he'd be listed in the Top 50 of All Time, Hall of Fame, the works. So, what would have happened if Penny's knees DIDN'T go out on him? He would've [easily become] one of the greatest ever. Hence where I come in...
For this week's Penny Freestyle Series, we conclude with "Wikipedia Rap" [Lupe Fiasco - "Failure"]. This is the final entry in the Penny Series. I honestly had a blast knocking these out for y'all week by week. Click the cover for "Wikipedia Rap," and see the link below for the full collection, in case you missed any of the previous verses... The Penny Freestyle Series (The Complete Collection)."

- Skyzoo718

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florence + The Machine Return with "What The Water Gave Me"

With the continued success(es) of deep album cuts like "Dog Days Are Over" [2008], "You've Got the Love" [2009], and "Cosmic Love" [2010] - It's almost hard to believe that Florence + The Machine's Lungs was originally released way back in July 2009! News of its currently "untitled" follow-up was announced just yesterday (Tuesday); Island will release it on Nov. 7th in the UK and on Universal Republic sometime later in the month in The States.
Paired along with the announcement, came the "first taste" of the new album... "What the Water Gave Me." A Paul Epworth-produced cut, the track is adventurous yet restrained @ its core. Seemingly recorded in and around Florence's studio set up, the accompanying music video features the backing of The Machine and a gospel choir in certain parts. More release details soon to come... In the meantime, head over to Pitchfork and check out Ryan Dombal's recently logged [micro-]interview with Miss Welch, herself.

Tom Breihan Presents: Fiend - "Ghost Town" (The Specials)

"Hi, readers of Stereogum! My name is Tom Breihan, and I'm the older of the two new guys around here. A few Internet Eons ago, I wrote the "Status Ain't Hood" blog for The Village Voice. For the past couple of years, I've been a staff writer @ Pitchfork. And yes, that means Brandon and I just acted out our own 80's body-switching comedy. He's Judge Reinhold. I'm Fred Savage.
A few things about me: I'm tall enough that complete strangers point and stare. I come from the beautiful town of Baltimore, Maryland; Perhaps you've enjoyed our byzantine crime dramas on television. I'm a dad. This past weekend, I moved from Chicago to Virginia, which was not fun. I like dogs and nachos and professional wrestling. I really, really like Rap music, so you can expect to see some more of that around here."

"For my first post, my new bosses here @ Stereogum have graciously allowed me to pick a new song to share. I've chosen one that brings together two things I enjoy: Sleepy-eyed [New Orleans] Stoner-Rap and [British] Second-Wave Ska. Back in the late 90's, Fiend was a raspy-voiced firebreather and one of the most animated figures on Master P's No Limit Records. But more recently, he's linked up with fellow No Limit veteran Curren$y and become a drawling elder-statesman type. On "Ghost Town," he raps over The Special [A.K.A.]'s spectral Ska classic of the same title."

- Tom Breihan

Monday, August 22, 2011

Akiko Mims Cuts a Rug to The Weeknd - "The Birds (Part 1)"

On the heels of Thursday (mixtape), The Weeknd liberated the accompanying music video for "The Birds (Part 1)" earlier this morning (Monday). While the collection was reelased just a few days before the weekend, "The Birds" has been circulating around the inner-workings of The Web since roughly June 16th. Over the course of the day, R&B/Hip-Hop fans and music critics alike have been perplexed as to weather or not to dub the clip "official" or "unofficial." Both theories, in fact, have rhyme/reason and are highly possible... as like previously mentioned, "The Birds (Part 1)" has been out since mid-June. The logistics of whomever produced this Day-Glo dance clip don't really matter; An enjoyable track that's part of a larger enjoyable collection, Thursday can now be downloaded @ Echoes of Silence... Part 3 of The Weeknd's "Balloon Trilogy," is expected TBR in the Fall.

Bryant Stewart - "I Made This Last Week" (EP)

A good artist should always understand the system of supply and demand; Recently, I realized I wasn't supplying my supporters [with] as much as I use to. So, I decided to challenge myself by attempting to record an EP in one week! It actually worked out pretty good... I had the help of a few homies who came through! Shout-out to Ronn Logic, Shaun Li, Cologero Anello, Amir Patton, Markeisha Simpson, Luko, Willy J, Diahann Bowers, and Danny (DJ-DJ)! I kind of kept this project on the low for the most part... a lot of my friends haven't even heard it! I wanted to make this joint as personal as possible, so that you emotionally feel my growth, potential, and lyrics.
Of course, I could've [gone] into an actual "studio" to record this. But I [remembered] the hunger I had when creating A Perfect Change (from my bedroom). I wanted to create that same hunger within myself again and I actually think it worked ha! I documented a lot of the process to making "I Made This Last Week," which I'll be blogging about shortly, after you guys get a chance to listen!

Once again... thank you God, my supporters, friends, and family! I couldn't have done this without y'all straight up! To my supporters who have been waiting, after this project, I promise, I'M NOT LETTING UP ON NIGGAS! Oh, and say hello to your local "politician" for me and let them know since they wanna politic a nigga... WATCH THE CAMPAIGN!

Much Love,
Bryant Stewart

Converse All-Stars Band (2011) - "I'm a Goner"

On paper and in the mind of say... a white-collar record exec, the billing of "Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy & Andrew W.K." couldn't sound any more foreign. But in the eyes [ears] of a casual music fan like myself, it couldn't make any more sense! Just think about it for a minute: In essence, the trio is made up of 4 like-minded, happy-go-lucky PARTYING hit-makers and Pop Culture Icons. Forget the silly pre-assigned genre titles of Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, and Hard Rock/Metal... because @ their cores, each individual act produces a continuous flow of simplistic, life-loving Pop ditties.

Converse assisted with the task of getting the 3 artists in touch and is preparing to release "I'm a Goner" under their 3 Artists 1 Song umbrella; The imprint's back catalog consists of Best Coast, KiD CuDi & Rostam - "All Summer" (2010) and Pharrell, Julian Casablancas & Santigold - "My Drive-Thru" (2008). Various interviews, commentary, "PARTY TIPS," published articles, and other mediums have been neatly chronicled throughout @AndrewWk's Twitter News Feed... over the course of the past 15 or so odd hours since the track's release.
A music video was recently shot @ a long-abandoned New Jersey hospital; The clip will make its nation-wide debut this upcoming Sun. (August 21st) @ 1:30pm on MTV2. Note-worthy hits from the collective include: Matt & Kim - "Daylight," "Cameras," "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare," / Soulja Boy - "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," "Pretty Boy Swag," "Kiss Me Thru the Phone," "Turn My Swag On," / Andrew W.K. - "Party Hard," "She Is Beautiful," and "We Want Fun."

Friday, August 19, 2011

KREAYSHAWN Really Knows How to "Bump Bump" Dat Ass

Alright, well, I'm just gonna go right ahead and cut to the chase, 'cause we're all friends here: KREAYSHAWN will one day soon be re-christened "Mrs. Natassia Gail Zolot Horowitz." After directing a string of well-recieved "BASED Music Videos" for Lil B, KREAYSHAWN then slowly started to carve out her own unique career path. Maintaining a solid foundation of musical/film activity throughout her childhood, KREAYSHAWN attended [and subsequently dropped out of] Berkley Film School.
Experimenting in and quickly growing tired with the fields of: "Director, Cinematographer, Editor, DJ, Pixel Artist, Swag Assassin, and Under-cat;" KREAYSHAWN then kick-started her pursuit of a Hip-Hop career around 2008. Once break-out hit, "Gucci Gucci" started garnering record-breaking amounts of YouTube views (12,265,453+ since May)... the label execs. imminently started a-calling with signing packages. The track below - "Bumpin' Bumpin'" - was actually featured on KREAYSHAWN's introductory mixtape, Kittys X Choppas. Download a copy over @ DatPiff and stay tuned... as Columbia Records will soon release her major label debut album, "LIFE WITH LOOPY."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beats, Rhymes & Life: An Interview with "K-Murdock" (Panacea)

The Witzard x K-Murdock Interview (Questions)

First off, just wanted to say, "Thanks!" for doing this interview, Kyle. Publishing artist interviews seems like it'll be a fresh, new thing for the blog... and it's always cool to talk to like-minded, hard-working people. Shout-out to Jamie at Blinding Sun Records in Frederick, MD for hooking up the initial line of communication! LET'S GO!

(1.) This would be a tough one for me, too. So, take your time... But what are your Top 5 Hip-Hop albums? - Paul's Boutique, 36 Chambers, [Kanye] & Seven's Travels (Atmosphere) are definitely included in mine.

Top 5 (in particular order): A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders, A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory, The Roots - Do You Want More, De La Soul - Stakes Is High, Outkast - ATLiens.

(2.) Do you draw influence from any other [non-Hip-Hop] genres? And if so, what particular artists from said genres inspire you?

Indeed, more than ever now as Hip-Hop to me has always been a music that draws from other [genres], since sampling was such a big part of it. As I have gotten older, I seek out other genres of music to sample or listen to for inspiration. Ironically, my favorite music to sample now are Prog Rock and Jazz-Funk, basically Experimental stuff that blurred music genres; As that's my approach when I create to make it "Hip-Hop," but also to make it sound unique.

(3.) Tell me a little bit about your 2 most recent projects – The Ronin EP & The Ebony Bed... Maybe describing them in a nut-shell for new listeners.

The Ronin was a project that simply stemmed from these songs I had floating around [on] my hard drive that never fit into other projects I had released over the last 2 or 3 years. So, I made a "concept" out of not having one, lol... and like the master-less samurai that wandered feudal Japan, I had my own Ronin songs that were dope but just never fit, and it was time to release them!

The Ebony Bed was a very arduous task that took 3 years to create due to the level of collaboration involved, which prior to the album, I had never done. But the science behind it was [that] I always wanted to collaborate with my childhood family friend Alona... who's music path took her down the Rock road, and finally it happened. Then we have this whole visual component that's still being created which will really better explain what exactly the Ebony Bed is, so stay tuned. ;)

(4.) At what age and how did you get into Hip-Hop, Kyle?

I was probably 9 or 10 years old when I really began paying attention as my favorite cousin growing up used to hip to what [was] hot. I basically bought what he had, and specifically when he played me Tribe's Low End Theory when we were 12, well, the rest was history... ;)

(5.) I know that you're big into Japanese culture and gaming... What, if any, effect do they have on you as an artist?

Oh man, I love the art and just the imagination behind some of these movies and games I watch and play. It's inspiring to me, so much that I did the "iMANGANAtion" series to show my respect and appreciation. Plus, there's some really poignant moments that happen in these stories, so it's not just dope art. That is as much a draw to me.

(6.) A. From your own personal experience, what are some of the best bars in the US?

Hmm, I don't know if I have visited enough bars in the states to compile a list, lol. Though I do like a good mixed drink or 3 ;) The one that I always think of is Miami's notorious Wet Willies just because I have had some memorable moments there. Locally, the hole in the wall I spent many Sat. nights in is called "Saint Ex."

B. And what cities/states have the most beautiful women?

Off the top places that you are more prone to get a mixed, cosmopolitan crowds yield the most pretty ladies to me - DC, NY, Chicago & The Bay Area instantly come to mind!

(7.) What's the current status of new output(s) from Panacea & Restoring Poetry In Music?

Panacea is prepping to have a BIG 2k12: New album new live show, new attitude, and commitment from myself & Raw P to be more visible. So, watch out, new album "Midnight Morning Africa" will be out by next summer. As for RPM, last I spoke to Raw Poetic, their 3rd album (Kingdom of Fireflies) is ALMOST done and what I have heard is a whole new sonic direction that's very adventurous, yet still dope!

(8.) A long-time Hip-Hop fan & amateur beat-smith myself, I've always been heavily interested in the "Art of Sampling." What do you generally start out with when crafting a new beat?

I usually start with some kind of loop or melody and then build off it. Many guys start with drums and then find samples. But for me, the sample dictates the rest of the music from the rhythm section to additional sounds and even how much else u add. I try to never treat 2 beats the same, as they are each unique... and the day u start manufacturing beats that way, it becomes less organic to me, which is the part of the process [that] I love.

(9.) Any up-and-coming rappers or artists that can you tip my readers and I off to? I'm always interested in checking out "The Next BIG Thing."

I ask people the same thing, I am always looking for new inspiration - Be it someone to work [with] or just listen to. Of all the NEW hyped cats that I see, the one I dig is Kendrick Lamar. He's dope.

(10.) Kyle Murdock - Any relation to Murdock of Gorillaz-fame? ha

I wish, lol. Funny, I usually get asked if I'm related to FOX mogul Rupert Murdoch?

(11.) Do the concepts of "Pop" and "melody" have any bearing on your overall writing/beat-making process(es)?

Melody for sure, as I am all about building off melodies in music. It's a fun challenge and to me from my own music preferences, I usually lean toward songs with great melodies and arrangement. So, I try and do the same in my own productions. As far as Pop, Pop changes based on whats "Popular" and if u try to keep up with fads... then you are failing and not making music for the right purposes in my humble P.O.V.

(12.) I've heard that you're a pretty "hardcore" Tribe fan... So, have you seen Michael Rapaport's new "Beats, Rhymes & Life" documentary yet? - Comments/opinions?

Indeed! Saw a private screening of it in June and was happy to just see the guys getting recognized for the legends they are. But saddened by the things that have caused them to not be the true "Tribe" since '98. Funny as many people watch the movie and forget its a documentary... Like the end is supposed to have them resolving their gripes and getting back together, lol. Which would be dope but remember people, it's a documentary not fiction with a [fairytale] ending... That said, what it did show, I liked. Just wish they showed more of Ali Shaheed and what he's been up to.

Kyle: Thank YOU for taking the time to do this. Some very unique questions in here that I never get asked, lol.

Matt: Good shit man! Yeah, no problem, compadre... I appreciate the opportunity, too! It's been a true pleasure, my friend!

Mastodon - "Curl of The Burl" (The Hunter)

"Curl of The Burl" is the third and most recent in a string of Mastodon singles... leading up to the Fall release of The Hunter. In comparison to it's recently-released predecessors ("Black Tongue" and "Deathbound"), the promo clip for "Curl of The Burl" is a little more subdued and mildly creepy. Reportedly constructed from "found footage" that Mastodon somehow managed to discover and compile. While this preliminary edit was directed by Aaron Hymes... the official music video will seemingly be released as the Sept. 27th release date grows nearer. Fans can now reserve 1 of 3 select The Hunter pre-order packages; BLABBERMOUTH has a run-down of the further specs. for each option and its included "goodies."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chromeo Effortlessly Im·preg·nate a Mess of Pretty Women, "When the Night Falls"

To be TOTALLY "frank," Chromeo is without a doubt one of my favourite up-and-coming, original bands. The Montreal-based Electro-Funk duo made up of childhood friends, Dave 1 & P-Thugg... was kick-started into [musical] motion around 2004. After honing their craft on She's In Control (2004), Chromeo finally managed to break into the mainstream with their sophomore effort, Fancy Footwork. Note-worthy singles from this album include: "Tenderoni," "Bonafide Lovin' (Tough Guys)," "Fancy Footwork," "Momma's Boy," and "My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)."
Heading back into the studio for another 3 years, Chromeo managed to self-produced and release Business Casual by late 2010. Since the collection's Sept. roll out, a string of 3 singles have been released, "Night By Night," "Don't Turn the Lights On," and "Hot Mess." Just yesterday morning (August 16th), the music video accompaniment for "When the Night Falls" was unveiled Online.

DANIELS were behind the camera for the shoot, which essentially turned out a very simple and fun, yet compelling music video. Break to a brief/effective synopsis of said clip: "When the Night Falls" starts off with Chromeo performing a gig @ a dimly-lit 80's dive bar. But then... as Dave 1 turns on his guitar, the sheer Electro-Funk that it exudes instantly impregnates a patroness. In no time @ all, the entire establishment is chock-full of pregnant women and Beatlemania-like hi-jinx soon ensue. Even Solange [hook performer] isn't able to slip away from the re-seeding. Are Dave 1 & P-Thugg able to escape all the "Baby Momma Drama" before it's too late..? Make sure to stay tuned until the credits! Chromeo are currently preparing to travell across the nation along with Mayer Hawthorne; The "Night Fall Tour" runs from August 18-Nov. 25 (New York-California).

The Art of "Being Cool" with Chuuwee (Interview'd)

(1.) I believe I heard that your mom sings-raps on one of the mixtape's tracks... Tell me a little but about how that collaboration came to be?

I've been bothering my mom about that for a while now, actually. I've always wanted her on a joint and finally persuaded her. We freestyle all the time when [I] hang out with her.

(2.) How did you manage to get in touch with Jonathon Lowell, the album's sole producer?

I met Jonathan Lowell through Twitter. I was looking for production at the time and he was the only person he didn't bullshit and actually sent over some work.

(3.) Is there any sort of running concept/theme behind Be Cool?

The whole theme behind Be Cool was me being myself. I wrote the project around the time I was going through a lot of changes and just finding myself as an artist. The theme simply is just in many given situations, we don't always make sound decisions. So, a lot of the tape was just given situations and how I, myself would or would not handle [them]. In life, we get a lot of shit you just gotta be cool through it.

(4.) What were some of your sources of inspiration during the recording process of this album?

A lot of it was just everything around me - Life, TV, other people's problems. It was a vast reflection of a crucial part of my life, so I used life situations as the motivation.

(5.) A. Can fans expect to see a physical release of Be Cool (CD)?

I might press some up for mercy at shows. But the next physical release will be my album, "Fever Hunt" with Lee Bannon.

B. And what can they look forward to seeing/hearing next?

I'm not sure what I'm dropping next actually. I'm working on some crazy stuff with my homie DJ Knockout out of Providence. I've been working heavily on the "Fever Hunt" EP with Lee Bannon, we're planning Thee TUS mixture as we speak, actually... and I've got a project with Rufio, and a project with Sundown of Actual Proof ready, too.

(6.) A. How are the download numbers looking so far?

Last time I checked, we were at 4,000+!

B. What are you planning to buy with your first big, "label paycheck?"

A Dodge Challenger. That's all I need... and a pound haha.

(7.) After seeing the "Chuuwee" logo, I was wondering if you're a Misfits (Glenn Danzig) fan?

Huge Misfits fan! They're my favorite Rock group, I'm big on 80's Punk Rock music. "Skulls" is my favorite Misfits song.

(8.) Are you planning to tour in support of Be Cool? That'd be mildly "unconventional," yet great!

I' m actually on a promo run for it now. I've had a couple dates back to back, so we spruced it up. Just got back from the East Coast [and] it was dope!

(9.) What's your current label situation? I remember you telling me that at one point, you were in talks with Duck Down and that Be Cool was shelved... As we can see, it ended up being Presented By: TUS, OOLOO CLOTHING, & AMALGAM DIGITAL.

I'm currently in talks with a few people for "Fever Hunt." Got some nice offers on the table, so things are looking good right now.

(10.) In what (if any) ways do you make use of the concepts that are "Pop" and "melody" when crafting your music?

I blend everything into my music. I take elements from any and everything you can think of: Songs, TV, movies, video games... various genres have inspired tracks you wouldn't believe haha.


Hanging Outwith B.o.B. In Singapore ("High Life")

Here, we have a BRAND NEW track of unknown origins from Bobby Ray [B.o.B.] - "High Life." Aside from the fact that that The Aristrocrats produced the beat... and Motion Family filmed the video, little else is known. Seemingly filmed @ the tail-end of B.o.B.'s Asian Tour jaunt, "High Life" fully embodies "The Life & Times of a Baller." The majority of B.o.B.'s latest was filmed atop one of Singapore's finest hotel/clubs... in one of those "never-ending pools" sporting a pair of Asian hunnies on either side.

Monday, August 15, 2011

J. Cole - "Work Out" (Music Video #2)

Right out of the gates, starting with the all too familiar refrain: "Straight up, now tell me - Do you really wanna love me forever? (oh, oh, oh)... or is it just a hit and run?" J. Cole then proceeds to layer rhyme schemes between a mashed-up beat constructed from Paula Abdul - "Straight Up" (1988) and Kanye - "The New Workout Plan" (2004). "Work Out" will reportedly serve as the lead single from Jermaine Cole's long-awaited Roc Nation [Jay-Z] debut full-length.
The accompanying clip was in fact the second fully-orchestrated visual set created for "Work Out;" A rough cut of music video #1 (Los Angeles) was leaked and subsequently scrapped back in late July. J. Cole & crew then relocated the shoot to Brooklyn... ultimately filming a completely new music video.

The re-shot "Work Out" footage was soon edited into a music video, which was then released as part of "Any Given Sunday, Vol. 3" (August 14-15). What ensues is a fairly simple video concept: Groupies @ backyard basketball, boy meets girl, prospect of a one-night stand, moral conscience, Frat PARTY... true love? Roc Nation is planning to liberate Cole World: The Sideline Story this coming Sept. 27th. Until then, continue to stay tuned to J. Cole's weekly "Any Given Sunday" release series. The album's next video-single ["Can't Get Enough"] will reportedly feature vocal contributions from both Rihanna & Trey Songz.

SBTRKT - "Wildfire" (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

The mask-bearing man behind SBTRKT is widely believed to in fact be one Aaron Jerome. Prior to adopting the "Rocket" moniker, the London-based beatsmith managed to release an album's-worth of Jazz/Hip-Hop/Electronic/Soul-Funk tracks under his birth name: Time to Re-arrange (2007).
Nearly 4 months after its initial release, the lead single from SBTRKT ("Wildfire") is still gaining steam; Due in part to 2 remixes - Laced by the likes of Drake & Shabazz Palaces [Palaceer Lazaro]. The latter was released earlier today, August 15th, and was re-mixed by Memphis, Tennessee's own Drumma Boy. It should also be of note that both the original and remixed versions of "Wildfire" feature the vocal stylings of Little Dragon [Yukimi Nagano].

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Omar-S. Detroit - High School Graffiti EP

Assuming the moniker "Omar-S," Detroit native Alex O. Smith has been fine-tuning batches of Hip-Hop-tinged Dance beats since about 2003. For the most part, Omar-S has gone the DIY route; Releasing white label 7-12" LP's, custom CD-R mixes, assorted "Omar-S Ice Trays," and WAV files @ his own FXHE Records website for $5-11. Also of note are Smith's 2 long-players: Just Ask the Lonely (2005) and It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It (August 2011). The final product is generally classified as either Techno-Dance, Deep House, * or within additional closely related sub-genres.
Omar-S' latest concoction has been oh so eloquently dubbed "High School Graffiti EP." The 5-track collection was liberated by Toyota's Scion A/V imprint on August 9th. Did anyone else even know that Scion had a functioning "label?" Sounds kinda like a watered down, cheap rip-off of Green Label Sound (Mountain Dew). But in some odd perception of rationality, their team-up makes a mild bit of sense... since @ one point in time, Detroit was in fact the "Motor City" [car manufacturer] capital of the world!

"Deep House is a sub-genre of House music that fuses elements of Chicago House and Jazz-Funk with [minor] touches of Soul... Later Deep House tracks (1993-94) were also heavily influenced by Disco and even merged into a disputable Disco-House [sister] genre."

Scott Mescudi - "No One Believes Me" (Fright Night)

Thus far, the upcoming Fright Night re-make seems as though it will stay pretty true to its 1985 "Cult Classic" status-achieving predecessors, Fright Night 1-2; A rough, general synopsis just might go a little something like this...
While at first, it seems to be a sheer coincidence when a string of high schoolers go missing [dead] and a mysterious new-comer moves into a quaint, rural town - That soon proves not to be the case. Charley Brewster, a local teenager soon becomes weary that his shady, new neighbor Jerry (Colin Farrell) might be the "vampire" in question. But when no one believes his theory, Charley decides to take matters into his own hands.

Therefore, KiD CuDi & Dot da Genius' "No One Believes Me" will serve as a theme song, of sorts. Together, collectively christened WiZard 2 Be Continuum, the pair who previously crafted "Day N Night," are currently chipping away @ a Rock album. Its title and release date are currently unknown, but the collection is said to be near completion. Cudder's other current passion projects include Man on the Moon 3 and "A Man Named Scott," the sequel tape to A KiD Named CuDi (2008).
"No One Believes Me" will be featured on the Fright Night Soundtrack CD. The film itself, is also set to star: Anton Yelchin as "Charley Brewster," McLovin Christopher Mintz-Plasse, David Tennant, and Imogen Poots. Both Fright Night and "No One Believes Me" were jointly directed by Craig Gillespie. Be sure to catch Fright Night when it's released nation-wide in Real 3-D and 2-D this coming August 19th. For the time being, "No One Believes Me" should give eager cinephiles a glimpse into the overall feel of the film. Tune in until the music video's final minutes, as to catch its surprise ending!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mylo Xyloto: The "Enoxification" of Coldplay?

"After headlining Lollapalooza last weekend, British hit-makers Coldplay have announced a release date and title for their fifth studio album: Mylo Xyloto will arrive October 24-25th.
While there's no word as to what the title actually means, graffiti has a major conceptual influence here -- the cover features a collage of various street art -- and it's something they've mentioned in interviews (and espoused in the video for lead single "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.") Additionally, a special limited edition [pressing] of the album will include a graffiti-style pop-up book designed by David A. Carter.
No tracklisting was revealed, but the band's been playing a handful of new material in live shows this summer, like "Charlie Brown," which they performed on Jimmy Kimmel, "Us Against the World," "Hurts Like Heaven," and "Major Minus," which they rolled out in Germany, and the aforementioned "Waterfall."
[Mylo Xyloto's tracks were produced by Markus Dravs, Daniel Green and Rik Simpson... with Enoxification and additional composition by Brian Eno.]"

- Peter Gaston @ SPIN

When Pauly Patey (Zombie Gang) Met Asher Roth

"Dude, I didn't get to go. I'm so pissed and kicking myself in the ass. Paul smoked a blunt with Chuck [The Cool Kids] on stage then got kicked out, went around back, and [saw] Asher Roth in a window. So, he threw a pebble at window... and Asher and Scooter Braun came down and bullshitted with him. Fuckin nuts! Paul's phone didn't work so Asher got Scooter to take the picture for him and emailed it to Paul."

- Texts with Dylan Sutherland (Dollar)

Let me attempt to bridge the gap here a mere bit: Nick Curio (Squid) heard about The Cool Kids' show @ Bam Margera's "The Note" in Westchester, PA, Thurs. evening. He then extended the invite to his Zombie Gang bandmates and a few close friends. Time wasn't exactly on their side and people had prior plans, as most people would on a Fri. afternoon/night... Pauly Patey, Angie Park & Jess DePalma ended up tagging along with Squid.
Yesterday (August 11) was Asher Roth's birthday... HAPPY [BELATED] BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!!! Always the crowd-pleaser, Asher released a new track to his fans in honor of his 26th year - "In the Kitchen:" A Chuck Inglish Production. The Cool Kids' proper debut, When Fish Ride Bicycles is out now, while Asher Roth's Untitled Album #2 is expected TBR sometime in the near future.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Thunderdome Cruisers" (Maybachs) with Kanye, Jay-Z, "Otis," Aziz & Spike Jonze

Let's be real... By now, 3/4's of Internet Dwellers have most likely heard tell of Watch the Throne. Long-time collaborators, Kanye & Jay-Z ["The Throne"] have finally re-joined forces to craft a full-length album of cold, hard beats and rhymes. Crisp backing tracks were submitted from an array of All-Star Producers including but not limited to Q-Tip, The Neptunes, RZA, and Swizz Beatz... Now for a collection of eloquently-laced words and numbers [stats]:

- Unleashed to iTunes Mon. August 8th.
- Subsequently reached #1 in some 23 countries world-wide.
- EXCLUSIVELY sold @ Best Buy between August 12-22.
- Projected Week 1 sales: 400-500,000 units.
- Standard CD: 12 tracks. Deluxe Edition: 16
- Traditional "Radio Singles:" 0
- Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH: $380,000 (African Child donation)

While most unsuspecting fans will take the "Watch the Throne" album title as a jab to up-and-coming rappers attempting to steal "The Throne" [spotlight] from Kanye & Jay-Z... I believe it bears quite the opposite message - To me "Watch the Throne" is more of a blessing from Jay-Z to Kanye (34); Mr. Carter, who's now 41, will eminently retire in the not-so-distant future. Having served as Kanye's mentor since his 2003 Rap career start-up. I see the album title as more of a blessing/well wish from Jay-Z... Essentially, a "carry on the torch and be sure to watch the throne"-type of message.

The Witzard Interviews Justin "Bobby" Brescia of The Hills-fame's Self-described "Raw Rock Pop" Band, EdstanleY (TBKP Productions)

Over the course of the past few months, I've gotten in touch with California's very own EdstanleY. Over the period of time since, I've also managed to establish a working relationship and friendship of sorts with Scott, Justin, and Dave. It's been one hell of an experience thus far, guys! Here, my friends, are the results of an emailed interview which together... we drafted, sent, and conducted:

(1.) So, what are the band's origins? How did you guys meet? What drew you to each other?

Scott and Dave actually met in college at Arizona State University... After graduating, Scott had realized that he didn't want to pursue the typical 9-5 life, so he packed his bags and moved to California to live with Dave on his kitchen floor in Huntington Beach, CA... while living a few blocks from the beach, Scott and Dave became friends with Justin who lived right next door... The three of us realized that we had a common passion for playing and creating music and decided that we would form a band and start pursuing our passion.

(2.) What does the name "EdstanleY" really mean? Or is it Top Secret? ha. If so, I'll let you guys off the hook... But I personally, think it's great! It really works well as one entity (I like the way it's stylized, too!) Am I getting close?

Haha, it is definitely Top Secret! Sorry, can't give the answer to this one... Hehe, kidding, of course. We named the band EdstanleY in honor of a neighbor that lived right next door to the three of us in Huntington Beach... His name... Ed Stanley. From the very beginning he encouraged and supported us in our pursuit of our dream… He is a musician as well and had a drum kit, guitar amps, bass amps and PA in his apartment... He helped us build a studio in Dave's garage below our apartment and he donated all of his equipment to us to use in the studio... He is not only the name our band, he is a huge supporter and true friend to us and will be forever.

(3.) Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Swirl, with nuts on top. Maybe a little whipped cream.

(4.) 2pac or Biggie?

Most definitely Tupac... Not only was he an incredible rapper, he was a true poet, a revolutionary, a leader, an activist and a true artist... He is one of Scott's biggest influences in this life.

(5.) What are some of your influences?

As a band we are most definitely influenced by a wide range of musical influences... Nirvana, Metallica, Cage The Elephant, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down. Dave by a lot of Punk music, Pennywise, Bad Religion. Justin by a lot of Dance music. Scott by great songwriters, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tupac, The Doors.

(6.) What are some of your current listenings? As a Music Journalist, I'm always interested in finding new bands… Can you guys point me in the direction of any prospects?

Right now, we LOVE Cage the Elephant... Absolutely incredible... A bit of Shinedown, The Heavy... Muse, and of course, THE EdstanleY

(7.) Did EdstanleY notice any fan draw as a result of The Hills? Justin's presence/storylines were honestly one of the only reasons I watched it... Besides all of the eye-candy! ha The Hills was actually where I first heard tell of EdstanleY. I vaguely remember you guys performing at a club on one of the episodes.

We saw a huge response from our appearance on The Hills... our hits on our website spiked and we've gained a following of EdstanleY Souldiers from across the globe... We are blessed to have had the opportunity to share our music through MTV and The Hills.

(8.) What's the go-to EdstanleY writing/recording set-up and eventual process(es) like?

We have just written 10 new songs and basically what we do is all get together in a room... Warm up, jam around until we come across something that just kicks ass - a riff, a chord progression, a lyrical idea... Something that just sounds catchy, aggressive and fun.

(9.) Favourite beers? And what are some of the best bars and/or clubs you've hit up in your travels across the country/world?

Hmmm... Miller Genuine Draft, baby... MGD in a bottle and definitely a good Hefeweizen.
Some of our favorite spots have been: The House of Blues in Orange County... The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, we're super stoked to play The Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado at the end of the month... We can't wait to get to Europe and start [rockin'] it overseas!

(10.) I've noticed about an EP's-worth of tracks online... What's the current state of your album? And will it be independently or label released?

We are 12 songs deep into our new album... We're working out the kinks, getting them super tight... We're looking to probably release the album independently... we've got a solid producer in line to possibly work with... A cat that has worked with Rise Against, Shinedown and Puddle of Mudd... We're super stoked!

(11.) Any upcoming tour dates? I vote EdstanleY comes to the East Coast! – Preferably the Tri-State Area [Philly]!

Right now, we're playing local gigs to gear up for our tour to Colorado at the end of August... We'll also be playing a big show in September at the Key Club in Hollywood, and we can't wait to get on tour across the United States!!

- Thanks again for the opportunity, guys! It's been a true pleasure! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

-- Thank YOU brother Matt!! We truly appreciate your EdstanleY Love!!

All I can say is... great music and that Scott, Justin, and Dave are genuinely an awesome, kind bunch! Working together has been a highly enjoyable experience and I look forward to future collaborative endeavors. Head on over to EdstanleY Music; Where eager fans can be easily linked to the band's various forms of Social Medium. Über-fans are strongly urged to join the newly-formed EdstanleY Souldiers (Street Team).

Neako - "LVL: 2 x 10" (Kanye Flip)

* Mr. Burt - "Kanye @ Coachella Illustrated"

"Off Neako's new forthcoming project, The NUMBER 23. [This will be] the follow-up to Neako's last critically-acclaimed mixtape, LOUDpackTREE.
The release "LVL: 2 x 10," samples Kanye West - "Hell of a Life," and is co-produced by Neako and originally by Kanye. Neako chops the [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] record, adding his own instrumentation, creativity, and introspective lyrics... focused on his ascension and growth in his career the last couple years. The video, directed by Max Hliva captures Neako on a lone, deserted journey; All while displaying his usual artistic bravado."

"LVL: 2 x 10" mp3 download now available over @ 2dopeboyz - compliments of "Shake."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ital - "Dub Me for Night" (Saviour's Love Mega-Mix)

Daniel Martin-McCormick skillfully and concurrently moonlights as Sex Worker, Ital, and Mi Ami... All the while, actively working with group projects [bands] "LA Vampires Goes Ital" and Black Eyes. This latest project, Ital, is strongly rooted in Dance-House music... moreso than that of Martin-McCormick's past endeavors. Under the label direction of 100% Silk, Ital has released 3 limited edition [350] 12" EP's so far in 2011. Also of note, is his New Wave-y collaborative "Streetwise" 12" with label-head, Amanda "LA Vampires" Brown.
"Only for Night" is the title cut/break-out "hit" from Silk #2 of 3; Released to vimeo on August 7th, its accompanying music video was directed by Aurora Halal, Luke Wyatt & Daniel Martin-McCormick. For all intensive purposes, "Dub Me for Night" is basically a cut-and-pasted reel of old, shitty VHS tapes... spliced between/against "bloody" Day-Glo images of Ital [Daniel]. I believe that @ least part of the 7-minute long affair features Martin-McCormick lip-synching along with a synth-filled edit of Florence + The Machine's "You've Got the Love" (The Source & Candi Staton).

Print Interviews:

Tom Lea @ FACT Magazine (July)
Tamara el Essawi @ Dummy Magazine (May)

The National - "Exile, Vilify" (Contest Winners)

First Place = C.F. Meister

While its single art runs with the same overall stylistic theme as The National's High Violet (2010) Era, "Exile, Vilify" is in fact featured within Portal 2's [video game] soundtrack. First released along with a Viral Trailer back in April, the track's popularity has been steadily growing/picking up steam ever since. To commemorate Portal 2's massive success, Valve Software [game developers] set up a contest to track down the best fan-made music video for "Exile, Vilify."
As the "Portal 2 Music Video Contest" deadline quickly approached, Team Valve was having a hard time deciding on a winner; managing to whittle the 320+ fan entries down to 2 uniquely different music video submissions, the delicate task was passed off to The National band members. Both close winning teams will receive nearly identical prize packages... The only differentiation being custom guitar/messenger bags. The contest site dubbed, "Think with Portals" is currently showcasing merryamartyr's Second Third Place-winning video; As well as honorees in Best... Green Screen, LEGO, Turret, Puppet, Ratman, and other assorted categories.

1.00000000001th Place = MikeMov89Portal2

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mike Taylor Flips The Throne - "Otis (Part 2)"

To paraphrase one Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr: Mike Taylor hails from "West Philadelphia born and raised... [where he enjoyed] chillin' out, maxin', relaxing all cool, and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school."
A Pop-tinged singer-rapper, Mike Taylor is currently signed to Epic/Sony Records and was FKA: "Tu Phace." Frequent collaborators and Philly Area friends include: Black Thought/Dice Raw (The Roots), Ricky Radio, Gilbere Forte', Ritz Reynolds, The Disco Biscuits, Peedi Peedi [Crakk], and former crew - Subliminal Orphans.
If you're ever in Philly, stop by Silk City @ 5th & Spring Garden and say "What's up, Mike!?" as Taylor host a weekly dance party dubbed, "Mo Money, No Problems" ...with DJ Sammy Slice & DJ Cool Hand Luke every Thurs. night. I was able to learn a little more about "Otis (Part 2)" and its video's creation, through a short email exchange with Mike Taylor himself:

- "Otis (Part 2)" shot in the streets of The City Brotherly Love and on location @ assorted roof-tops and alleyways.
- LF DAZE essentially re-created the "Otis" sample ["Try a Little Tenderness"] by speeding up the tempo, minor alterations/extensions, and making it their own.
- A troupe of "Tribal" dancers, including Eric Patrick (Real World) Kingleys, is featured within.
- Directed/Edited By: Mike Taylor & Steven Smith.

- From the Stars, a Ritz Reynolds-produced mixtape, is now download-able over @ iammiketaylor. Album tracks include: "PARTY," "Searching for Summer," and "Warrior (LA Riots Remix)."
- A collection of various tracks, features, and Ke$ha remixes are up on MIKE TAYLOR Soundcloud. Additional music videos are view-able @ iammiketaylor's YouTube Channel.
- Watch the Throne (Kanye & Jay-Z) is available for purchase @ iTunes... and will become EXCLUSIVELY available @ Best Buy (Deluxe Edition) between August 12-22.