Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Billboard Presents: Asher Roth & Blended Babies - "Tangerine Girl" (Federal Prism Records)

Despite the fact, or maybe because, he looks like a modern day hippie burn-out, Asher Roth is easily one of the most talented and criminally under-rated emcees in all of the Boom-Bap land. While I've been a fan since "I Love College," I'll be amongst the first to admit that Roth's mixtapes have always been infinitely stronger than his lone radio-friendly album, Asleep In The Bread Aisle (2009). But with that said, all of Asher Roth's non-album projects have sufficiently spotlighted his lyrical progression and sense of zen-like calm, cool, and collectiveness during an ill-fated and now severed deal with Def Jam; Seared Foie Gras with Quince & Cranberry, RAWTH EP, Pabst & Jazz, and The GreenHouse Effect (Vol. 2) are therefore the missing creative links between Asleep In The Bread Aisle and his upcoming sophomore album, RetroHash. Although there's really no way of telling if it's even the same collection of songs, Roth's perpetually shelved second album was tentatively titled both The Spaghetti Tree and Is This Too Orange? during it's early creative process(es) between 2010-12. "People are like, 'Where have you been? What have you been doing?'" Asher Roth recently lamented to Billboard during an exclusive piece. "And I understand that I haven't been able to sell music in five years, because of everything that was happening... But I was still putting out music and working on my craft. I think, with RetroHash, even though it's going to be an official release, it's going to be much more of trying things." Following a "live listening session" at Blackheart Bar (SXSW) with The Pharcyde on March 15th and four quick-strike April dates, RetroHash will finally see a proper April 22nd wide-release on Dave Sitek's own Federal Prism imprint. Asher Roth additionally floated Billboard an exclusive stream of his new 90's Funk-Rap-leaning track, "Tangerine Dream," which was preceded by a hashword-unlockable secret-stream just a few days ago.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll Be There for You: HAIM - "If I Could Change Your Mind" (Columbia Records)

"The way to my heart: the Vanity 6 shuffle, @HAIMtheband," Tonight Show bandleader and Roots drummer Questlove Tweeted mere hours after "If I Could Change Your Mind"'s late night release. Multi-instrumentalist sisters Alana, Danielle & Este Haim did in fact work alongside esteemed choreographer Fatima Robinson and director Warren Fu. For those of you who have been living under a rock these last few years, HAIM could essentially be likened to a Hip-Hop & R&B-infused all-female version of Fleetwood Mac; they've previously collaborated with A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, and Kid Cudi on wax [record]. The fifth commercial single pulled from their debut Days Are Gone, "If I Could Change Your Mind" is a moody oftentimes dimly-lit affair, which kinda resembles an old Soul Train sound stage. Inter-splicing back and forth between synchronized dance sequences and two separate performance clips, Warren Fu has effectively created one of the most simple, yet well-executed music videos I've seen in the past 6-8 months. While they were formed back in 2006, HAIM are finally starting to win the hearts of middle American teens and twenty-somethings... But I'm not even ashamed to admit that my girlfriend and I are catching HAIM's sold out Tower Theatre (Philly) show this upcoming May, and I couldn't be more excited about it! It'll be interesting to see if the Haim sisters will attempt to execute any of their recent viral covers live; Beyoncé, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

okayplayer Presents: "Questlove's First Day at The Tonight Show" Mini-Doc (Parts 1-2)

The self-proclaimed "Greatest Band In Late Night," The Roots have really come a long way since busking for pocket change on South Philly street corners back in the late 1980's; now in their sixth year with Jimmy Fallon as his show changes hands from Late Night to The Tonight Show, the on-screen band has been augmented to include two horn players borrowed from The Dap-Kings. What initially started as a brief behind-the-scenes vignette, okayplayer in-house videographer Jake Remington ended up filming a 2-part mini-documentary. Part 1 effectively shadows ?uestlove, who'll soon appear as a crusty afro-corpse on Law & Order: SVU, as he goes through his pre-show rituals and morning routine before Fallon #970; Hashtag-savvy fans get an inside look into ?uestlove's New York high-rise apartment, his coveted sneaker and T-shirt collection, his breakfast-scented cologne cabinet, boxing with a personal trainer, and 20 minutes of electric relaxation on the way to Studio 6B. Part 2 on the other hand, focuses more on The Roots' final band rehearsals before their February 17-18th Tonight Show debut... we get to hear the story behind the show's newly-composed theme song, sit in on ?uestlove's annual shape-up, get The Roots' view of their stripped down in-studio performance of "Ordinary Love" with guest(s) U2, talking J Dilla, Michael Jackson & Prince's collective inspiration with bandleader Quest, etc. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs week nights at 11:30pm, while The Roots' next album (tentatively titled &TYSYC) is supposedly soon forthcoming; "There is also a release date for the next @TheRoots LP "and then you shoot your cousin," but not sure if we can share that yet (it's soon),)" @okayplayer Tweeted back on February 15th.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We're Up All Night to Get Lucky: Pharrell Suddenly Announces New Album, "G I R L" (Columbia)

Pharrell arguably had one of the most successful years of his career last year with the combined mega-success of "Get Lucky," "Blurred Lines," and countless other chart-topping hits. Late Tuesday night, news broke that Pharrell's long-rumored second solo album, now titled G I R L will see a March 3-4th release. Pharrell himself described the album as "the difference between [age] 30 and 40" during a career-spanning Complex interview and in stark contrast with both In My Mind (2006) and N*E*R*D, G I R L will supposedly feature "no rapping" whatsoever. While I've always thought Pharrell was a pretty impressive rapper-producer, he's a damn awesome singer and hook-man, as well. "Happy," the first single of the album's 10 currently untitled tracks, is a prime example of Skateboard P's singing chops; it was originally composed for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack and almost functions as a modern day all-age "pursuit of happiness" anthem.

G I R L's striking album artwork was included along with an iTunes-initiated pre-order, which features Pharrell and three beautiful models outfitted in robes and vintage sunglasses seductively veering into the camera lens. I've also included a brief G I R L teaser-clip that's accented by about 30 seconds of mysterious-sounding album audio. "The reason why I named it G I R L in capital letters [with two spaces] is because when you look at it, it looks a little weird. And the reason why it does is because society is a little unbalanced. And I just thought like, if I'm gonna make an album, I need to make an album that says everything that I've ever wanted to say," Pharrell revealed to Zane Lowe backstage at the as-yet-unaired Brit Awards. "We need them. Every living breathing human being on this planet regardless to your sexual orientation benefits from two things from a woman: the agreement to enter the act and the agreement to have you. So, they have the power. Every human being has come through those silver-lined doors." It's unclear as to whether or not Pharrell's recent Amazing Spider-Man score super-collaborators Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and Mike Einziger (Incubus) will appear anywhere within G I R L.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dope Body & Air-smuggled German Beer: Kelis & Dave Sitek - "Jerk Ribs" (Ninja Tune)

For the sake of cohesive clarity, maybe it should be duly noted that the majority of this very post was written down in my parents' basement earlier tonight while I was listening to Dope Body's latest Sludge-Punk album, Natural History, and drinking midair-smuggled German beer: While I can't exactly say that I'm a huge Kelis fan, and you may not be either, but let's be totally honest... who isn't at least vaguely familiar with "Milkshake" or even "Got Your Money" (ODB)? TIME further notes that Kelis has essentially bounced all over the place during her 15-year career; "she made strange, funky Pop songs like "Milkshake" [with Pharrell] that took over American radio. She was more forceful still with clanging, dissonant R&B tracks like "Bossy." Then, she transformed into a spaced-out Electro-House diva on her last album, 2010's Flesh Tone." Now the ex-wife of legendary Queens emcee Nas, Kelis has teamed up with TV On The Radio multi-instrumentalist and super-producer Dave Sitek for her upcoming album, Food. "It's like we're such different people, but I met him and he's really just this brilliant, strange creature, Kelis recently elaborated to label Ninja Tune about her unexpected partnership with Sitek.

"I musically fell in love with him and I think he's just a divine person. It's ridiculous how much we speak the same language, musically and food-wise." She's actually a highly trained chef, who took a cordon bleu course around 2008-09 after a messy four-year long break-up with her then-label. The self-described "cornerstone of [the] album," "Jerk Ribs" (formerly Call On Me) is the latest re-released video-single pulled from Food, which was recorded in-between impromptu Kelis-cooked meals at Dave Sitek's LA home-studio with a revolving door of talented musical buddies. It's sparse companion behind-the-scenes video follows Kelis around Mexico while getting ready for a few glammed up photoshoots and eventually getting photographed, filmed, and whatnot. Just days ago, it was revealed that Kelis will host her own Cooking Channel show called Saucy and Sweet, which will reportedly debut nation-wide on February 26th at 8:30pm EST. Ahead of Food's impending April 21-22nd release, Ninja Tune unveiled a second teaser single, "Rumble" early last week, as well as a Stereogum-premiered glitched-out Mount Kimble re-work of "Jerk Ribs."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Converse Music Presents: Trash Talk & Flatbush Zombies - "97.92" (CONS EP, Vol. 1)

While it might not exactly be the righteous ear-piercing RAGER you'd expect from a Trash Talk/Flatbush Zombies team-up, "97.92" is a pretty legit-sounding thankfully Nü-Metal-less Rock-tinged Hip-Hop banger; frontman @LeeSpielman notes that it's first-time beat-maker(s) and fellow bandmate "Garrett [Stevenson] and Kellen on the beat." Even though Trash Talk are signed to Odd Future Records, they really haven't dabbled too much into Hardcore Punk/Hip-Hop hybrids, aside from two Spielman-assisted tracks on Hodgy Beats' quick-strike Untitled EP 2 (2013). Stereogum premiered "97.92" mid-Monday morning, which Trash Talk & Flatbush Zombies collectively recorded together at Converse's own Williamsburg-based Rubber Tracks studio recently. If The Internet-propelled rumor-mill is to be believed, both groups are currently working on new music; Flatbush Zombies leaked a new track, "LiT" from their upcoming It's All a Matter of Perspective EP and Lee Spielman recently Tweeted, "I really can't wait for you guys to hear the new Trash Talk album... I'm so stoked for this sh*t to unleash on the world." Converse plans to release CONS EP Vol. 1, including "97.92" and RATKING x Eric Copeland's previous leak "Gauchos," early next month (March).

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chromeo Reveal "White Women" Release Date, via Craigslist Missed Connection (Larry David Funk)

"I asked your boss for your number. I never wondered which way it would go. You woke me up from my slumber. Now let me break your work flow. It's not a lot, but all I wanna do is skip town on a weekend with you. There's still so much to discover There's still a lot we don't know," read a recent suspiciously rhythmic-sounding Craigslist missed connections posting. It's actually a thinly veiled album release announcement for Chromeo's new album, "White Women (title) 05-12-14 (date) - m4w," which also includes the Retro-80's album artwork. The FADER dually notes that the address listed with the posting, 701 1st Ave. N, was actually the location of First Avenue, Prince's favourite hometown Minneapolis venue, where Purple Rain's concert sequences were filmed. White Women, a self-described Larry David Funk album, is rumored to house a few choice cuts assisted by frequent collaborator Solange, Toro Y Moi, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig, former LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney, Oliver, and Biggie-sampled singer Tawatha Agee (Mtume). While Dave 1 & P-Thugg additionally managed to appear on a recent Chuck Inglish track, "Legs," from his upcoming album, Convertibles. "It's ambiguous - ethnic guys [they're Jewish-Moroccan and Lebanese] making a tribute to black music with an album called White Women. We felt it was a challenge to this super conservative climate we're feeling in America these days," Dave 1 lamented to Rolling Stone this past October. "We just wanted debates like this to be engaged. It's interesting that the music we make can branch out into these conversations," he continued.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Def Jam & WEDIDIT Present: Jeremih & Shlohmo - "No More" (Untitled EP)

"Birthday Sex" crooner Jeremih has teamed back up with LA-based Electro/Hip-Hop producer and beat-maker Shlohmo to release "No More" just in time for inclusion on your nearly-finalized Valentine's Day playlist. NPR of all places premiered the latest Future-R&B track from the pair, which they further described as "the first single from their forthcoming [WEDIDIT/Def Jam] joint EP, and it's edgy, 3am, come-down-after-the-club music... more Avante-Garde than club-friendly." It's definitely amongst a recent crop of Kanye-inspired sinister-leaning love songs; Shlohmo initially remixed Jeremih's Late Nights mixtape track, "F_ck U All The Time" around late 2012 and then linked back up for "Bo Peep (Do U Right)" for Yours Truly and Adidas' Songs from Scratch collaborative video-series. While Jeremih & Shlohmo's long-rumored Untitled EP was previously slated for a February 2014 release, which should now see the light of day around March, followed by Jeremih's third album, Thumpy Johnson. "No More" is currently available for FREE download (right click and save link as) compliments of NPR, as well as the rest of Shlohmo & Jeremih's 2-song discography, if you dig deep enough within the depths of The Internet! mwahahaha

Sugar Factory Films Presents: Wu-Tang Clan - " Y'all Been Warned" (Lost Video, 2001)

While it's a pretty painfully disoriented sequence of events, Wu-Tang Clan's recently unearthed "Y'all Been Warned" music video is more or less the sheer epitome of everything good, bad, or indifferent about late 90's-early 2000's Hip-Hop all rolled into one; a simpler time when you could just book a hotel room, rent a few strippers, invite some buddies over, and coincidentally film the whole thing with a department store handy-cam. Acting as the proper 12" B-side to "Uzi (Pinky Ring)," "Y'all Been Warned" simultaneously features sharp-tongued swordsmen Method Man, RZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, and Masta Killa, Sugar Factory Films seemingly produced a set of companion lo-fi visuals back around 2001. It's pretty uncanny, yet surprisingly awesome that an unreleased video-single from a group of this caliber has just sat locked up in "the vaults" somewhere in unreleased form for nearly 15 years! "That's what's up, yo, the kid with the buck-toothed flow. Oh, that's Meth Man, south paw, I throw my left hand to that hardcore shit that even make the Tec jam," raps charismatic emcee and How High co-star Method Man. Master-producer RZA and his Wu-Tang disciples are currently working on their second collaborative album without Ol' Dirty Bastard, A Better Tomorrow, their first full-length since 8 Diagrams (2007). Wu-Tang Clan have supposedly been chipping away at the long-rumored album since summer 2011; following a slew of scattered recording sessions over the past few years, habitually absent members, and numerous delayed tentative release dates, "The new Wu album 'A Better Tomorrow' [is] coming soon," according to their Facebook page. Sugar Factory Films cleverly seem to be using "Y'all Been Warned"'s web-unearthing as cross-promotion for their Tarantino Productions-sponsored crime comedy, Underbelly Blues; "an experimental, fast paced celebration of street slang, ghetto wit, and gratuitous violence. Winner of four Best Picture awards and the buzz of the 2012 Hollywood Film Fest."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Enter The Slasher House: Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - "Little Fang" (Domino Records)

"A group of three hippies on a road trip through the backwaters of 2013's rural music scene fall prey to a murderous cannibalistic band making, including a leather-masked, guitar-wielding Avey Tare, his knife-wielding keyboard player Angel Deradoorian, and their cannibal chief drummer and decaying grandfather Jeremy Hyman," Dave Portner vaguely attempted to describe his then newly-formed project, Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks upon their April 2013 formation. An Indie Rock super-group of sorts or even a self-described "Jazz power trio," Slasher Flicks features former members of Dirty Projectors and Ponytail, along with Avey Tare who's seemingly on a brief hiatus from his main band, Animal Collective. Domino Records will release the band's debut album, Enter The Slasher House on April 7-8th and paired with the Monday morning album announcement, came Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks' first pre-release sonic-appetizer, "Little Fang." "While their sound is monstrous and there are nightmarish moments peppering the lyrics and melodies, "Little Fang"'s clean guitars, soft everything and special smoke called "PYT" blown into the tape machine shows off spirits conjured from sweeter worlds," notes a Domino web-press release. Enter The Slasher House is currently available for pre-order on either standard CD, double heavy-weight LP, or various digital formats; participating eager fans will also become eligible to purchase special ticket and album bundles. Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks will be touring across the United States between April and May along with Jeremy Hyman's former Ponytail bandmate, Dustin Wong, whom I recently interviewed for this very site.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

J. Rocc Presents: Dil Jackson - "Another Part of Me" & "Beat It" (J Dilla & Michael Jackson)

"Share My Bed = MJ & Dilla 1st track, "Player Has Butterflies" ...wait [for] the rest," read a vague 2009 Stones Throw post. Beat Junkies co-founder and former Black Star & Jaylib DJ J. Rocc has seemingly been working on some sort of unspecified J Dilla/Michael Jackson mash-up project for the past 5+ years. Dilla was a known Jackson (5) super-fan and even sampled "Dancing Machine" for Q-Tip's solo track "Move" (2008), originally appearing on his Beat CD '05 #3 web-bootleg. I can vaguely remember downloading a copy of my first J Dilla album, Champion Sound with Madlib (2003). It falls right between what I would consider his two greatest works, Ruff Draft EP and his magnum opus, Donuts. Little did I know, at the time, that Dilla's health was slowly failing because of lupus complications and a rare blood disorder; he ultimately passed away on February 10th, 2006. I didn't realize til a few years later, but J Dilla and one of the greatest men I know, my dad, Mike Horowitz share the same birthday (February 7th). So, yesterday in honor of what would've been Dilla's 40th birthday, J. Rocc unleashed two more unreleased tracks from Share My Bed, now seemingly re-dubbed Dil Jackson. "Another Part of Me" was simply self-described as "another banger for ya" and seamlessly melds Jackson's sixth Bad single with J Dilla's stock off-kilter Boom-Bap drum patterns. "Beat It" (Re-rub) on the other hand, is a little bit grimier production, where J. Rocc couples "Beat It" with another likely unreleased Dilla track and a repeating "WHAT" refrain. Although sadly, further Share My Bed aka Dil Jackson release details have still yet to be announced. J Dilla's long-lost 2000's era vocal album for MCA, now titled The Diary, was rumored for a spring 2013 release on family-owned Pay Jay Productions, which ultimately didn't end up materializing. It supposedly features production works from Kanye, Pete Rock, Karriem Riggins, Hi-Tek, ?uestlove, Waajeed, Supa Dave West, and Dilla himself.

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Drop Down & Get Your Weezer On:" Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. - PRODUCE (Vol. 1)

Not since Interpol frontman Paul Banks unleashed his semi-awkward Everybody On My D*ck Like They Supposed to Be have I heard a more un-Hip-Hop sounding mixtape; But with that said, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. uploaded their long-rumored PRODUCE (Vol. 1) mixtape mid-Wednesday afternoon. It's an oddly endearing juxtaposition of Weezer-indebted Indie Rock and Underground Hip-Hop with a little help from their friends, Asher Roth, Murs, Chuck Inglish, 112 crooner Slim, King Chip, Quelle Chris, and more. While it's actually a pretty legit-sounding Hip-Hop affair, there are still in fact flavors of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s deeply-ingrained Pop tendencies subtly inter-woven through out PRODUCE: a light-hearted Beach Boys/Biggie mash-up, a cover of Nina Simone covering Randy Newman, and even decades-old interpolated Paul Simon lyrics. The 16-track mixtape is flanked by two album tracks remixed by Absofacto and Jon Zott (Goldenboyz), brother of co-frontman Daniel Zott... "Before Nate Dogg passed away, I was listening to some of his old songs and thinking bout how incredible it is that he was able to sing such absurd lyrics and yet, always sound so cool. I started writing an album for his voice," Josh Epsetein lamented in an interview to accompany Complex's recent premier of "Rush Into Love." "He passed away a month later, and I was instantly filled with regret. Not because I truly believed that we would make that album together, but because I wished I'd [be] able hear more of his voice. That became the inspiration to start the same project on a smaller scale: One song for one of our favorite artists, who's voice we wanted to hear more of," he continued. While I wouldn't exactly recommend it for Hip-Hop purists, PRODUCE is the perfect sun-soaked mixtape to listen to while you're waiting for this frigid weather to break; it's now available for FREE download from either web-mixtape power-house DatPiff or the band's personal Soundcloud page, which is conveniently embedded above.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sacred Bones Records Presents: The Men - "Another Night" (Tomorrow's Hits)

"We had been kickin' the horns idea around for a little while, thinking about Fun House by The Stooges, Exile On Main Street by The [Rolling] Stones, and all those old classics Stax and Motown records," The Men singer-guitarist Mark Perro recently told Rolling Stone. It seemingly exemplifies the most Punk Rock, rebellious quality about The Men; their ability to effortlessly switch genres... whether it be Punk Rock, Country, Classic Rock, Surf-Rock, Folk-Acoustic, and now Bluesy Rock "N" Roll. "Another Night" kinda sounds like some retro Springsteen melded against a righteous-sounding Blues-Jazz high school band. Although The Men are a former Post-Punk Noise band formed in Brooklyn around 2008, who most recently released New Moon and Campfire Songs EP, somehow both issued through out the course of 2013. After a few solid repeated listens, I'd guess that "Another Night" is about a failing relationship on the rocks: "Well, hey baby, I just can't take another fight. And I just can't stand to stay here another night... Oh, we gotta just keep on tryin'. It'll be alright! And we gotta just keep on tryin' for another night." "Another Night" is the third proper pre-release track pulled from The Men's forthcoming album, Tomorrow's Hits (due March 4th), along with "Pearly Gates" and "Different Days," which was also unveiled Monday afternoon. Tom Breihan went on to describe the latter track's execution as if "a Krautrock crew [were] trying to find room for a little bit of Allman Brothers choogle-boogie in their staring-into-the-void rhythmic infinity." It was moderately interesting to learn that Tomorrow's Hits was actually recorded before New Moon, but New Moon ended up being released first, for whatever reasons; not entirely unlike The Beatles' final two haphazardly-released albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be (1969-70).

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pepsi Halftime Show Presents: RHCP2014 - "Abracadarbafornia" (Jon Daly)

Well, since Super Bowl XLVIII was more or less a televised blood-bath (43-8), Red Hot Chili Peppers/Bruno Mars' halftime team-up was expectedly cringe-worthy, and the million-dollar commercials were pretty sub-par, the real winner of the night was comedian Jon Daly aka RHCP2014. Last week, Daly unleashed a legit-sounding new "Chili Peppers" track titled "Abracadarbafornia" upon the unsuspecting Internet. It's essentially a note-perfect re-hash of an old Comedy Bang Bang sketch written by Jon Daly and buddy Zach Galifianakis, centered around their fake Pepper Men fan club theme song, "Abracadarbafornia." Daly and multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Ghahremani (King Cyrus King) single-handedly duped one terribly unsuspecting Yahoo Music writer who preemptively lamented, "the song is classic Peppers, so much so, it almost sounds like a parody... with a slightly melancholy guitar riff before sinking into the prototypical Peppers groove."

Sonically, it really doesn't sound too dissimilar from the Chili Peppers' pre-By The Way output, but it's the increasingly nonsensical lyrics that eventually give it away (no pun intended). Nearly a week after "Abracadarbafornia"'s initial release and Jon Daly's big reveal, he gave an exclusive interview to Noisey where he said that the whole Chili Peppers parody originated from a celeb-party he once attended with Zach Galifianakis; "we started joking around. I was like, "Hey man, Flea texted me, he's stuck in traffic but he'll be here soon." He was like, "[Anthony] Kiedis said he's parking so we can hang out soon." By the end of the night, we were like, "Have you heard their new album, Bing Bong Burbank? It's gonna be great!" Every time I saw him for the next two months, we'd do this dumb bit to each other -- we'd talk about how the Chili Peppers were our friends and how all their California-isms and California style and stuff came from hanging out with me and Zach in California." For argument's sake, I've included last night's incredibly dated Bruno Mars-assisted rendition of "Give It Away" for comparison, which may very well have been unplugged.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

BAIO - "Would You Be Interested In a Mira Tour? Tour 2014 Tour Mix" (Vampire Weekend)

Fresh off their recent Best Alternative Music Album Grammy win, Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has announced a six-date Drake-referencing wordy-titled "Would You Be Interested in a Mira Tour? Tour 2014." BAIO, who's actually the second cousin of Happy Days teen-actor Scott Baio, released his second Electro-Dance EP (Mira) back in October; and to coincide with the tour web-announcement, Chris Baio uploaded a 41-minute DJ mix titled, "Would You Be Interested in a Mira Tour? Tour 2014 Tour Mix" to Soundcloud late Friday morning. While it's currently without a proper tracklist, BAIO's mega-mix includes plenty of unreleased music, off-kilter Dance tracks, Tribal beats, semi-dated House rhythms, etc. But after Shazaming a few random sonic-moments, I was able to identify a handful of interesting artists: Dense & Pika, Bjørn Torske, Meramek, and an extended remix of BAIO's very own Future Classic EP title track, "Mira." Chris Baio added in a brief Soundcloud note that "[he'll] add a tracklist in the next few weeks, as there are some unreleased songs in here." His Would You Be Interested In a Mira Tour? Tour 2014 kicked off on February 1st in France and will then make five consecutive stops in Italy, Washington (DC), Montreal, Denver, and New York with supporting acts Psychemagik and John Talabot on select dates.