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Jeff Rosenstock Shares "Skarranged" Version of 2020's NO DREAM Fittingly Re-titled SKA DREAM (Polyvinyl/Quote Unquote Records)

"You can PRE-ORDER some sweet limited (and unlimited) vinyl from us here . (There's about 200 left of the above variant!) You can LISTEN to SKA DREAM on all the things here . That includes Quote Unquote Records, where you can download the whole thing for free and if you choose to make a donation there, all the money goes to The First Nations Development Institute. HOPE YA LIKE THE RECORD! HERE'S A LITTLE THING I WROTE ABOUT IT: SKA DREAM is a complete re-recording of Jeff Rosenstock's critically-acclaimed 2020 record, NO DREAM; however, this time around, all the songs are Ska songs—you're welcome. The very good idea to make this record came together when, like many other bands throughout this pandemic that refused to participate in super-spreading events, we were trying to find a fun way to make some music together to share with people. Otherwise, we were just spending our evenings texting the Group Chat in dread about the collapsing world around us. Not the
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Odd Nosdam, Illogic & Ryan Harris, MD Talk About Fateful Twitter-fueled Collaboration Right The Ship EP (The Witzard Interview)

Illogic Rapping Cincinnati, OH, 1999 - CREDIT: Odd Nosdam (@odd_nosdam) "It's another Bandcamp Friday and we have something special for you! After over 20 years, Illogic & Odd Nosdam collaborate! Hope you enjoy!" read a message sent along with a Bandcamp Email Notification from Illogic's Bandcamp page on Friday, April 2, 2021. "guess who's back? it's been a whopping 23 years since Illogic & Nosdam last collaborated - which was on the very first cLOUDDEAD recording, "Apt. A (1)" - you know where the truth is..." Illogic & Odd Nosdam further explain on Bandcamp. What all of this is alluding to is a five-track EP—four original and a remix—from Illogic & Odd Nosdam dubbed Right The Ship. It's 100% raps from Illogic, beats by Odd Nosdam, bass on "Right The Ship" and bass/cuts on "Trafik Jam" by Mike Walti, mixed and mastered by Nosdam in 2019 at Toki G, Berkeley, and all Executive Produced by Ryan Harris

All-around Breakdown: Juan Cosby Breaks Down New Album Quantum Foam (Grasshopper Juice Records)

Juan Cosby pictured with his Rap group Counterfeit Money Machine (clockwise from left: AP Counterfeit, Cosby & Kill Bill) CREDIT: Andrew Doench Juan Cosby is an American producer and multi-instrumentalist. A member of Cincinnati-based Counterfeit Money Machine, Juan released his first solo album, Inhospitable Planet , in 2017, which was described as "a dazzling exploration of Progressive Hip-Hop." Cosby is the founder and owner of Grasshopper Juice Records, the mastermind behind annual Overcast Hip-Hop Festival , and runs his own blog, amazingly titled PIZZA RAPS. Juan Cosby has previously worked with the likes of ialive, Spoken Nerd, ceschi, Happy Tooth & Dug, Onry Ozzborn, OneWerd, AP Counterfeit (Counterfeit Money Machine,) Blueprint, Dope KNife, and Mega Ran. Cosby recently self-released his third proper solo/producer album, dubbed a "Psychadelic Rap LP," Quantum Foam, on Grasshopper Juice Records. It's a fun listen, glitchy, spaced out, and slight

Tiny Desk Meets SXSW: clipping. Employ Teeny Tiny Instruments for Their NPR Music Tiny Desk (Home) Concert [Sub Pop Records]

NPR Music regularly participates in the annual SXSW Music Festival, whether it's curating their own stage or, simply, attending and reporting on hundreds of shows in Austin, Texas. Last year, it was canceled due to The Pandemic, but SXSW returned this March as an online-only festival. NPR Music was asked to program a "stage" of Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts and present them on the final day of this year's festival. Now, we present to you, Tiny Desk Meets SXSW: four videos filmed in various locations, all of them full of surprises. Leave it to clipping. to innovate around the fundamental notion of a "Tiny Desk Concert" itself; effortlessly taking the series' emphasis on close-up intimacy and transporting it to new heights of, well... tininess. midcity by clipping. However, this is, after all, a band that contains multitudes. Producers William Hutson & Jonathan Snipes craft a bed of Hip-Hop, glitchy Industrial, and Noisy Experimental music, then, se

Liberty & Justice Full-band Group Chat with Ramzi Beshara, Edwin Carson, Halston Luna, Cory Parker & Ryan Taylor (The Witzard Interview)

CREDIT: Mark Champion (@markchampion_tx) Few bands have been busier amidst the pandemic than Houston's Liberty & Justice. Off the back of not one, but two 2020 EP's comes the Telephone Road band's sophomore full-length, PRESSURE. The co-release comes via their home town's recently exhumed Death Exclamations! and Germany's premiere Oi! peddlers, Contra Records. Still replete with the street-wise anthems that made debut 4 All such a rousing listen, the band's latest is a level-up in every way. Fans of First Wave Oi! & Street Punk would be hard-pressed to find anything more rumble-ready and massive sounding. Their collective résumés have clearly come together for a newly-definitive collection that should appeal to fans of Bishop's Green, Lion's Law, and other booted legions. Yet, the band incorporates a myriad of influences, varied guest spots, and a thickly-muscled sound indebted to Hardcore that will appeal to loyalists of The UK's newe

Shadows of Tomorrow: DRO CUP's DARK SIDE OF THE DOOM Pink Floyd/DOOM Mash-up & Visual Album (MF DOOM Tribute)

MF DOOM Mixed-media Collage - GRAPHIC BY: Roy Christopher (@RoyChristopher) Honestly, it doesn't even feel like there's a proper way to elegize an eccentric and extremely talented artist such as MF DOOM, who meant so much to so many of us for so many years for so many different reasons as truly unique as DOOM himself. So, what better way to pay tribute to The Man, The Myth, THE MASK himself than by speaking to those closest to him? With a heavy heart, I proudly present Shadows of Tomorrow; a new recurring column in tribute to DOOM in an effort to re-tell the tall tales, strange stories, and lesser-known tidbits of The Metal Face Villain himself. R.I.P. Daniel "MF DOOM" Dumile Thompson. DARK SIDE OF THE DOOM by DRO CUP "Today is the day I finally get to share my visual album, DARK SIDE OF THE DOOM ([Pink] Floyd samples, DOOM bars) with you all. Pink Floyd & DOOM are two artists that have followed me around from when I was just a 10-year-old in 5th grad

Two Minutes to Late Night Shares Music Videos for Every Time I Die & Cave In's Covers of Each Other's "Youth Overrided" & "Moor" (Splitsville Livestream)

Ever since this blasted COVID-19/Coronavirus-related pandemic started what feel like eons ago, Two Minutes to Late Night (2M2LN) have been assembling and recording a bunch of quarantine "bedroom" covers with a rotating cast of all-star Punk/Hardcore/Metal musicians. Creators Jordan Olds AKA Gwarsenio Hall & Drew "Hollywood" Kaufman have recorded and released something like 38 such super-covers. All of these have been made with the support of their fans, via Patreon, which helps to compensate out-of-work musicians still taking part within these fun videos through these trying times. Just this past January, 2M2LN launched a new socially distant/remotely-recorded web-series called Splitsville. Its first installment was a livestream event whenin, just as it sounds, we got a virtual split: Every Time I Die covering a Cave In song and Cave In returning the favor and covering an Every Time I Die song. Again, that all took place back on January 29, 2021 and it wa