Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cruel Summer (1)

Restless People are a cool new band.
This is one of their songs:

Here's a little bit about them: "When [Restless People] get together they talk about the internet, jeans, shoes, car repair, jobs, barber shops, positivity, sports, seltzer, appropriation, beer, relationships, style, pretzels and reality. They talk about music using adjectives like punk, pop, adult contemporary, global, dance and emotional. They argue with each other and tell lots of jokes." ha
Their self-titled debut album is out on Sept. 14, via IAMSOUND.

2 of the guys are also in a band called Tanlines.
This is one of their jams:

The 2 bands sound similar.
"Real Life" is from Tanlines' Settings EP...
They should have a full-length out shortly.

And here's a sweet (totally unrelated) video from Tokyo Police Club.

Saw these guys @ The Mann Center in Philly with my cuz a few months ago.
[Their songs sound even catchier live!]
Pick up their new CD, Champ.

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