Monday, September 6, 2010

Pepper & Chips

Alright.. I've been waiting for this for a long time!
NEW MUSIC FROM PEPPER!!!! So stoked!..
I heard it was gonna be a full LP, but this will do!

The Stitches EP..
It's somewhat of a promo for a fall our "Like a Surgeon" ha) with Shwayze & Brother Ali. They'll be in Philly (TLA) on Oct. 12th!
Check it out!

Here's some new tune-age from Chip tha Ripper & Chuck Inglish
(Chip & Chuck).

"Fat Raps (Remix)" / -feat various rappers
From the forthcoming collabo album, "Gift Raps!"
[Also on Chip's From Me, To You" (Preview) FreEP and Big Sean's "Finally Famous, Vol. 3: BIG (Mixtape)"].

And this is cool, as well: [Copy & Paste link.. Sorry.]
Oscar McClure's "Leaves"
It's from his new-ish album, "Compost."
Straight from the record label:
"Oscar McClure’s ‘Compost’ is organic experimental hip hop grown with bodily sounds, everyday objects, field recordings and an SP-303. Through his use of extended techniques and chance procedures, McClure associates various musical and non-musical materials to form a sonic ecosystem. Both noisy and meditative, this collection of atmospheric textures and phasing beats cultivates the boundaries shared between contemporary improvised music and hip hop."

Enjoy, compadres!

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