Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tough Love Re-release: Party Supplies - "Going Back to New York" (The Knocks Remix)

It's almost a little hard to believe that the same guys who produced Action Bronson's hard-hitting Blue Chips 1-2 also make Electro-Dance inspired Soft Rock in their free time. But I guess you could kinda consider Party Supplies' Pop-influenced beats crafted for Bronson as that seemingly grey area-fusing vehicle; Justin Nealis & Sean Mahon somehow convinced him to ferociously rap over John Mellencamp, Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman, "Tequila," Peter Gabriel, Guns "N" Roses, and plenty more note-worthy cats. Nealis recently compiled a list of his 25 favorite aka most influential albums, which includes everyone from Paul Simon to Raekwon. While it's been rumored for quite some time now, it seems as though Fool's Gold is finally planning a proper CD/LP re-issue of Party Supplies critically-acclaimed debut full-length, Tough Love later this summer. Tough Love 2 (as we'll refer to it from here on out) will likely include recent Soundcloud non-album tracks "(Searching for) A Crazy Love," "Security," "Danny Boy," and "4 More Months 2 Go." Fool's Gold has also seemingly alluded to the fact that Tough Love 2 may very well include a few spruced up remixes; "Going Back to New York" and "Beautiful Girl" by The Knocks and Lazerdisk respectively have been unleashed so far. Frequent Action Bronson & Party Supplies collaborator Rik Cordero has directed a companion music video for "Going Back to New York" (The Knocks Remix), which will be re-released as a proper digi-single next Tuesday, May 6th, backed with "Beautiful Girl" (Lazerdisk Remix). "Before shooting the video, Justin [Nealis] and I decided right away that we wanted to show parts of NYC that were relatively obscure and part of an Old New York that's been around for decades," Cordero described to Complex, who premiered his Super 8mm-filmed video. "We both grew up around places like the dystopian Willets Point, the classic 24-hour Cherry Valley Deli in Whitestone, and the historical Fort Totten in Queens so those locations felt more personal to us." Fool's Gold vaguely notes that "you'll able to snag these remixes on the upcoming Tough Love vinyl and CD release, so stay tuned..."

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