Tuesday, October 16, 2018

OVER EVERYTHING Fronted By Trenton Emcee Ray Strife Unleashes Frantic Debut EP HARD FEELINGS ("Negative" Hardcore)

"There isn't much to say. Nothing is OK. We're over it. We are OVER EVERYTHING," is the oft-used mantra of Trenton-based OVER EVERYTHING. A self-described "Negative Hardcore" band, OVER EVERYTHING's line-up consists of frontman Raymond "Ray Strife" Novak, guitarist Erik Monsees, bassist Ricky Scheinder, and drummer Brendan Lipira. OVER EVERYTHING's debut EP, HARD FEELINGS, is Ray Strife's first released piece of work since his April 2018 full-length with producer and frequent collaborator, iLL-Omega, Go for The Gusto. Ray Strife defines "Negative Hardcore" as "a place to get out all the negative sh*t in your life and brain; take the anger and aim it through the speakers! That's what I use it for, anyway" and adds that OVER EVERYTHING may (or may not) have, actually, created the genre. I've personally, been hearing rumblings about OVER EVERYTHING for a year or so now, so with that said, it's great to see their long-rumored debut EP has finally come to fruition. It's, honestly, pretty refreshing to hear a modern day Hardcore/Punk band that doesn't sugarcoat the highs and lows of everyday life!

"We formed about a year ago. Ray would be working in The Basement at Millhill, me and Brendan would usually be there for shows or to just hang. We sat around listening to bands like Trash Talk, Tear It Up, PAINT IT [BLACK], etc. and talk about how we felt there was something like the missing from our current scene," guitarist Erik Monsees told The Witzard. "We spent a few months drunkly saying, "we gotta start a band, man!" like most people do, but, then, Ricky and I started going to [Brendan's] house on Friday nights and we sat at his kitchen table working riffs out. We got a few songs together, showed them to Ray, and took it from there," Monsees continued. OVER EVERYTHING's HARD FEELINGS EP, to my ears, at least, evokes sonic undertones of early 80's staple Punk/Hardcore imprints, SST Records & Plan 9/Caroline Records' genre-shaping releases from Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, The Misfits, and pre-Danzig incarnation, Samhain. OVER EVERYTHING's debut EP, HARD FEELINGS, is now available to download or stream on their Bandcamp page with CD's available directly from the band, as well. For details on OVER EVERYTHING's next 3 shows, which are going to be admittedly "wild!" head on over to their Facebook page.

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