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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

SPAZZ's Dan Lactose Returns for HEALER / DJ Eons Presents: DANK GOBLINS Split with Tony Molina's HEALER (Warthog Speak Records)

Dan "Lactose" AKA Dan Oblivious AKA DanOne 625 AKA Kung Fu Dan AKA DJ Eons One was once the guitarist/vocalist/sampler for Redwood City, California-based Punk/Hardcore & Powerviolence band, SPAZZ. Although, SPAZZ were only initially active from 1992-2001, Oakland-based imprint Tankcrimes has recently re-released Sweatin' to The Oldies, Sweatin' II: Deported Live Gorilla, and Sweatin' 3: Skatin' Satan & Katon, which were originally issued by 625 Thrashcore/Slap A Ham Records. Aside from SPAZZ, Dan Lactose (@DanLactose) has spent time playing or recording with CCCRRCCSSLLRRKKRRSSS, Crate Goblins, Deny The Cross, Dreonism, Funeral Shock, Grand Invincible, Shadow People, Shed Dwellaz, Sheep Squeeze, Three Wheel Motion, Torture Unit, U.S.F. Underbucket, and more. Lactose has also, recorded and released a number of Hip-Hop/Breakbeat-minded projects attributed to either DJ Eons One, DJ Eon, DJ Eons, or simply Eons One. Since about June 2014, DJ Eons One has released a number of solo projects and splits, including: Revenge of The Crate Goblins 7-inch, Lightbulb & DJ Eons One ‎7", DJ Eons v. Mas. Kohane - Escape from The Planet of The Crate Goblins, and Sell Your Soul Pt. I-II. Amazingly, in addition to all this, I've heard Dan Lactose is currently working on the fourth Grand Invincible album, which will tentatively be called Demolition Strictly. He's also, formed a new Hardcore band called Hard Foul with Frank "Franko" Ripple, Cris (Dead Pressure/ALTARS,) and Kurlee Daddee (Kurlee & Franko Show.) Dan Lactose is wrapping up a limited CD-R of a live performance he did on KFJC 89.7FM, wherein he played a DJ set of all new, original beats; that will be released on his own "label," Tinted Windows Record Co.

I've recently been researching SPAZZ, as well as Dan Lactose and his one-time bandmates' various newly-formed and still active projects. Luke Sick from Megakut Records was kind enough to help me get in direct contact with Dan Lactose AKA DJ Eons One himself; through these emailed transmissions, I've learned that Luke & Dan have, actually, played together on a number of occasions, such as Grand Invincible, Underbucket, a West Bay comp. called LOW BUDGET / NO BUDGET, and now, DJ Eons One's latest group, DANK GOBLINS. It consists of DJ Eons One, Luke Sick, and Franko from Agents of Satan, Deny The Cross, Redacted, etc. plus, Andres Wade (Cogs & Sprockets, Dreonism, God's America) on drums, but according to Eons One, "he will only be appearing, via drum loops lol." DANK GOBLINS are currently preparing to play their first show together on Friday, 9/14/18 at The Knockout in San Francisco with These Bastards, Father Howl, HEALER & MEATSLAB. It's, actually, a release show for their collaborative HEALER / DJ EONS Presents: DANK GOBLINS Split 7-inch, as well as Father Howl's new album, Wayward Doctrine. San Francisco-based Warthog Speak Records released HEALER / DJ Eons One this past May on 250 limited edition 7-inch vinyl copies, as well as four tracks streaming digitally. "One side spins out the sample-laden, blink-and-you-missed-it, 2017 demo of ripping, tearing, and slashing Grind/Violence from HEALER. Originally limited to 50 copies on cassette, this material needed a wider physical audience," as RevHQ perfectly put it within their June 8, 2018 newsletter. Justin Briggs at Warthog Speak told us that HEALER, actually, consists of Tony Molina and a mysterious cast of players. Briggs says that HEALER are currently working on putting together a 7-inch follow-up to their self-titled demo cassette to, eventually, be released on Max "625" Ward's imprint, 625 Thrashcore.

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