Friday, August 16, 2019

Secret Sidewalk Return with Genre-eschewing Single "Common Core" from Upcoming Album PRIMAL DAP (Primal Dap Sound)

Secret Sidewalk is an Oakland/San Francisco, California-based Electro-Acoustic quartet consisting of Alex "Pu22l3" Abalos, Mike Boo, Michael Reed & Marcus Stephens. Founded in 2010, Alex, Mike, Michael & Marcus are "a close-knit group of musicians, all born and raised in The Bay Area, yet, at the same time, deriving from vastly different backgrounds and crafts." Michael "Mike" Reed is, actually, part of The Witzard regulars, The M-Tet, as well, and Mike Boo recently formed yet another Hip-Hop-leaning 4-man crew with D-Styles (THE BEAT JUNKIES,) Excess, & Pryvet Peepsho. Since 2010, Secret Sidewalk have released Truncate Mastadon The Dragon Wilson, Cholo Curls 45, and Does Anyone Knock Anymore? as digital singles, cassettes, and 7-inches. Secret Sidewalk have secretly been working on their proper debut full-length, now-titled PRIMAL DAP, since about 2017 at Bird & Egg Studio and The Swill in Richmond & Oakland, California, respectively. PRIMAL DAP was fully written and self-produced by Secret Sidewalk and engineered by Nino Moschella & Secret Sidewalk.

PRIMAL DAP will, actually, be the first proper release issued on Secret Sidewalk's newly-minted label, Primal Dap Sound, which, will, eventually, "feature projects curated by the members of Secret Sidewalk," as well. "Common Core" is the first of 12 songs to be released from PRIMAL DAP and features our first sonic taste of what Secret Sidewalk have fittingly deemed "Post-Apocalyptic Mob Music." "Recorded live in-studio, "Common Core" is Secret Sidewalk in full swing: Marcus Stephens' dirty, driving woodwinds are met with Mike Boo's cohesively-layered turntable manipulation, while the rhythm section of Alex Abalos (synth/samples) and Michael Reed (drums/electronics) guide the band through complex, yet Funky terrain." "Common Core" is accompanied by a 41-second promo video featuring Secret Sidewalk recording PRIMAL DAP live in-studio at Bird & Egg Studios. Secret Sidewalk's PRIMAL DAP is currently available for pre-order on Bandcamp and will see a wide release on Friday, October 11, 2019 on Primal Dap Sound.

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