Friday, June 5, 2020

The Witzard's List of June 2020 Bandcamp Friday Releases & Independent Artists/Labels Donating Proceeds Raised to Charitable Organizations

Tribute to George Floyd for @mic By: Dewey Bryan Saunders (@deweysaunders)

This is a very rare occasion, but I'm at a loss for words... but, in all seriousness, these are very strange, upsetting, and uncertain times. Not only re we all grappling with separation anxiety, cabin fever, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO,) and extreme uncertainty amidst this global COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, but, as you may have seen on the news, we're dealing with a whole other crisis now, as well: racial injustice. We're in no position to speak on behalf of The Black & Brown Communities, but anyone who was raised with any sense of morals, values, etc. knows whats going on right now across The United States, and, I'm assuming across the whole world everyday, is completely unjust and wrong. No one deserves to die based solely on their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ideals and values, etc. and we, as an entity, stand in solidarity with The Black & Brown Communities. Today, Friday, June 5, 2020, was previously scheduled to be another installment of Bandcamp Friday wherein Bandcamp waives their artists fees benefiting Indie/unsigned artists for 24 hours; that's all still happening, but, now, in light of current events, many participating artists/labels are donating up to 100% of the proceeds raised to Black Lives Matter, bailout funds, and such like-minded charitable organizations benefiting victims of injustices.

Below, we've compiled and an, admittedly, incomplete list of some of our favorite artists with new albums, EP's, singles, and covers released today with (most) proceeds going directly to such charitable organizations. Go to each artist/label's individual page to see which charities, organizations, causes, etc. your donations will be supporting today (and in some cases, all week long!) Let's be completely honest, what's better than supporting Indie/underground artists, charitable organizations, and getting some great new music all at once? Plus, there are plenty more artists, labels, and organizations participating in this installment of Bandcamp Friday. In addition to what we've compiled below, Chicago-based Trouble In Mind Records, amongst others, shared an ever-evolving Google Docs list consisting of 1,000+ Black Producers/Artists/Labels for Bandcamp Day. Run The Jewels' phenomenal RTJ4 was surprised released earlier this week, as well; it's available for FREE download online, but Killer Mike & El-P have given fans the option to donate directly to The National Lawyers Guild: Mass Defense Fund and similar organizations. Yes, we're all stuck at home currently, but you can still do your part to help change history from your couch!

Armand Hammer - Shrines (Backwoodz Studioz)

Braid - B-Sides & Demos from No Coast (City at Night Records)

Brainstory - "Free Your Mind" (self-released)

Darko The Super - Nevermind/FREAK OUT! (UDDTBA)

Serengeti - DISCOKEN 1979 DEMOS 7-inch (Fake Four, Inc.)

Dope KNife & Factor Chandelier - Kill Factory EP (self-released)

Ryan + Jono (Extra Arms) - "Great Cop" B/​W "Youth Against Fascism" (self-reelased)

Hieronymus Dros - The Age of Hieronymus (self-released)

INVENTIONS - Continuous Portrait (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

J.Rocc - Beatitudes (self-released)

Mega Ran & K-Murdock - Forever Famicom (10th Anniversary RE-Release) PRE-ORDER (RandomBeats Music)

Mega Ran & DJ Organic - Coin Op Crush (Re-Release) (RandomBeats Music)

Moe Dirdee - Moe Dert (Moe Dirdee​/​Dert Beats) (Street Corner Music)

Moor Mother & Olof Melander - ANTHOLOGIA 01 EP (self-released)

Bob Nanna - "Know Your Rights" (The Clash) (self-released)

Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves - Aces of Spades EP (Yep Roc Records)

Roughneck Jihad - The Red Sentence (Jihad The Roughneck MC)

SAVAK - "Feel What You Feel" B​/​W "Access Egress" (self-released)

Ty Segall & Cory Hanson - She's A Beam (Drag City Records)

Smoove & Turrell - Stratos Bleu (Jalapeno Records)

Territories - When The Day Is Done EP (self-released)


TOBACCO - Hungry Eyes (Rad Cult)

The Vicious Cycles - "Sandpaper" (Pirates Press Records)

Wrecking Crew - Raheem's Lament (self-released)

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