Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nuclear Winter 3?: sole - "An Anti-Capitalist Anthem" (Lana del Rey Detournment)

"I wasn't gonna send this to 2dopeboyz because the video is super low-budget and admittedly kinda shitty... Then I started seeing other "4th of July videos" coming out today, literally with motherfuckers draped in American Flags and I couldn't resist... I just started writing this shit last night... got kinda drunk and started editing a video together after... [Some] other "all style/no substance" rappers would lie and call it a "freestyle" ... This song was written and recorded in an hour in one take. It's an honor to have my videos posted here on 2dopeboyz and for those who take the time to listen, much respect. If you don't resonate with the message in the song, that's your right. It's also my right to say Capitalism is genocidal and it must be stopped. There is a class war going on, which side are you on?"

- Tim Holland (sole) comment

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