Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sacred Bones Records Presents: The Men - "Another Night" (Tomorrow's Hits)

"We had been kickin' the horns idea around for a little while, thinking about Fun House by The Stooges, Exile On Main Street by The [Rolling] Stones, and all those old classics Stax and Motown records," The Men singer-guitarist Mark Perro recently told Rolling Stone. It seemingly exemplifies the most Punk Rock, rebellious quality about The Men; their ability to effortlessly switch genres... whether it be Punk Rock, Country, Classic Rock, Surf-Rock, Folk-Acoustic, and now Bluesy Rock "N" Roll. "Another Night" kinda sounds like some retro Springsteen melded against a righteous-sounding Blues-Jazz high school band. Although The Men are a former Post-Punk Noise band formed in Brooklyn around 2008, who most recently released New Moon and Campfire Songs EP, somehow both issued through out the course of 2013. After a few solid repeated listens, I'd guess that "Another Night" is about a failing relationship on the rocks: "Well, hey baby, I just can't take another fight. And I just can't stand to stay here another night... Oh, we gotta just keep on tryin'. It'll be alright! And we gotta just keep on tryin' for another night." "Another Night" is the third proper pre-release track pulled from The Men's forthcoming album, Tomorrow's Hits (due March 4th), along with "Pearly Gates" and "Different Days," which was also unveiled Monday afternoon. Tom Breihan went on to describe the latter track's execution as if "a Krautrock crew [were] trying to find room for a little bit of Allman Brothers choogle-boogie in their staring-into-the-void rhythmic infinity." It was moderately interesting to learn that Tomorrow's Hits was actually recorded before New Moon, but New Moon ended up being released first, for whatever reasons; not entirely unlike The Beatles' final two haphazardly-released albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be (1969-70).

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