Saturday, February 8, 2014

J. Rocc Presents: Dil Jackson - "Another Part of Me" & "Beat It" (J Dilla & Michael Jackson)

"Share My Bed = MJ & Dilla 1st track, "Player Has Butterflies" ...wait [for] the rest," read a vague 2009 Stones Throw post. Beat Junkies co-founder and former Black Star & Jaylib DJ J. Rocc has seemingly been working on some sort of unspecified J Dilla/Michael Jackson mash-up project for the past 5+ years. Dilla was a known Jackson (5) super-fan and even sampled "Dancing Machine" for Q-Tip's solo track "Move" (2008), originally appearing on his Beat CD '05 #3 web-bootleg. I can vaguely remember downloading a copy of my first J Dilla album, Champion Sound with Madlib (2003). It falls right between what I would consider his two greatest works, Ruff Draft EP and his magnum opus, Donuts. Little did I know, at the time, that Dilla's health was slowly failing because of lupus complications and a rare blood disorder; he ultimately passed away on February 10th, 2006. I didn't realize til a few years later, but J Dilla and one of the greatest men I know, my dad, Mike Horowitz share the same birthday (February 7th). So, yesterday in honor of what would've been Dilla's 40th birthday, J. Rocc unleashed two more unreleased tracks from Share My Bed, now seemingly re-dubbed Dil Jackson. "Another Part of Me" was simply self-described as "another banger for ya" and seamlessly melds Jackson's sixth Bad single with J Dilla's stock off-kilter Boom-Bap drum patterns. "Beat It" (Re-rub) on the other hand, is a little bit grimier production, where J. Rocc couples "Beat It" with another likely unreleased Dilla track and a repeating "WHAT" refrain. Although sadly, further Share My Bed aka Dil Jackson release details have still yet to be announced. J Dilla's long-lost 2000's era vocal album for MCA, now titled The Diary, was rumored for a spring 2013 release on family-owned Pay Jay Productions, which ultimately didn't end up materializing. It supposedly features production works from Kanye, Pete Rock, Karriem Riggins, Hi-Tek, ?uestlove, Waajeed, Supa Dave West, and Dilla himself.

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