Monday, August 18, 2014

Fat Rist West Coast Mini-tour: Rat Fist - "Waukeenar Mix 5" (self-released 7-in.)

Rat Fist are a newly-formed Punk band who you may not have heard about yet; consisting of primary members Sean McGuinness & Randy Randall from veteran Sub Pop Post-Punk bands Pissed Jeans & No Age respectively, along with part-time bandmates Michael J. Sabolick, Jelle de Cremer, and Aaron Farley. They're gearing up to head out on a three-date West Coast mini-tour with Canadian punks rockers, F*cked Up, which will double as a 7-inch re-release jaunt. Rat Fist previously self-released 50 test press copies of their debut 7-inch that were were sold exclusively at their initial run of East Coast gigs, while the second pressing has since been expanded to a batch of 500 limited records. "We will have 7" available for mail order starting next Monday 8/25. Send $7 for shipping in the USA or $10 for shipping everywhere else. Make check out to: Randy Randall 10658 Sable Ave. Sunland, CA 91040 USA... It might take a while for me to get to the orders, so please be patient. Thanks," Randall wrote on Rat Fist's Facebook page, an initiative I would like to think my constant pestering helped get into motion ha. Ahead of their upcoming 8/21-24 LA shows, Rat Fist spontaneously unleashed a righteous 2-minute long track, seemingly titled "Waukeenar Mix 5," which is one of four tracks pressed onto their merch table 7-inch. Not unlike Rat Fist's previously released material ("Disrupt yr DNA" and "Sit Still") "Waukeenar" harkens back to the glory days of rapid-fire, in-your-face 1970-80's Hardcore Punk; Sean McGuinness & Randy Randall recently lamented to Noisey that their forthcoming roughly 10-song full-length was heavily influenced by middle era Black Flag... specifically My War and Slip It In (1984) and further noted that their first time vocal deliveries kinda "sound like guys doing impressions of Dez [Cadena] from Black Flag, pre-Henry [Rollins]."

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