Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mayer Hawthorne & Jake-One "Do It" as Disco-Funk 2-piece, Tuxedo (Stones Throw?)

"Tuxedo [first] emerged last year with three tracks of smooth, synth-heavy Disco-Funk, and accompanied by no information whatsoever about the group except a greeting – "Tuxedo is here! Stay classy," Stones Throw wrote in an unannounced Tuxedo-centric post Wednesday afternoon (the former label home of New-Wop crooner Mayer Hawthorne). The 2-pieces' former download-able Tuxedo Funk EP featured vocal effects that sound suspiciously similar to those of Hawthorne, atop rumored Funk-drenched production work crafted by veteran beatsmith, Jake-One. Mayer Hawthorne's quick milli-second cameo as a valet within Tuxedo's latest "Do It" video, would seemingly add a little "fuel to the fire." While it's far from solid full-proof confirmation, I recently discovered a Nissan Murano commercial within the depths of YouTube, which features usual suspects Mayer Hawthorne & Jake-One, billed as Tuxedo, performing "So Good" OFF THE STAGE gallivanting around in a sleek 2015 model Murano. As okayplayer perfectly puts it, directors Ross Harris & Henry DeMaio's video treatment "finds an earnest prospective dancer earning his stripes in front of a group of non-believes, until, of course, he converts them to his gyrating ways." Stones Throw further notes that we should be able to expect a proper Disco-Funk-soaked Tuxedo full-length in 2015; "more Funky music comin' real soon, y'all!"

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