Saturday, November 22, 2014

"You can just imagine how sexy, crazy & dangerous my daily life is;" a Conversation with Pissed Jeans Frontman & White Denim Founder, Matt Korvette (The Witzard Interview)

I recently had the opportunity to reach out to Philly-area punk rocker and frantic Pissed Jeans frontman, Matt Korvette; following their brief West Coast tour, Korvette and I were able to catch up and conduct an all-inclusive 11-question interview — outlining his home-grown vinyl record label, White Denim, his "passion for fashion," new-found affinity for the self-proclaimed "Neon Icon," RiFF RAFF, monthly-updated record review site, Yellow Green Red, and everything else in-between. Indulge yourself below, if you're interested in finding out just "how sexy, crazy, and dangerous" Matt Korvette's daily life is; Pissed Jeans' long out-of-print 2005 Parts Unknown debut full-length, Shallow has very recently been re-issued and re-mastered on CD and vinyl, via their current label, Sub Pop.
(1) I know that you guys just recently re-issued your first album, Shallow... but do Pissed Jeans have any immediate plans to start recording the follow-up to Honeys?

As soon as we've got enough songs, we plan on doing another album! It just takes us a while, but we work in bursts. Definitely eager to do another record though.

(2) Can you confirm or deny your involvement in Philly area pro wrestler UltraMantis Black's debut Hardcore EP, which featured "members of beloved punk band Pissed Jeans?"

Sure, it's no big secret, but I play bass guitar for Ultramantis Black. Honestly, it's by far the most serious band I've ever played with.

(3) For those unaware, you run a monthly updates music review blog, Yellow Green Red; would you be able to run us through a handful of your favorite 2014 reviewed releases?

Hmm... thus far, I'd say Vessel's Punish, Honey, Morgan Buckley's Shout Out to All The Weirdos In Rathmines, and Powell's Body Music are my personal favorites. Oh and that recent Sheer Mag 7" is killer as well. There's been a lot of great records this year!

(4) What would you say are five essential pieces of clothing or fashion accessories that every "modern man" should own for the upcoming fall/winter season?

Well, I am by no means interested in speaking for all men, or telling a majority what should be done, but if you live in The Northeast, you need a good hat, a thick coat, durable boots and clean underwear. Not sure about the fifth.

(5) Hypothetical question: if you could assemble a dream "super-group" of Punk musicians, living or deceased, including or not including yourself, who so you think you might select?

I'd go with Nick Cave, Bobby Soxx, and Sakevi trading off vocal duties over SPK's drum machines. I could listen to that all day long.

(6) Is your Philadelphia-based record label, White Denim, not to be confused with Austin's own White Denim, still functioning and I'd so, what do you have planned as per future releases?

Not to be confused at all, and yep, still functioning! Up next is a 7" by DC's Young Trynas and a 12" by Westov Temple. Still putting out any killer Punk/Electronic/Noise music that strikes me as exceptional.

(7) Are you still in contact with your current Sub Pop label mate and former White Denim signed Daughn Gibson... any chances of a future Pissed Jeans team-up collaboration?

Yes, we are the best of friends. No plans for a collaboration, but you never know! We are constantly collaborating non-musically, but socially.

(8) Late last year, a flurry of "selfies" taken with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl were uploaded to Pissed Jeans' members' personal social media accounts [above]; I'm dying to know the circumstances behind those photos!?

He was at a show we played in DC, hung out, and naturally he insisted that he take photos with all of us. It was kind of embarrassing, but we felt bad telling him "no."

(9) Considering your band membership, passion for fashion, home-run record label, Yellow Green Red site, etc. could you please run us through a "day in the life" of Matt Korvette?

I dunno, I'd rather not. You can just imagine how sexy, crazy, and dangerous my daily life is.

(10) I myself, am a die-hard fan of both modern day and Golden Era Hip-Hop, much of which is covered here in The Witzard. What are some of your personal favorite Hip-Hop releases of the past year or so?

RiFF RAFF's Neon Icon is my favorite of the year by far. There is so much to unpack there, and I've been having a blast trying to do it. He's probably the best male entertainer around.

(11) Pissed Jeans is often wrongly associated with the misguided genre tag "Pig-F*ck," but how exactly would you attempt to best label/describe your band's overall sound?

I would say "Heavy Punk Rock" to a stranger, but honestly I don't care what genre or tag we get labeled with. So long as people are actually interested in our existence, I'm not too concerned with what they wanna call us.

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