Friday, December 12, 2014

Disbanded Noise-Rap Group, Death Grips Unleash New Single, "Inanimate Sensation" (Third Worlds)

Even though they amicably disbanded back in July, experimental Noise-Rap group, Death Grips still have an as-yet-unreleased double-disc album in their back pocket; part one of the powers that b, eloquently dubbed ni**as on the moon, was released for FREE download online prior to their break-up. "Death Grips just uploaded a video," read a stock YouTube email which suddenly appeared in my Inbox late Tuesday night... "Inanimate Sensation - Disc 2 - Jenny Death from the upcoming double album "The Powers That B,'" it continued. The entirety of "Inanimate Sensation" is strewn across a fallen NBA Jumbo-tron and it was supposedly directed by Death Grips themselves. Its bonkers, unconventional Hip-Hop beat vaguely reminds me of something that could've soundtracked Saturday morning/after school cartoons like The Animaniacs or even Looney Tunes and isn't all that dissimilar from Daft Punk's now patented brand of Future-Funk.

"Live show on a banner / Axl Rose in a blender / Slash on Satan's fender / Rick James on the cover / Running through your lover / Like mean Mr. Mustard," reads a fragmented chunk of MC Ride's frantic fourth and final verse, which effortlessly manages to shout out Guns N' Roses, Rick James, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. While Björk's re-purposed vocal fragments appeared across ni**as on the moon and Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson played guitar on "Birds" from Government Plates (2013), the powers that b doesn't appear to feature any additional all-star guests (nope, no Beyoncé). It's still unclear as to when exactly Death Grips plan to re-release ni**as on the moon along with disc 2 jenny death, but fans are beginning to speculate that the complete 2-disc project could likely surface as early soon December 27th, in typical deathgripz guerrilla fashion.

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