Sunday, January 25, 2015

BADBADNOTGOOD Initiate an Unofficial GHOSTDOOM Reunion on Sour Soul Single, "Ray Gun" (Lex Records)

Fresh on the heels of their forthcoming collaborative Jazz-Rap album with Ghostface Killah, awesomely titled Sour Soul, Canadian-bred instrumental trio BADBADNOTGOOD (BBNG) have spearheaded an unofficial GHOSTDOOM/DOOMSTARKS "reunion;" Ghostface and infrequent rapping partner/producer, [MF] DOOM have been teasing their mythical tentatively titled "Swift & Changeable" album for about 10 years now. BBNG recruited Ghostface Killah & DOOM for their third Sour Soul pre-release track, "Ray Gun," which as a recently released statement reads, "was inspired by 1960's and [70's] music, taking inspiration from the recording techniques and production of that era." While "Ray Gun"'s companion retro-fitted Rob Schroeder (Lodger Films)-directed video doesn't appear to feature BBNG, Ghostface Killah, or DOOM, "the video instantly transports you into a bizarre retro-futuristic world as "The Mask" [Odd Future member Left Brain] learns the rules of our planet and how they differ from his own," drummer Alexander Sowinski recently described to Rolling Stone.

Aside from top-billed emcee Ghostface Killah and seasoned lyrical wordsmith DOOM, Sour Soul additionally features the diverse talents of Danny Brown, former Slum Village member Elzhi, Tree, Wu-Tang-affiliated producer Frank Dukes, and frequent BBNG collaborators River Tiber, Leland Whitty, and tuba player David Lewis. For those who are somehow still unfamiliar with the prolific Instrumental Jazz/Hip-Hop trio (for whatever reasons), I'd strongly recommend checking out their 2011-12 FREE albums, BBNG and BBNG2, which showcase uniquely executed covers of everyone from James Blake to Waka Flocka Flame. Although, ahead of BADBADNOTGOOD's forthcoming Ghostface Killah joint album (February 24th), last year's first album comprised of completely original material, III, might be the best place to start for eager new-comers.

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