Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kanye & Paul McCartney Recruit Rihanna for Second Collaborative Track, "FourFiveSeconds" (Roc-Nation)

While it's unclear to exactly what capacity at this point, but it seems as though Dirty Projectors frontman and guitarist Dave Longstreth was somehow involved in the writing/recording of Rihanna, Kanye & Paul McCartney's new single, "FourFiveSeconds;" according to a currently unsubstantiated report from Kanye's friend and long-time barber, Ibn Jasper, "Kanye's whole new album is co-produced with Paul McCartney... He decided to put Rihanna on ["FourFiveSeconds"] and put it on BOTH of their albums because they are both Roc-Nation" (reports which Rolling Stone have since shot down). In addition to Longstreth, "FourFiveSeconds" additionally features as-yet-unknown contributions from Mike Dean, Dalllas Austin, Elon Rutburg, and Noah Goldstein, as well as Ty Dolla $ign and Kirby Lauryen, both of whom previously worked with West-McCartney on "Only One." It's without a doubt the track Ty Dolla $ign was alluding to upon "Only One"'s initial release, which features "[himself], Rihanna, 'Ye and Paul [McCartney]," whose companion music video has apparently already been shot and is "gonna drop soon."

It's a sparse, acoustic-driven percussion-less almost Country-leaning track, which is quite the drastic departure for both Kanye & Rihanna, while "FourFiveSeconds" is likely closest to McCartney's meditative "White Album"-era material recorded with The Beatles. "FourFiveSeconds" (along with "Only One") could very likely end up re-appearing on Rihanna's long in-the-works Unapologetic (2012) follow-up or Kanye's reported Born In The USA-esque Yeezus follow-up, which may or may not be entirely co-produced by Sir Paul McCartney. "FourFiveSeconds" is of course, the second of what has previously been billed as "several" tracks Kanye & Paul McCartney, each musical legends in their own right, recorded together as recently as early 2014. Kanye will make an appearance during Ellen's week-long birthday celebration this upcoming Thursday, January 29th "to talk about his new song, new album, and extraordinarily "Good Life.'"

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