Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Peanut Butter Lovesicle's Cousin-Duo Timmy Miller & Jake D'Arc Unleash 2pac & BlakRoc-influenced "Care Less" (Milky 22's EP)

"Ohh, what to do with childhood memories of frequenting overpriced boardwalk shops for gaudy sterling silver chains with dragons? You wait 12 years to flush them out in song form," newly-formed cousin-duo Jake D'Arc & Timmy Miller (Milky 22's) lamented within their Facebook band biography; a sentiment I can all too much relate to, having grown up frequenting "The Jersey Shore" summer after summer as a kid, much like D'Arc & Miller, who spent their summers down in beach-side town Ocean City, NJ along with brother/cousin Mike D'Arc. While on a brief hiatus from full-time band, Peanut Butter Lovesicle formed with D'Arc, Timmy Miller & Jake D'Arc managed to sporadically record some eight tracks in just one week's time at their Ocean City-based live-in studio space, The Ice Box; five of those eight Summer 2014-recorded tracks have recently been collected, mixed, and mastered by Jake D'Arc & Mike Tarsia as their debut Milky 22's EP, which will see a proper release this upcoming June 16th. Milky 22's EP will reportedly host an interesting fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Reggae, which the band fittingly self-describes as "an aggressive elixir of Hip-Hop dipped in some [Rock N Roll] sauce and smothered in groove."

Milky 22's debut single, "Care Less" premiered on their newly-launched Soundcloud page Tuesday morning; upon my first listen, it kinda reminds me of what I think a possible Rod Stewart & Snoop Dogg collaboration just might sound like... equal parts 90's-reminiscent G-Funk and guitar-drenched Blues Rock. "Care Less" is quite frankly, the perfect beginning of summer playlist jam for your pool-side relaxin', beach BBQ's, weekend parties, etc. if you're into anything from 2pac to BlakRoc (The Black Keys). "We were rehearsing with a close childhood friend one day and he had called Jake "Milk Snake," since he used to catch a bunch of snakes in his youth and he looked at Timmy's arms and said, "you must have 22-inch pythons there" [and just like that,] Milky 22's was born," the band half-jokingly explained, when asked about the real meaning behind "Milky 22's" ha. Milky 22's self-titled 5-track debut EP will see a FREE release on their aforementioned Soundcloud page next Tuesday, June 16th; in the meantime, feel free to check out Peanut Butter Lovesicle's pre-hiatus smash single, "Black-Eyed Blues," which was previously featured on an episode of popular teen drama series, Gossip Girl.

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