Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stones Throw Disco-Funk Duo Tuxedo Get Animated In Joe Baughman-created Claymation Video for "The Right Time" (Kaytranda Remix)

"We're dropping a 12" of Tuxedo remixes this summer. Here's one from Jean Tonique, remixing Tuxedo's "The Right Time," Stones Throw wrote within a mini-press release uploaded this past May; preceeded by a handful of unofficially released remixes haphazardly shared on Tuxedo's Soundcloud page including Funk-laden re-works from the likes of Nick Catchdubs, Dimitri from Paris, Flaunt Edwards (resident DJ J. Rocc), Kaytranada, and Tonique. Following a set of unexpected delays, Stones Throw finally unleashed Tuxedo: The M+M Mixes back in mid-September. Mayer Hawthorne & Jake-One recruited self-described "original disco don dada" John Morales, who previously mixed Tuxedo's critically-acclaimed debut, to painstakingly edit together a 12" collection of 80's Classic-stylized remixes; "I started to do my edits using the pause button on a Teac cassette, [then] purchased a Sony reel-to-reel. It was hard work, with long hours editing and putting all the little pieces of tape together to make something creative happen." Soon thereafter, on the heels of Tuxedo: The M+M Mixes, Stones Throw quietly released their second simply-titled Tuxedo Remixes collection featuring Kaytranada, Jean Tonique, and newly signed Electronic producer-artist Chrome Canyon taking a stab at Tuxedo's Disco-Funk-laden album tracks "The Right Time" and "Watch The Dance."

"TuxedoMayer Hawthorne and Jake-One – have just released a pair of remix and disco edit EP's, Tuxedo Remixes and The M+M Mixes. Here's a video for Kaytranada's remix of "The Right Time" created by Joe Baughman," read a brief claymation-assisted post uploaded by in-house Stones Throw artist and webmaster Jeff Jank Tuesday afternoon. Kaytranada aka Haitian-Canadian Electronic musician, producer, and DJ Louis Kevin Celestin has remixed everyone from A Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes to Hilary Duff and release some 13 albums/EP's and 16 remixes since bursting onto the North American music scene as "Kaytradamus" back in 2010. Celestin even went as far as to recruit fellow Canadian-bred musician and Ghostface Killah collaborator, BADBADNOTGOOD drummer Alexander Sowinski to lay down some additional 80's-leaning break beats throughout his remix of Tuxedo's "The Right Time." "Now, a brand new video for [Kaytranada's] remix has been released by Tuxedo, and it features an impressive amount of Play-Doh... it's some very high-end claymation, one that tells the tale of a swaying cardboard [city], crystal balls, and a interstellar rocketships flying through the far reaches of the galaxy," okayplayer wrote in a piece aligned with "The Right Time'"s Tuesday unveiling. Tuxedo, its abridged predecessor Tuxedo Funk EP, Tuxedo: The M+M Mixes, along with Tuxedo Remixes are all currently available at Stones Throw or your friendly neighborhood record store.

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