Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beats, Rhymes & Junior Mints: Your Old Droog Waxes Poetic About Kramer, Art Vandelay & Keith Hernandez On "Basketball & Seinfeld" Over Abelard's Mouth Jazz-sampling "SEINWAVE2000"

"Burst through the door, son I'm Kramerin'. Who wrote a gorgeous stanza? It's not you, it's me like George Costanza," grizzly-voiced Ukrainian-American emcee Your Old Droog ferociously rhymes on his latest self-described "stupid" Soundcloud loosie, "Basketball & Seinfeld." Not long after uploading his "SEINWAVE2000"-sampling track, Droog himself annotated a portion of its expectedly ingenious Seinfeld and basketball-centric rhyme schemes at Rap Genius: "I used to smoke [funny cigarettes] and just watch Seinfeld re-runs. Or being h*gh out [of] my mind at the crib and watching ESPN Classic and old Bulls Finals series against The Blazers." "Basketball & Seinfeld" was reportedly produced by Your Old Droog and manipulates a sample lifted from Abelard's original composition "SEINWAVE2000," which in turn, makes use of a sample pulled from Jonathan Wolff's infamous Mouth Jazz-delivered Seinfeld theme. "Basketball & Seinfeld"'s companion cover essentially helps bring Droog's multi-layered metaphors full circle with its Marco Oliva-designed artwork featuring everyone's favorite lovable self-loathing loser, George Costanza dribbling a basketball whilst sporting a Your Old Droog-adorned jersey.

"My joint smooth like how them pottery dudes handle clay. Old school like Channel J. You art, Vandelay... my old rhymes still hittin' and you're like Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld. You were never really spittin,'" Your Old Droog poetically waxes elsewhere on "Basketball & Seinfeld;" making clever allusions throughout his second verse to Art Vandelay, Kenny Bania, sponge-worthy, "that sweater really [got] a red dot," Keith Hernandez, the drake, Cantstandya, and various rhyme-worthy Seinfeld motifs. While he has yet to release a proper full-length, the sharp-tongued Coney Island spitter has already managed to unleash three critically-acclaimed EP's: Your Old Droog EP (later expanded to LP-length), Rock-themed KINISON EP, and The Nicest EP, in addition to nearly an entire album's-worth of non-album Soundcloud material similar to "Basketball & Seinfeld." Although, Your Old Droog isn't exactly the first rapper to concoct a Seinfeld-themed Hip-Hop project, as DC-based Go-Go rapper Wale has released three Seinfeld-centric projects in recent years: The Mixtape About Nothing, More About Nothing, and his latest Jerry Seinfeld-assisted Album About Nothing.

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