Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Your Love Is Like a Rollercoaster, Baby, Baby: Death Grips Unleash Pummeling, Brain-melting Bottomless Pit Comeback Single, "Hot Head" On The Eve of Superbowl 50 (Thirdworlds)

"WE ARE NOW AT OUR BEST AND SO DEATH GRIPS IS OVER. WE HAVE OFFICIALLY STOPPED. ALL CURRENTLY SCHEDULED LIVE DATES ARE [CANCELLED]. OUR UPCOMING DOUBLE ALBUM THE POWERS THAT B WILL BE DELIVERED WORLDWIDE LATER THIS YEAR VIA HARVEST/THIRDWORLD RECORDS. DEATH GRIPS WAS ALWAYS HAS BEEN A CONCEPTUAL ART EXHIBITION ANCHORED BY SOUND [AND] VISION. ABOVE AND BEYOND A "BAND." TO OUR TRUEST FANS PLEASE STAY [LEGEND]," Death Grips wrote within a seemingly haphazard napkin-scrawled band break-up note uploaded to their Facebook page back in July 2014. Although, it now seems as though said disbandment was nothing more than an elaborately planned rouse, as founding members MC Ride, Zach Hill & Flatlander are amidst a full-fledged band reunion; having already circled the world once around, booked a number of festival dates for this upcoming summer, and are currently recording a proper follow-up to their reported "last" album, The Powers That B, tentatively titled Bottomless Pit. Death Grips previously Colin Hanks and Robert Pattinson. However, this past Saturday night, right around the same time old friend Beyoncé unveiled her empowering Superbowl 50 single "FOUNDATION," Death Grips quietly uploaded "Hot Head" to their various widely speculated band-affiliated social media accounts.

For what it's worth, "Hot Head" isn't too dissimilar from Death Grips' frantic, self-destructive brand of Yeezus-influencing Aggro-Rap. VICE sister site Noisey quite fittingly described Death Grips' triumphant return-to-form as chock-full of characteristic "revving chainsaw synths, frenetic vocal cuts, MC Ride's signature screams, and hellish thuds." It's probably just a mere coincidence that Death Grips decided to suddenly release "Hot Head" the same night as Beyoncé's latest, "FOUNDATION," but it does however, make me wonder: what might a shimmering Beyoncé-assisted Death Grips track recorded with Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson on guitar and maybe even produced by Kanye, for good measure, likely sound like? While there's currently no form of scheduled or rumored release date set for Bottomless Pit, I really wouldn't put it past bandleader Zach Hill to just wake up one day and upload the entirety of Death Grips' "comeback" album to YouTube before breakfast or just haphazardly leak it in the vein of d*ck pic-sporting critically-acclaimed magnum opus, NO LOVE DEEP WEB. There's no telling what exactly Death Grips have up their figurative sleeve next, but I'm sure it will be just as riveting, trail-blazing, and utterly discouraging as their past work; I, for one, know I can't wait to write a couple equally disjointed articles about Bottomless Pit!

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