Saturday, June 11, 2016

LCD Soundsystem's Tyler Pope Premiers Drug Apts. Death Grips-produced "Concrete Jungle" & "Mother Invention" On Pitchfork Radio (Interference Pattern Records EP)

Tune in... on Friday, June 10 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m to hear two brand new tracks from Sacramento band Drug Apts, "Concrete Jungle" and "Mother Invention." Both tracks were produced by Zach Hill and Andy Morin of Death Grips," Pitchfork wrote Wednesday afternoon, detailing the latest installment of their London-based Pitchfork Radio. LCD Soundsystem bassist Tyler Pope will release a Drug Apts. EP fully produced by Hill and Morin this September on his newly-formed Interference Pattern Records; "a 5-song EP by Drug Apts. will be coming soon on Interference Pattern Records. Produced by [Zach] Hill and Andy Morin (Death Grips), stay tuned!" Pope revealed within a track description on the label's Soundcloud page roughly four days ago. Although Interference Pattern's Soundcloud page has been established since 2012, Drug Apts. Death Grips-produced EP will be their first official release and it sounds like MLML's "Retrograde" and "Whipped"-featuring album won't be too far behind.

Not entirely unlike drummer Zach Hill and bassist Andy Morin's previous outer-band work with The I.L.Y.'s, "Mother Invention" and "Concrete Jungle" sound fairly similar to Death Grips' beloved MC Ride-fronted brand of self-destructive Industrial Hip-Hop, or "Aggro-Rap," as I've personally branded it since Hill and company's sudden formation and ferocious media take-over. Drug Apts. includes members Mike Thiemann and Tristan Tozer, who were both previously in The Yah Mos along with Interference Pattern founder Tyler Pope. Death Grips recently released their second album since their short-lived 2014 "break-up," Bottomless Pit, which I would go as far as to label their strongest effort since NO LOVE DEEP WEB (2012) or their self-released 2011 mixtape, Exmilitary. "More Than The Fairy" recorded with Primus frontman Les Claypool serves as Death Grips' first taste of non-album material released since Bottomless Pit; it has yet to be seen where "More Than The Fairy" will ultimately end up, but Death Grips could very well unleash a new album... tomorrow!

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